When not to play the Knockout Game

The knockout game has been responsible for a number of serious injuries including fatalities. Sometimes though, it has an unexpected ending.

A recent video clip from Las Vegas shows one of these thugs attacking a young woman, but instead of knocking her senseless, he finds himself on the ground while she and a man, apparently her companion, deliver instant retribution.

Here is another clip, from August this year, about two young thugs who attacked two students who gave as good as they got and then some. Gerald Allen and Johnny Calderon Jr appear to have been engaged in a regular street robbery rather than a sick game, but they are living proof of the wisdom: Don’t mess with people you don’t know.

The State of North Carolina appears likewise to be getting to grips with this sickening new trend. Five arrests were made recently in connection with attacks in the town of Ahoskie – population around 5,000.

Ann Coulter accused the liberal media of playing word games with the knockout game, denying it exists, and censoring these random violent acts of young black males. One person who is not sitting on the fence this time is Al Sharpton, who said “We would not be silent if it was the other way around”.

Tempting though it may be to racialise these attacks, they appear to be simply acts of gratuitous violence. It may also be jumping the gun, because there has recently been an extraordinary development in New York. Black homosexual Taj Peterson claims to have been attacked by a group of up to 20 Orthodox Jews in a Kosher variation.

Another recent victim is a black woman, a prison officer at the notorious Rikers Island, who was attacked behind bars. It goes without saying that if this perpetrator is brought to book he won’t attack anyone else again in a hurry.

[The above was published originally December 12, 2013. The punctuation has been altered very slightly. The mugshots of the two uglies above were captioned in the original article. If you want to learn their names, check out the second linked video which have been uploaded to this site (edited down from the YouTube original).]

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