HAIKU (Various)

9/11 Haiku

Mohamed Atta Must be laughing in Hell at David Ray Griffin. July 22, 2012

A Prayer

Please God save me from Delusional children and Demented women. January 18, 2014

Death Of An Invented Person (Mustafa Tamimi)

Newt Gingrich said I Was an invented person, But I had a name. December 10, 2011


A truth that's told with Bad intent is still a truth When all's said and done.


Jessie's in Heaven With all the non-believers, For God hates yes-men.


Men may become se- rial killers, but only Women marry them.


Militants get what They want; pacifists only Get what they deserve.


The right decision Is more important than the Democratic one.


To change one's mind is A woman's privilege and A sci'ntist's duty.


Where are my virgins, Why is it so dark in here? Allah, let me out!

Haiku: Gutter Press

The only thing low- Er than the Sun is the I Q of its readers.

Love Is

Love is doing a Good deed for a stranger and Then walking away.

Proof Reading

Proof reading is a Pastime best undertaken With two pairs of eyes.

Tehran Rose

Tehran Rose, thou art So sweet because you get up Gerry Gable's nose.

Aaarrghh! Down with the Holocaust-denying, racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic and worst of all anti-Semitic Lady Michèle Renouf!


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