A Few Notes Re Model Journal And Marcel Mueller

The full minutae of this story are very messy and will be of limited interest, but while I was putting this together I dug out a few documents.

I obtained judgment against Marcel C. Mueller of 31 Cliffview Road, Lewisham, London SE13 in the Westminster County Court, Case No 9113927 on December 23, 1991. The full sum claimed was £908.00, and included out of pocket expenses and unpaid commissioned work for his new magazine/agency, which of course was all smoke and mirrors.

An order to bankrupt Marcel by whom I presume was his major but far from only creditor was made September 4, 1990, and was Gazetted November 20, 1990. A notice of impending County Court proceedings was issued against Mr Marcel Mueller T/A Model Journal on May 24, 1990 in respect of £1960.90 for “NEWSPAPERS PRINTING”.

Finally, a letter from D.W. New, Manager of Lloyds Bank, 125-7 Balham High Road dated 16th May 1990 reads in part “I have to inform you that our customer Inka Publications after request for payment failed to pay the amount owing to the Bank and I am therefore instructed to call upon you for payment under your Guarantee dated 19th October 1988 of £13,.304.68.”

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