Magician Quickie

Scene: A brightly lit stage. A magician in full tails and holding a wand is standing at the side of a black table. His lady assistant dressed in sequins etc stands next to him. The magician smiles to the audience; this is a traditional magic show. Soft music is playing in the background.

The magician removes his top hat, holds it up to the audience to show it is empty, then places it on the table upside down. His assistant leaves the stage and returns with a white rabbit. The magician takes it from her, places it in the hat, and taps the hat with his wand. He picks up the hat to show the rabbit has disappeared. The audience applaud. He replaces the hat, and the process is repeated with a second white rabbit. He gestures to the audience indicating he will make the rabbits reappear. He taps the top of the hat with his wand, places his hand inside the hat, and inspects it; it is still empty. He repeats the process. Then he snaps his fingers and indicates with a raised forefinger that he has just had a bright idea. He puts his hand in his jacket pocket and pulls out a book. The camera homes in on the book, an the title can be clearly seen: MAGIC SPELLS.

The magician replaces the book, gestures triumphantly to the audience, then, after mouthing a silent spell taps the top hat with his wand. He pulls out a white rabbit; the audience applaud. He pulls out the second white rabbit; they applaud again. Then, with a slightly quizzical look, he pulls out a baby rabbit. He shrugs his shoulders, then pulls out another, then another, then another. He continues to pull baby rabbits out of the hat, becoming more and more confused and agitated.

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