February 19, 1986: Two school administrators search a classroom in a New Jersey school. This is not a false rape allegation but it is included here for several reasons. Remember ladies, this can happen to you too!

Ruth Parker was teaching special needs kids, ie retards. Her classroom at the Robert Fulton School, North Bergen, was searched pursuant to a parental complaint. The administrators found sexually explicit magazines and a bottle of rum.

Although the word grooming was not in use at this time, it is clear what she was accused of. When interviewed, her charges claimed to have had their private parts touched, and other things. Looking bad, isn’t it?

However, on December 10, 1986, R. Clinton Taplin staff writer for The Record of Hackensack, New Jersey, reported that a ten year old boy had admitted the previous day to lying because “I wanted her to get into trouble so she couldn’t teach anymore”.

He had already recanted in October, which had resulted in the dismissal of one of the charges against her.

Although Ruth Parker was eventually cleared of all the sexual allegations, she was convicted of official misconduct. This is the judgment of her failed appeal.

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