Notes And References

(1) If Gable did not actually write this piece then he was responsible for it; Searchlight is his magazine and he has at various times served as contributor, editor and publisher. At the time this article appeared in Searchlight the current writer was in litigation with Gable concerning two defamatory articles for which he admitted liability.
(2) Among other, less euphemistic epithets!
(3) Not to be confused with the then defunct British Movement magazine of the same name.
(4) The second alleged attacker was named as Richard Heyse rather than Heyes.
(5) The attack on Newland was so vicious that it was widely reported in the national media and was even condemned by at least one left wing group, a rarity where “fascist” victims are concerned.
(6) ARCHITECTS OF CONSPIRACY An Intriguing History, by William P. Hoar, published by Western Islands, Boston, (1984), page x.
(7) The pun Jews from the sewers is far too good to miss!
(8) The following is based largely on a telephone interview and E-mail exchange with Keith Thompson, who unlike Gable is a reliable witness.
(9) The other eyewitness said Gable panicked when Hamm was knocked to the floor and actually helped him up.
(10) Private information.
(11) An informant who was present when the case finished said that Gable was obviously mad, and that he was spouting a load of drivel about being fitted up by the Security Services.
(12) The O.J. Simpson trial was reported extensively, including on live TV, so it would be superfluous to footnote it further here.
(13) In Gable’s parlance, a “nazi” is any white (Gentile) person who opposes uncontrolled immigration, forced race-mixing or miscegenation.
(14) Destabilising the “decent people”, by Duncan Campbell, Bruce Page and Nick Anning, published in the New Statesman, February 15, 1980, pages 234-6.
(15) Civil servant was spy: MI5 BLUNDER OVER THE CZECH CONNECTION, By Nick Davies, published in the Observer, April 13, 1986, page 1, continued on page 3 as CIVIL SERVANT WAS SPY.
(16) SPY TRIAL BY TELEVISION, by Duncan Campbell, Patrick Forbes and Jolyon Jenkins, published in the New Statesman, July 25, 1986, pages 10-11. The reader is also referred to articles in the Sunday Times, April 27 & May 26, 1986 respectively. The programme itself was screened by Channel 4 on April 12. The reader is referred to the Searchlight Critical Bibliography, 1986 for further information.
(17) Author’s interview with Terry Liddle, 1993.
(18) Ibid.
(19) Quoted verbatim from Searchlight, August 1975, issue 6, page 18.
(20) “No Evidence” of TA-Nazi “goings on”, published in the Daily Telegraph, May 12, 1976, page 3.
(21) At the time of writing - December 2002 - there is, or recently has been, a British National Party member named David King; I am informed that he is not the same person. In Searchlight, issue 26 at page 8, McLaren’s full name is given as Hugh Malcolm McLaren. His surname has also been given as McClaren. Roberts was reported (incorrectly) by at least one national newspaper to have used the name John Marshall.
(22) On Ludmer’s death in 1981, the editorship of Searchlight was actually taken over by Veronica (V’ron) Ware, but by Gable’s own account (as far as it can be believed) it was he who founded the original Searchlight in the 1960s, and it is an irrefutable fact that Searchlight magazine was the creation of the two men. The third issue of the magazine, dated May 1975, credits Gable as editor and Ludmer as managing editor.
(23) FOREWARNED Against fascism, No 2, April 1978, page 3. The same issue reports that David John King, said to be the leader of the “White Resistance”, a Ku Klux Klan group, was bailed on a charge of possessing cannabis resin.
(24) Remarkably so in view of her professed anti-Zionism.
(25) According to Terry Liddle, Roberts used to liaise with Special Branch officers in Birmingham gay bars, although he could not vouch for the veracity of this claim.
(26) Gable made this claim in a programme that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on March 16, 1995.
(27) THE NEW FASCISTS, by Paul Wilkinson, published by Pan, London, (April 1983), page 79.
(28) Neo-Fascism in Europe, Edited by Luciano Cheles, Ronnie Ferguson and Michalina Vaughan, published by Longman, London and New York, (1991), page 247. Gable’s contribution to this book is Chapter Twelve: The Far Right in Contemporary Britain.

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