The full credits for the above article are DELAYED REPORTING OF SEXUAL ASSAULT Implications for Counseling by Margaret Anne Plumbo, published in the journal of nurse-midwifery, September-October 1995:Volume 40, Number 5, pages 424-7.

(The article and journal titles are so formatted).

This is the best copy I was able to make.

The article begins with an anecdote about a 17 year old girl who claimed to have been raped a year earlier, and this sort of disclosure leads us to this kind of logic:

“A woman may divulge a rape history months or years later because with increasing knowledge and maturity, she may have only recently come to understand the event as a crime and herself as a victim”

She isn’t talking about some none-too-bright teenager here - like Thordis Elva - rather about women, but wait, what do the rape crisis experts tell us about rape?

“...rape is a terrifying and humiliating experience that no woman wants or asks for”.

You’ll find the above quote all over the Web. If it is true - and who will take issue with it? - it begs the question why don’t the victims alluded to by our distinguished author realise they’re being raped and scream at the top of their voices? The reality is that these women spend weeks, months, years, sometimes decades, rewriting their unsatisfactory sexual experiences - be they consensual or imaginary - as rape.

Plumbo also tells us:

“In the United States a woman is raped every 46 seconds, but in two cases out of every three, the victim knows her attacker”.

There are more statistics in that vein, ie totally vacuous. Is her name Plumbo or Dumbo?

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