Ode To A Terrence Higgins Activist

I really need a piece of shit like you
To tell me how degenerate I am,
My views on homos make you want to spew?
Frankly my dear, I couldn’t give a damn!
You tell me that I’m sick while you are gay,
Political correctness is such farce!
My reaction is one of stark dismay,
What’s gay taking someone’s prick up your arse?
Denouncing everyone who dares to voice
A contrary opinion as a maggot,
Discrimination is my right, my choice:
Go strut your stuff elsewhere, you shameless faggot!
You’re so perverted, rotten and obscene:
I hope you die of AIDS, you screaming queen.

[The above was first published in TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! The ITMA Book Of “Gay” Verse.]

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