The “Guardian”, The Press Complaints Commission,
And The Lies Of Gerry Gable

When Colin Jordan died in April of this year, it was to be expected that he would be subjected to a vilifying obituary or two. The acknowledged leader of National Socialism in Britain since 1956, and founder of both the National Socialist Movement and the British Movement, he was a man who was proud to proclaim himself anti-Jewish, and was never shy of railing in outspoken fashion at what he saw as the colonisation of Britain by alien races. It might then have been expected that those who penned his mini-biographies for the heavies would have been able to find something unpleasant to say about Mr Jordan that was also true. Alas, the Guardian made the mistake of hiring veteran liar and hatemonger Gerry Gable to write their obituary of the fearless Führer, and were rewarded with the de rigueur lies and Nazi hunting fantasies so familiar to readers of Gable’s hate sheet, Searchlight.

According to Gable: “In the mid-1960s NSM supporters carried out 34 arsons against Jewish buildings in London. One attack on a Stamford Hill theological college left one student dead and another seriously injured. Members of the Jewish defence organisation, the 62 Group, helped the police uncover the perpetrators...”

Elsewhere, Gable went further than that. In fact, Jordan instituted criminal libel proceedings against Searchlight (then edited by Maurice Ludmer) as long ago as 1976 in relation to his alleged involvement in these arson attacks. Although the Stipendiary Magistrate who heard the application did not commit Ludmer for trial, Mr John Milward stated:

The pamphlets seem to me to be scurrilous and disreputable. But would any useful purpose be served by committing Ludmer to the Crown Court and taking up the time of that Court by seeking to get him convicted and punished? One has to take into account also that the circulation of these publications is probably very restricted. I think no useful purpose would be served. I think that, however libellous, these are some of the harsh words to be expected by those who engage in this kind of extremist politics.

He also alluded to Searchlight as “grave and sinister”.

Over the years, Gable’s allegations have become more extreme, and at the time of his death, Jordan was in the process of consulting solicitors in relation to the August 2008 issue of Searchlight. Gable was not averse to lying to his own lawyers; a letter to Jordan’s solicitors from Steel & Shamash dated 8 December 2008 said of the arsons campaign: “Your client encouraged this activity and had advance knowledge of at least one of the attacks”.

I have documented the truth about this campaign extensively elsewhere, but very briefly, the police investigation revealed that the driving force behind the arsons was Jordan’s fanatically anti-Jewish wife. Cambridge graduate Jordan had never engaged in violent activity; with the exception of his (hilarious) conviction for shoplifting in 1975, none of the crimes of which he was convicted during his political career would have earned him so much as a fine much less a gaol sentence in the United States, which has constitutional safeguards for freedom of speech, and for men who want to dress up in uniforms and stomp around the countryside proclaiming the revolution is but a heartbeat away.

The arsons campaign was carried out by two separate gangs of young men who Mrs Jordan had seduced ideologically, and it was ended when one of the gang turned himself in. And the November 1964 fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College had absolutely nothing to do with it; the campaign started and ended the following year. Arson was not unnaturally suspected, but was ruled out at the time and has been ruled out ever since. In an October 1987 interview with the Jewish Chronicle newspaper, Gable simply added this fire to the others, and claimed to have brought the perpetrators to book. Neither interviewer David Winner nor the paper’s then editor took the trouble to check their own archive, when this lie would have been exposed for what it is, a cynical and callous attempt to exploit the death of a pious young Jew to promote a political and racial agenda, and to portray himself as some sort of valiant Kosher James Bond, instead of the habitual liar and hatemonger he is.

When I wrote to the Guardian putting them straight about Gable’s lies I had expected the paper to publish an immediate retraction and even to angrily demand Gable return their fee. Most people would be aggrieved at being suckered by such gratuitous and easily falsifiable lies, indeed many journalists have been sacked for much less. My E-Mails though elicited only a bizarre Stockholm Syndrome type response. It soon became apparent that I was flogging a dead horse, so I referred this calumny at once to the Press Complaints Commission with the relevant documentation, including my correspondence with the St Pancras Coroner which stated categorically that there had been no foul play behind the Mesifta Fire.

The paper tried to ignore the PCC, but if they can give mere plebs like me the silent treatment, they can’t get away with this sort of nonsense at a higher level. Although I was disappointed with the Guardian’s eventual retraction - which is more of a qualification - I decided to let it go at that. Any of its readers who have the slightest legal nous will be capable of reading between the lines.

Incredibly, Gable has continued to claim this fire was indeed arson, and that he has documentary evidence to that effect. He claims elsewhere too to hold both an Associate Professorship in American Journalism and an MA in Criminology. As difficult as it is to believe, both these claims appear to be true; I verified the latter with Middlesex University several years ago.

Alas, while Gerry Gable MA may have studied criminology, there appears to be a big gap between his theory and practice. It is a criminal offence to withhold evidence of serious crimes, even mere arson, let alone murder. And in the event of this documentary evidence being fabricated, it is a criminal offence to create a forged instrument - as Jeffrey Archer found out. Either way, the police have now been informed - these are the people who according to the Jewish Chronicle “caught no one” while Gable’s investigation resulted in thirteen convictions. Watch this space.

August 5, 2009

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