Ladder Quickie

Scene: A street next to a building site. Scaffolding and boards have been erected, and a ladder is propped up against them. Theme music, Stevie Wonder’s Superstition is playing in the background.

A man walks towards the ladder, stops and frowns. Looking up at the building he sees helmeted men moving around; thoughtlessly one of them drops a heavy object which clutters to the ground and falls onto the path on the other side of the ladder. The man on the ground pulls a few curious faces then straightens his tie and walks straight through. Under the ladder he stops abruptly. bends down and picks up a piece of paper. He rubs it, smiles to himself, puts the ten pound note in his pocket, and walks off whistling.

A second man approaches the ladder, stops in his tracks, frowns and walks round it. As he steps off the kerb, there is a screeching of brakes and a loud thump. He has been hit by a car and lies face up, prostrate in the middle of the road.

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