Is Zionism A Collective Mental Illness?

The racist Jewish-supremacist political ideology of Zionism is unable to distinguish facts from fantasy

Ask any ten year old schoolboy in any Western or Far Eastern country whereabouts on the globe is Israel, and although kids of that age are largely politically uneducated, those who have heeded their geography teachers, and those who know something of the Bible, will probably point a finger in its general direction, north of the Horn of Africa, between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

Schoolkids may believe that, but since the horrific events of May 31, most worldly wise adults could be forgiven for concluding that Israel, and its apologists throughout the Diaspora, actually live on a different planet from the rest of us, somewhere beyond the dark side of the Moon, because their take on the events of that tragic night surely belongs in the netherworld of fantasy.

While the Western media and neutral observers throughout the world saw a belligerent navy armed to the teeth swooping on an unarmed flotilla on a humanitarian mission, executing nine innocent men in cold blood, and then brutalising men – some of them far from young – and mostly young women, including a mother with a baby, Israel, and its brethren – AIPAC and the ADL to name but two - saw a terrorist attack by the Gaza Aid on the Israeli Navy. In a press release dated June 8, the ADL went one better and called on the United States Government to designate two of the principal organisers and funders of the Flotilla “Foreign Terrorist Organizations”.

Robert Sugarman, the National Chairman of the ADL, alluded to “their pre-planned and violent assault against Israeli soldiers on the high seas”.

In the same press release, the ADL’s National Director Abraham Foxman said “Actions speak louder than words, and the violence aboard the Mavi Marmara should be read as a warning that [they] have a more sinister agenda”.

This statement, though twisted, should come as no surprise, because this is the same Abraham Foxman who condoned the mass murders in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. In his keynote speech on February 6, 2009, Foxman told the ADL’s annual conference that worldwide protests against the massacre were “All because the Jewish people stood up, stood up to defend the lives of its men, women and children. More demonstrations than we’ve ever seen before related to this act of self-defence.” And added there will be “more exercise of Israel’s legitimate right to disproportionately protect its men, women and children ... I have never, never heard the application of proportionality, I have never heard the dastardly argument ‘well only thirteen Israelis died’. What other country has been given that standard ... if one gets killed, you can only kill one?”

After Gaza, the execution of nine goyim by Israeli commandos for the “crime” of attempting to stop them boarding a ship illegally by fending them off with bits of wood and metal bars is a mere trifle to the Abraham Foxmans of this world. Or whatever planet he lives on.

Predictably, both the ADL and AIPAC were not happy to see a proper investigation by an international panel of jurists which could, and should, bring murder charges against the perpetrators, and if the evidence warranted it, charges against those further up the chain of command. In a press release dated June 14, AIPAC stated:

“We welcome the Obama administration’s support for the Israeli commission investigating the flotilla incident, which clearly meets the call of the Security Council for a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation.

The White House recognized Israel’s decision to investigate itself as an ‘important step forward’ and expressed its respect for the Israeli judicial system.

AIPAC calls on the Obama administration to act decisively at the United Nations and other international forums to block any action – including alternative investigations supported by the Secretary General – which would isolate Israel.”

It remains to be seen if the Obama Administration would have adopted such a laissez faire attitude towards such an atrocity were it committed by Iran, or any other nation for that matter, especially when one of those murdered was an American citizen.

Predictable though these twisted responses from Organised Zionist Jewry may have been, the reactions from less authoritative sources were equally stomach-churning. In short order, Caroline Glick, who is Managing Editor of the The Jerusalem Post newspaper, produced a video called We Con The World, a parody of the Michael Jackson/Lionel Ritchie song We Are The World, in which her ad hoc Flotilla Choir portray the murderers as the good guys and mocks the victims, including the nine dead.

Unsurprisingly, this piece of supposed satire soon found its way into officialdom, and the Israeli Government Press Office distributed a video link to foreign journalists. Condemnation was immediate, and the Israeli Government was forced to apologise, but the clip has now long gone viral, having run up millions of viewings on YouTube alone.

At least one cartoonist portrayed the Gaza Aid contingent as wolves in sheeps’ clothing, while an Israeli blogger – Dry Bones – had the temerity to brand the tales related by Flotilla members as a “book of lies” comparing it with the Protocols Of Zion.

Once again, we see Zionists are unable to distinguish fact from fantasy: the persecutors are the victims; the real victims, including those murdered by them, deserved what they got. Not content with shooting dead nine innocent men, they now spit on their graves.

At the same time, the ADL protests against “anti-Semitic” cartoons which demonise Jews, as if Operation Cast Lead, the Flotilla massacre and the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people have no connection at all with the way Israel and its supporters throughout the Diaspora are viewed by the rest of the world.

The murderers have now finished their own “investigation” which concedes that “mistakes” were made, but praises the commandos involved. And of course, no charges are to be brought against anyone.

This crime against the world must not be permitted to go unpunished; if Israel and its supporters are unable to distinguish between legitimate defence and indiscriminate mass murder then they must be isolated from the rest of the world until such time as they can, and the rule of law is restored in what Norman Finkelstein has rightly called this lunatic state.


Badges promoting the Zionist cause, for FIGHT TERROR read MURDER INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

The Flotilla massacre is compared with a fantasy about Jews controlling the world; the reality is that Zionist Jews have a stranglehold over American foreign policy in the Middle East, which is why the US response to this act of piracy on the high seas and mass murder has been so muted.

Gaza Flotilla activists are portrayed as wolves in sheeps’ clothing; since when was a wolf a match for a man with a machine gun?

An Arab media cartoon depicting the attack on the Mavi Marmara and the murder of nine of its passengers is what really angers Abraham Foxman and his crew who interpret it as anti-Semitism rather than an accurate commentary on the actions of a state that has become increasing psychotic and brutal in its repression of the Palestinian people, and has now shown that it has both the capacity and the will to murder anyone of any nation who stands in its way.

[The above was published originally July 21, 2010 by Mathaba; the italicised introductory sentence was not written by me.]

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