Searchlight Critical Bibliography

Political Discourse Analysis, by Gill Seidel, is Chapter 4 (pages 43-60) of HANDBOOK of DISCOURSE ANALYSIS, Volume 4 Discourse Analysis in Society, Edited by Teun A. Van Dijk, published by Academic Press, London, (1985). 228 pages. Index.

Prejudice, categorization and particularization: from a perceptual to a rhetorical approach, by Michael Billig, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, (January-March 1985), Volume 15, Issue 1, pages 79-103.

Children at work, is a letter to the Times, from S. Gable, published January 30, 1985, page 13.

A sarcastic letter. Her address is given as 37b New Cavendish Street.

Fascist link in Murrell murder, published in the Morning Star, February 28, 1985, page 5.

Reports on another Searchlight allegation. Another of Gable’s mysterious “links”.

New doubts on the phone-tap programme, published in the London Evening Standard (CLOSING PRICES), the Londoner’s Diary column, March 7, 1985, page 6.

Michael Forsyth MP: “I am aware of Gable and his activities. If he researched the film it would place a very large question mark over its credibility for me.”

I do hope he wasn’t being anti-Semitic.

Claudia Milne co-producer of 20/20 Vision said: “Gerry Gable is an extremely good researcher, well respected in the industry and has produced much distinguished work in the past.”

Is it any wonder TV produces so much garbage with dupes like her running it?

Private Eye, from THE TIMES DIARY column of the Times, March 12, 1985, page 14.

Small comment on Gable. Michael Forsyth MP (see Evening Standard, March 7), said to be raising a question in the House over the 20/20 Vision programme alleging that MI5 engages in black bag jobs.

Arch-liar Gable gets a mention in Hansard - Commons for March 12, 1985, in the debate on the Interception of Communications Bill, column 252:

Mr. Michael Forsyth (Stirling): Is my hon. and learned Friend aware that the researcher for the “20:20 Vision” programme, Mr Gerry Gable, was a Communist party candidate in 1962, that he has a criminal record for breaking and entering while impersonating a GPO officer, and that his counsel claimed in his defence that he was hoping to obtain material which might be useful to the special branch? Given that that man was responsible for the programme, does my hon. and learned Friend think that we can place any credibility in it?

Mr. Waddington: It is not my job tonight to say whether the allegations in the programme were correct...

TO KNOW THE RIGHT Gable and Lubner: two of the driving forces behind Searchlight, a magazine that has spent 10 years monitoring the activities of the right wing in Britain. Bob Huntley watched it watching the extremists, published in Media Week, May 10, 1985, page 34.

[Based on photocopy.]

Yes, they did misspell Ludmer’s name; the article is based on an interview with Gable. The photocopy of this article may not be perfect although I think it includes the full subtitle. I contacted the magazine and sent them a couple of my exposés but they gave me short shrift, and this publication does not appear to be in the collection at Colindale. However, I was assured - for what it is worth - that this is the only article this magazine has published on the Searchliars. Interestingly, it includes another version of how Gable was “inspired” to begin his lifelong hate campaign against the wicked Aryan goyim. That and much other nonsense.

Neo-Nazi ‘tried to sell guns’ to hippy Convoy, by Nick Davies and Ian Bailey, published in the Observer, June 9, 1985, page 1.

A big story about Les Vaughan, obviously fed to them by Searchlight. * Column 88 is mentioned. Searchlight is said to have “a bulging dossier on him”.

A related story about the Convoy in question appears on page 11.

* See the July 1985 cover story.

The fascist conspiracy behind football violence: Searchlight publisher GERRY GABLE talks to Jack Rogers about the growth over the past five years of fascist involvement in the violence on the terraces. This was published in the Morning Star, June 19, 1985, page 2.

Another Gable conspiracy theory is unveiled.

Battling against sexism: JANE BERNAL, a delegate to last weekend’s ASTMS conference in Harrogate, talks to Graeme Atkinson, published in the Morning Star, June 19, 1985, page 2.

Why pay’s the thing, by David Edgar, published in the Guardian, June 28, 1985, page 13.

Terror on the Terraces - a Searchlight supplement published as an insert to issue 121, July 1985.

Black pride and white prejudice: How does television affect our attitudes to race? Vron Ware reports on Monday’s documentary, published in the Radio Times, 3-9 August 1985, pages 10-1.

Whatever became of this female Judas? She went to America and wrote a sick book about white women and racism, that’s what.

The Black and White Media Show, broadcast on BBC1, 9.25pm, August 5, 1985.

No credits for Searchlight, but they almost certainly had some input into it. See article by Vron Ware, published in the Radio Times (above).

Black Flag Anarchist newspaper.

Issues 155-6 published in 1985-6 said to cover Searchlight’s/Gable’s mendacity. No further details, not seen by compiler.

Media Reporting of the New Cross Massacre., unpublished paper presented to the Third International Symposium on Political Lexicology (CNRS), Ecole Normale Supérieure de Saint-Cloud, (September 1985).

[Not seen by compiler; cited by Seidel in Discourse and Discrimination, Edited by Geneva Smitherman-Donaldson and Teun A. van Dijk, published by Wayne State University Press, Detroit, (1988), page 143. See Searchlight Criticial Bibliography 1988].

WHY AID CAME ALIVE, by David Edgar, published in Marxism Today, September 1985, Volume 29, Number 9, pages 26-30.

This is a lengthy article about Live Aid.

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