Wishbone Ash on tour and on tour


Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash has announced a new tour. So has Wishbone Ash. Confused? Sadly there is no pleasant answer to this conundrum.

Martin Turner

Although they were not the very first band to use a twin lead guitar, Wishbone Ash pioneered this concept more than any other, inspiring among others Thin Lizzy. With their origins dating to The Torinoes – a cover band formed by Martin Turner and his brother Glenn in November 1963 – Wishbone Ash played their first gig way back on November 10, 1969. All four original members are still alive and going strong, as is Laurie Wisefield, who replaced Ted (no relation to Martin) Turner in May 1974, and last September, Martin Turner, Ted Turner, Laurie Wisefield and Steve Upton appeared together and smiled for the cameras.

That is the good news. The not so good news is that nowadays and indeed for some time, founder members Martin Turner and Andy Powell have not spoken to each other, at least not in the sort of language that must be used here.

Andy Powell owns the name Wishbone Ash, and defends it fiercely, something he may have to do in a formal setting in the near future. In the meantime, the other band is called Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. It would be nice if this rift could be healed permanently and if former friends could forgive each other’s transgressions whoever is at fault, either side, both or neither, but as things stand it looks like that won’t happen this side of Hell freezing over. On the plus side, fans now have two bands for the price of – two. No cheapskates here!

Currently, Andy Powell and Wishbone Ash are, or will shortly be touring Europe starting in Belgium on January 15, details on the website. Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash will be touring in the UK from February 28, the No Easy Road Tour. The title is derived from a song first released way back in 1972, before most of you were born. How’s that for staying power? No Easy Road is also the title of Martin’s autobiography.

Muddy Maninen and Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash in concert in Warsaw.

[The above article was first published January 6, 2013.]

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