The view from the loony left — ‘Labour Briefing’ and ‘Unity’

Labour Briefing is an established left wing magazine; Unity is a new one. Like most magazines produced by the comrades, their take on world affairs is slightly out of kilter with reality.

Abu Hamza

One would imagine a magazine that calls itself Labour Briefing might just support the Labour Party. When he was Prime Minister, Tony Blair had no friends here, and if Ed Miliband manages to unseat Call Me Dave at the next election, he will have few if any either.

At only £1 and half that for “unwaged”, it is obviously heavily subsidised. Why bother to publish a magazine of this nature when everybody is on the Web nowadays? Why indeed! The latest issue contains a fair mix of articles, including Save Centerprise.

The Centerprise Bookshop is currently at the centre of a financial dispute with Hackney Council. If though it is being run by the same people or the same type of people who were running it in the 1990s, the world would be a better place were it not saved.

There is an interesting but totally misguided article on page 18 by the lovely (ooh, terribly sexist) Megan Davies who would like to see an increase in the minimum wage. Okay Megan, why don’t we pass a law raising the minimum wage to £50 an hour? Better still, £500 an hour, how does that sound? Ridiculous, that’s how it sounds. The minimum wage is one of the greatest fallacies these collectivist dupes don’t understand. Here’s a better suggestion, Megan: Basic Income.

If you think Labour Briefing is funny, you’ll find Unity a riot. This is all about uniting the working class: white, black and everybody to fight the fascist menace the usual left wing way, with their own kind of fascism. The latest issue of this magazine includes a comment article by Ria Sahota which rants We are all better off with immigration because “All the evidence shows that migrants get jobs, pay taxes, don’t use many public services and don’t take jobs from native workers”. Hmm, let’s see if we can’t find a couple of famous people who agree with that.

How about Chief Sitting Bull? This is what he said just before the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876: “My fellow Sioux, we must live in peace and harmony with these people, they will be good citizens and will not swamp our culture, steal our land or our women, and will pay taxes, create jobs and will not take jobs from us natives. They won’t get us hooked on alcohol and force us into cramped reservations, this is all a racist myth, now put down your weapons while I smoke peace pipe with the nice General Custer”.

No, he didn’t say that. How about the Mayor of Deir Yassin on April 8, 1948: “My countrymen, we must welcome the Zionists with open arms; they will not massacre one hundred and seven of us tomorrow, steal our land and expel us and the rest of the native inhabitants of Palestine into the desert; that’s a filthy piece of anti-Semitic propaganda”.

No, he didn’t say that either.

Why do these loony leftists have such a lunatic view of immigrants and immigration? If we were all better off with immigration, why do so many people immigrate or want to immigrate to the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia yet few if any to Nigeria, Yemen or Pakistan? And how did Abu Hamza benefit us? Alas, he has now been shipped out to the United States where he can benefit Uncle Sam. If nothing else he will make work for a few prison guards, including one to wipe his...shucks, mustn’t say that, they’ll think I’m a disabilityist as well as a racist!

[The above op-ed was first published October 7, 2012 the original wasn’t archived. The associated photograph was not added by me.]

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