Prescription Quickie

Scene: A doctorís surgery. The doctor is sitting behind his desk. He is wearing a white coat. A stethescope is hanging round his neck. There is a sign on his desk which reads DR BARKER. He is talking to an inseen patient.

Doctor: (Referring to patient index card) LET ME SEE, THIRD TIME THIS YEAR YOUíVE HAD DIARRHOEA. IS THAT CORRECT? (Looking up). STILL EATING HALF A DOZEN BANANAS EVERY DAY I SUPPOSE? (Pause - shaking his head and picking up his pen). I WANT YOU TO TAKE THIS THREE TIMES A DAY. (Tearing a note off the pad in front of him. He stands up and hands it to the patient). AND DONíT EAT ANY FRUIT FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS.

(The camera draws back to show a gorilla. It takes the prescription, nods its head, and walks towards the door).

Doctor: (Pressing the intercom) NEXT PLEASE.


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