Mattoid Sonnet

I am above the law: I know whatís best,
The law was made for lesser men than me,
Itís not my fault Iím smarter than the rest,
Itís just the way it is and has to be.
I am the plutocrat, the oligarch,
I help control the world behind the scenes,
The politicians dance wheneíer I bark,
I mould society to fit my dreams.
Democracy is just a hollow joke,
How can the masses make the proper choice?
It isnít they who have to bear the yoke,
Mine is the duty, and the rightful voice.
I know whatís best, because my acumen
And wisdom means Iím not like other men.

It is unfortunate there must be wars,
But madmen like your FŁhrer must be stopped,
They have charisma, but theyíre frightful bores,
All who oppose my scheming get the chop.
The trouble is, you cannot understand
Either my idealism or my aim,
You call me evil, thatís untrue, Iím bland,
Yes, Iíve caused suffering, but youíre to blame;
If only you would let me rule in peace
Instead of trying to demand a say
In everything you do, all wars would cease
And my New World Order would have its way.
You donít fathom me now, nor did you then,
But how can you? Iím not like other men.

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