Searchlight Critical Bibliography

antisemitism world report 1997, Sixth edition, General editor Antony Lerman, published by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and the American Jewish Committee, London and New York, (1997). 380 pages. Index. Illustrated.

Page 354: “In 1996 the British anti-fascist magazine Searchlight exposed the involvement of neo-Nazis in a plot to overthrow the new government in South Africa.”

Gerry might equally have reported that the Martians had landed.

Racist Violence in the United Kingdom, published by Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, New York, Washington, London, Brussels, (1997). 101 pages.

Page 16: reports that Gable received a letter bomb December 1, 1994.

Pages 16-7: Robson is cited; the attack on Mushroom Books on January 15, 1994 is reported. It is claimed that the store manager was knocked unconscious. The source given is Searchlight, March 1995.

THE BEAST REAWAKENS, by Martin A. Lee, published by Little, Brown, London, (1997). 546 pages. Index. Illustrated.

There is one reference to Searchlight in the index, none to Gable, one to Atkinson, and Hill is mentioned (pages 204-06).

There are though many footnotes which reference Searchlight, eg pages 484 and 485. Gable and Atkinson are mentioned in the ACKNOWLEDGMENTS for “their diligent watchdog efforts”.

On January 18, 1997, I heard Gable on the 8pm news on RTL Radio waffling on about “Nazis” and a far right bombing campaign. Presumably this went out on many stations.

SEARCHLIGHT FICTION PULPED, by Larry O’Hara, published by Larry O’Hara, London, (February 1997). 16 pages.

This is an A4 pamphlet issued by O’Hara following the publication of yet another smear on him, this time in the January 1997 issue of Searchlight.

If this pamphlet proves one thing it is that O’Hara has finally flipped his lid. The front cover is illustrated with a cartoon which bears the legend



Whatever Gable may claim, the original Searchlight was not founded until 1965, and O’Hara should know this.

O’Hara does the inconceivable and libels Gable’s wife by suggesting that during her student days she set up “anti-fascists” for assassination by the UVF!

There is much guff about Ray Hill and Special Branch, MI5 and Combat 18.

On page 2 he refers to an alleged break-in at his premises. He has mentioned this before. * I have no doubt that this break-in is a figment of his imagination.

On page 4 he says that Peter Brighton is a pseudonym, and that Brighton is really Steven Silver.

On page 5 he mentions a certain Al Baron and claims that I told him I had met with Gable - I didn’t tell him that because it isn’t true. He accuses me of sending him forged documents about David Irving - which again is not true - and claims I am an “anti-semitic homophobe”.

Incredibly, he accuses me of producing “two printed defences of Searchlight” on account of my not subscribing to his Kosher James Bond rubbish.

On page 7 he says that Searchlight operative Steve Tilzey is another former fascist.

On page 8, le Baron get another brief mention.

On page 13 the author of White Lies is said to be David Owens of the Leeds branch of the British National Party.

* To a mutual acquaintance and probably to dozens of other people.


Weird stuff, this appears to have been issued around February 1997.

What the papers “didn’t” say, published in Spearhead, February 1997, issue 336, page 3.

This is some comment in the WHAT WE THINK pages on the arrest of a certain Alexander Baron and the libel actions against Gerry Gable. It contains an appeal for donations and letter of support to be sent to Brixton Prison.

LETTER FROM AN IMPRISONED WRITER, published in RESISTANCE!, February 10th, 1997, Issue #104, page 3.

This is a letter I wrote to Harold Covington; it begins here "Dear Winston"; I actually begin all my correspondence to Covington "Dear Harold".

Gable gets a mention in this.

Behind enemy lines, by Ken Hyder, published in The Independent Magazine, February 22, 1997, pages 28-9 & 31-2.

A very revealing article by one of Gable’s media poodles.

THE ‘SEARCHLIGHT’ HATE QUIZ, published in Patriot, Spring 1997, Issue No. 1, page 28.

Published as a TEASER, this didn’t come to my attention until October 1999. It truly is flattering that my work has been ripped off, plagiarised and republished with and without permission, with and without attribution, all over the world. In a letter dated 26th October 1999, Tony Lecomber pointed out that he had added one of the questions himself, the one about Turkey being inhabited by a conglomerate of different races...He said he saw first this the previous year and that it was something that tended to get faxed about. More flattery!

Searchlight World Wide Web

According to Searchlight, March 1997, issue 261, page 24, Searchlight is now on the Web at



A double-sided A4 leaflet I received while in prison. It is credited to “the Searchlight victim support group and Black Consciousness”.

It is actually based on my text and researches, and I am more than a little flattered that it should have been produced in this fashion!

Compare also with Fifteen things you didn’t know about Gerry Gable. Well, almost which was published in June 1996.

THE STRANGE STORY OF C18, by Dan Woinsaker, published in the column A VIEW FROM VALHALLA, in March ’97, Issue 16, pages 8-10 of FIGHTING TALK.

Searchlight gets unfavourable mention in this three page article on Britain’s pseudo-Nazi street gang.


A double-sided A4 leaflet produced by a supporter of Yours Truly for the trial R v Baron, 1997.


A single-sided press release put out by a supporter. The trial actually started April 22nd; the incorrect starting date was due to my enthusiastic but not always extremely competent legal team.

However, the leaflet does state that the prosecution will open its case on the Tuesday.

Combat 18 three jailed on race hate charges, by Stuart Millar, published in the Guardian, March 13, 1997, page 7. [Compiled from CD-ROM].

Arch-liar Gable quoted.

The Tory hard Right marches on, by David Rose and Nick Lowles, published in the Observer, April 27, 1997, page 27.

The alternative title of this article is Hidden agenda; Rose too has an agenda, but it’s not particularly well hidden in this article, oy vay. It’s basically a smear on a number of far right Conservatives, so-called far right. One of these is Gerald Howarth; Gable gets a mention and so too does Al, although not by name. I’m flattered to hear that I was once a “leading member of the neo-Nazi British Movement” and am an “author of virulent anti-Semitic literature”.

Court finds
not guilty of
attack, published in the Morning Star (Communist newspaper), Friday, May 2, 1997, page 3.

RIGHT-WING political author Alexander Baron, who was under investigation by a Department of Social Security fraud officer, did nothing wrong when he threatened to ‘slit her throat in broad daylight,’ a Southwark Crown Court jury found yesterday.

He told the court that he had been the victim of a “hate campaign” involving fraud investigator Rita Broadway and anti-fascist magazine Searchlight editor Gerry Gable.

Ms Broadway said that Mr Baron’s behaviour was tantamount to “stalking” and left her so distressed and concerned for her safety that she had to take six months sick leave from work.

The DSS began its investigation after a tip-off from Mr Gable that Mr Baron had allegedly failed to declare damages he won from a number of people connected with the anti-fascist publication while claiming income support.

“Thank you, thank you,” he told the six men and six women who had taken two days to find him not guilty. “You have saved my life.”


I did thank the jury, but not in these words.

This article also appeared in the NSWPP E-Mail bulletin of 07 May 1997.

The Morning Star article is what appears to be the first of the media reports. It has a left wing bias of course but I can’t argue with its content. There is no mention here that under cross-examination this “anti-fascist” and Zionist hatemonger Gerry Gable admitted that he is in regular contact with a hundred members of the British National Party - an organisation he has consistently branded Nazi. Nor is there any mention that he smeared - again! - the left wing journalist Phil Kelly as a terrorist. Nor is there any mention of his extraordinarily candid admission that his agents provocateurs incite racial hatred! Nor is there any mention of the fact - proven in this trial - that he receives confidential information from bent coppers, and that he passes on the names and addresses on his confidential mailing list to little monsters like Rita Broadway.

‘Slit throat’ author cleared of threat charge, published in the Shropshire Star, May 2, 1997, page 43.

A short report, obviously rewritten from the wire service report. Gable gets a brief mention.

Although words have been put in my mouth - I didn’t actually say these things - the sentiments are correct. They also got my age wrong, I was forty years old at the time. There is an interesting background to this story. On November 28, 1993 I was attacked by mallet wielding thugs on my doorstep - who has obviously been put up to it by Gable. Although I spent only one night in hospital, I was left with a slight if nagging permanent injury to my left elbow, and psychological damage in the form of lingering post-traumatic stress disorder. I was X-rayed at the time, and no breaks were found, but in September 1996 I suffered an excruciating episode of back pain, and was advised by the hospital to give up running, which I had done since 1984. I was also told I had two fractured, ossified vertebrae, obviously relics of the attack.

It was for this reason I signed on sick, and my health has been quite bad ever since. Under pressure, facing enormous costs and fearing he would lose the libel action I had brought against him - and lose heavily - Gable did what he does best, manufactured a bundle of lies about my defrauding the system. I really don’t know what he and this little tart Broadway got up to together, but she really was a little monster, although she wasn’t half so brave when Gable’s bent copper friend told her I was coming after her knife in hand to slit her worthless throat. That was one of only many lies the police told.

Fortunately, the jury saw through her frightened little woman act, and all the other lies, and I was acquitted, but most interestingly for this bibliography, when I got Gable in the witness box I grilled him about some of his claims. He insisted that he had brought the 1960s synagogue arsonists to justice, an outright lie, and that the Mesifta fire was arson - the biggest lie of all - and when I asked him if his “moles” inside the far right used racial abuse he replied it would be suspicious “if they went around saying nice things about black people”. That was as far as the judge would allow me to go, but it showed Gable up for the total scum he is.

Man cleared after threat to kill claims, published in the South London Press, Friday, May 9th, 1997, Edition No. 10,553, page 25.

Arch-liar Gable gets a mention in this grossly inaccurate article about the compiler’s acquittal on trumped-up charges.

FOILED!: THE COOK REPORT SCAM INTENDED TO SMEAR AND DIVIDE THE BNP, by Nick Griffin, published in Spearhead, May 1997, issue 339, pages 14-5.

A two page report by Griffin on the sophisticated and expensive attempt by Gable and his friends at Carlton TV to set up Griffin as a supplier of paramilitary training, ad nauseum. This was designed as a pre-General Election smear. When he saw through the scam the programme was watered down and rescheduled as an exposé of Griffin’s attempt to take over the BNP, Britain and the world. According to this article, a more detailed exposé appeared as an eleven page report on the BNP’s Internet Homepage. See also Searchlight, June 1997 and Truth Behind The Front (below).

A one-sided A4 flyer for “respect festival 97” was inserted in the June 1997 issue of Searchlight.

TRUTH BEHIND THE FRONT, screened by Carlton TV, June 17, 1997, 8.30pm.

The Cook Report, a special smear programme on Nick Griffin’s plans to take over the British National Party, Great Britain and the world.

Cook begins with the bland boast that this “undercover operation” lasted for eight months!

19 year old Wayne Ashcroft, Midlands Organiser of “what is left of” the National Front, came over very badly.

Much of the film shown in the programme was irrelevant, for example, scenes of a Ku Klux Klan rally in Birmingham, Alabama.

Alex Carlile QC said the real danger of Nick Griffin was that “he appears to be so respectable and straightforward and public spirited, and therefore may attract other people who may also be totally respectable, but naïve enough to buy his horrendous political agenda.”

This is referred to as a “network” of new racists. The programme makes the extraordinary claim that The Cook Report organised a bogus TV crew to interview him while he was campaigning during the run-up to the General Election.

Ashcroft spoke about how the Union Jack and NF emblem “strikes fear into yer niggers, an’ yer...Paki’s.”

Surprisingly there was only one small clip of the Nazi era, a scene of book-burning.

Searchlight stooge Glyn Ford MEP was interviewed. The Bologna bombing was also dragged in. The programme says The Cook Report cameras got into the BNP’s AGM.

There is no mention here of course of Cook’s and Gable’s attempts to incite Griffin to set up a paramilitary training outfit.

Overall, this programme is a real damp squib.

Carlile: “These are people with bizarre notions; these are dangerous political cranks.”

Griffin refers to Carlile as: “this bloody Jew”.

Gable appears on the programme and praises Griffin; he and his kind are “something for the Twenty-First Century.”

Michael Mansfield QC also appears, he is described as a “leading human rights lawyer”, who, incredibly, wants to make it illegal for Griffin and company to hold any meetings or distribute any literature at all.

Cook too ends with a call for “tighter ‘anti-racist’ legislation”.

Searchlight, published in Lobster, Summer 1997, issue 33, pages 35-7.

This is in a column called Notes on contamination and includes a sub-heading Alexander Baron, Mark Taha, Morris Riley and “Searchlight”; the entire article (pages 35-8) are included here.

This issue of Lobster came through my door on June 26, 1997. Most of the article is taken up with an attack on Gable & co’s smear by association technique and a defence of conspiracy crank Larry O’Hara. Among other things, Ramsay reports that Andrew Bell is a former editor of Searchlight.

Personnel Department,                           93c Venner Road,
Syracuse University,                                   Sydenham,
London Centre,                                  London SE26 5HU.
24 Kensington Park Gardens,                        0181 659 7713
London W11.                    E-Mail A_Baron@ABaron.Demon.Co.UK

June 30, 1997

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would be most grateful if you could confirm the following
information about Gerald Clark Gable, aka Gerry Gable.

Mr Gable claims to have lectured for six years at the London
Campus of Syracuse University in the late 1980s and early 1990s
and to hold an American professorship in journalism. He claims
also to hold an MA in criminology.

I would be most grateful if you could confirm these facts, for
legal purposes.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

Just after ten o’clock on the morning of July 2, 1997 I received a phone call in response to this letter, from Syracuse University. The person I spoke to informed me that Gerry had indeed lectured at Syracuse University on journalism for several years and said he was “absolutely wonderful”. He confirmed Gerry’s American Professorship but not his MA in Criminology. He said Gerry was an assistant to Greville Janner (on the War Crimes Commission) and that he believed he had been ill for some time. Well, it makes a change to see somebody else blowing Gerry’s trumpet!

Notes from the Borderland, Winter 1997/8, issue 1.

This A4 format parapolitics magazine was produced by Larry O’Hara with some assistance from his left wing friends. The similarity with Lobster is striking, except that apart from his occasional endorsements of X-File style conspiracy theories, Lobster editor Robin Ramsay is basically a rational human being. When O’Hara sticks to facts, he isn’t bad, but when he attempts to interpret those facts...

KKK UK - the coming of the pseudo klans? on pages 7-8 gives Searchlight a mention or two.

A man for all seasons?, page 10, covers James Damsey, who is said to have admitted “knowing/having met the Searchlight ‘team’”.

HERMAPHRODITE), pages 11-33 is a lengthy signed article by O’Hara, which takes up the bulk of the magazine.

On page 15 Gable is said to have claimed at my trial in April 1997 that he was in contact with 200 BNP members. Actually, Gable claimed to be in contact with “about a hundred”.

Notes from the Borderland - a double sided A4 flyer for the magazine which appeared as an insert but was doubtless sent out in advance as well.

WILLINGS PRESS GUIDE 1998, Volume 1: United Kingdom, published by Hollis, Teddington, Middlesex - no date but presumably published end of 1997.

Page 1009: Searchlight’s circulation is given as 7,000 “Publisher’s Statement”.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES, published in LEAGUE SENTINEL: The Newsletter of the League of St. George, issue 34, undated but published late July 1997, pages 6-7.

This is a send up of Gable’s spread of the same name in The Independent Magazine of February 22 that year. Gable is depicted as Pinnochhio, among other things.

Desecrations and daubings return as UK far right bids to regain credibility, by Jenni Frazer, published in the Jewish Chronicle, June 27, 1997, page 2.

Robson is quoted here. “At the height of its powers, just over 18 months ago, Combat 18 could claim about 2,000 members.”

These are the paper’s quotes although this information obviously came from Robson. The lead article on page 1 reports an outbreak of swastika daubing.

The Cooked Report by Nick Griffin, published in Spearhead, July 1997, No. 341, pages 18-9.

This is an in-depth article by Nick Griffin which rips the Roger Cook smear attempt to shreds. Griffin itemises the distortions, half truths and outright lies. Like most informed critics, Griffin was not entirely displeased with the pseudo-exposé calling it an own goal. One that was clearly masterminded by Gable.

Spearhead, July 1997, No. 341, page 22 publishes a letter from a certain Alexander Baron.

Yours Truly expresses his thanks to the BNP for the tremendous support he received from this organisation during his time on remand in Brixton Prison. He also has a few comments to make about the evidence given by a certain Gerry Gable at his trial.

Pressure to ban Nazi festival, by Kamal Ahmed, published in the Guardian, August 4, 1997, page 7.

Gable is referred to as “chairman of Searchlight”; he has apparently written a letter to the Chief Constable of South Wales, the Welsh Secretary and the Home Secretary Jack Straw calling on them to ban a forthcoming skinhead concert. According to the man himself, this is a “dangerous event”. See the two scans below:

Above: ban it, says Searchlight; below, this event is dangerous, says Gable, but not as dangerous as him for the survival of freedom. And of Western Man. Re the scan, this was done from a photocopy on yellow paper.

The strange case of Gerry Gable and his fascist benefit snoop.

This is a one-sided photocopied A4 leaflet “Published in the Public interest”, which came into my possession on August 4, 1997. It is a not entirely accurate account of some of the revelations concerning Yours Truly’s trial at Southwark Crown Court.

MEDIA LIES AND THE SECRET STATE, by Dr Mark Deavin, published in Spearhead, August 1997, No. 342, pages 10-1.

This is a lengthy article on the failed Cook Report entrapment scam. According to this, Searchlight’s Peter Brighton is actually called Nick Lowell.

INTERNET NEWS, published in Spearhead, August 1997, No. 342, page 18.

According to this column, the BNP’s Website contains “the full text of a lively 35-page analysis anaylsis of the Cook Report scam.”

When Griffin sent me the full text of this report a few weeks prior to this issue, it ran to nearly thirty thousand words and forty-nine and a half pages of A4! I made a few editorial suggestions.

Gable also gets a mention on page 22 of the magazine in Letters.

MPs demand ban on music festival aimed at young neo-Nazis, by Lorraine Kirk, published in the Jewish Chronicle, August 8, 1997, page 6.

Gable gets a mention.


This is a double sided uncredited A4 leaflet; a few of these were mailed out by Yours Truly on August 11, 1997.

The text was written by Nick Griffin (on my directions) when I was on remand in Brixton Prison. A few copies were produced by Griffin and mailed out early in 1997. The artwork I received from Griffin has Mark Taha’s address crudely blacked out. I think it may have been whited out originally. Griffin couldn’t remember who he’d sent them out to but he only did about a dozen, to various leftists, for all the good this will have done.

August 12: Letter Iain Wilson of the BNP to ITMA.

Welsh police foil racists, by Karen Glaser, published in the Jewish Chronicle, August 15, 1997, page 7.

My parcels of hate: Bomb was to scare Sharron Davies, neo-nazi tells court, by Charles Ferro, published in the Daily Mail, August 26, 1997, page 27. [Compiled from CD-ROM]

Apparently this bloke, Thomas Derry Nakaba, decided not to send a bomb to Searchlight!

Fighting Talk, Issue 17, Sept ’97.

An article called UNDER FALSE PRETENCES on pages 6-7 takes Searchlight to task along with the Anti Nazi League, who are said now to be “the main distributor of the Searchlight magazine”.

Searchlight also gets a very brief (disparaging) mention on page 3.

September 9: Letter to Searchlight subscriber (Mark Taha)

Oh, the joy of the automated mailing list!

Diana’s work is her true monument, published in the East London Advertiser, September 18, 1997, page 22.

This is a letter from Searchlight creep “The Revd Kenneth Leech, Community Theologian, St. Botolph’s Church, Aldgate” attempting to exploit the tragic death of Diana Princess of Wales to attack the British National Party - and thereby promote Gable’s agenda. His photograph appears here.

Leech claims here that he founded Centrepoint. If this is true then this is another example of how deeply entrenched is the poison spread by Gable and his gang through the “Searchlight Educational Trust” [sic].

Ku Klux Klan Seeks British expansion by Dennis Rice, published in the Sunday Mirror, [CD-ROM], September 21, 1997, Edition 3, pages 8-9.

Gable is quoted on the Klan in Britain.

Andrew Fountaine: Fascist who went off the rails, by Gerry Gable, published in the Guardian, September 27, 1997, page 19.

A grossly inaccurate obituary for a “fascist”, but hardly surprising when one considers who penned it.


This 4 page A4 leaflet [Ie one A3 folded in half] was “Produced by: TRADE UNIONISTS AGAINST POLITICAL HARASSMENT, INTIMIDATION AND VICTIMISATION”, a pseudonym for the pseudonymous Andrew Jones and his Searchlight Victims Support Group. It came through my door on Monday, September 29, 1997, the same morning as the latest issue of Searchlight magazine.

In 1945 Europe said “never again”...

This is a folded coloured leaflet soliciting donations to the Searchlight Educational Trust. It was inserted into the October 1997 issue of the magazine, which came through my door on September 29, 1997. Addressed to Mark Taha!

‘Searchlight’ founder jailed for stealing from clients, published in the Independent, October 2, 1997, page 6.

Reports that a top solicitor named Lewis Ruskin, aged 58 - who had founded “the anti-racist magazine Searchlight” - was gaoled at Southwark Crown Court for ripping off clients. I’d never heard of this guy before, and whatever connnection he had with the magazine, if any, must have been extremely tenuous - one of Gable’s ubiquitous “links”. The claim was obviously made to curry favour with the court in mitigation. Making widly false allegations in court (to blacken people’s characters) is something Gable knows a lot about, and it was refreshing here to see him on the receiving end for a change.

Dishonest lawyer gets 18 months, by Lucy Patton, published in the Guardian, October 2, 1997, page 6.

Another report on Lewis Ruskin who in the 1960s “founded Searchlight”. Yeah, sure.

Guardian, October 4, 1997, page 19.

A letter from the obviously pseudonymous LS George [Ie League of St. George] who suggests that as Gable wrote an obituary for Andrew Fountaine, John Tyndall should write one for him!

MPs warn of threat from the far right, by Cecily Woolf, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 10, 1997, page 13.

Reports that Searchlight supporter Glyn Ford MEP attended a Paole Zion Labour Party fringe meeting where he “spoke of his disgust at learning of a new ‘concentration camp’ computer game, where the object was to gas as many Jews as possible”.

THE WHITE DRAGON, Nov 97. #6, page 2.

Contains a reference to Gable, Harry Bidney, etc, under the heading Searchlight.

Pages 3-4 has an interview with Harold Covington in which he refers to Gerry as a cockroach. What’s he got against cockroaches?

BOGUS PAEDOPHILE ALERT, published in British Nationalist, November 1997, page 4.

This is a report on the Taha Paedophile Alert sticker; Suchshite gets a mention!

combating anti-Semitism exhibition, 3-16 November 1997

Said to be “organised by the Lewisham Jewish community in partnership with the London Borough of Lewisham”, this was plugged by a flyer distributed throughout the borough’s libraries.

Among other things it is set to include (from the flyer)

Wednesday, November 12
7.30pm Talk:
Organised Racism in Britain Today
by Jerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine 

Also included (from the flyer)

When hate comes to town
(from the Searchlight Educational Trust)

This part of the exhibition provides an introduction to the
topics listed below:

Roots of racism               Racism today
What is fascism?              Fascist groups
Fascism and youth             The Holocaust

They might at least have spelt his name correctly!

Twenty Things Every Black And Asian Anti-Racist Should Know About Gerry Gable And The Searchlight Organisation

This is a double-sided A4 leaflet which was distributed by Troy Southgate’s gang on Wednesday, November 12, 1997, outside Gable’s failed meeting at St Nicholas Church, Deptford. It is said to be “Published by someone who has no connection with Larry O’Hara and distributed in the public interest”, ie it was written by Yours Truly. Troy did the DTP.


This was published in November 1997 and my copy was delivered by hand on November 18. I picked it up the following morning.

This issue - a single A4 sheet - is headed “GABLE GETS SHAFTED” SEARCHLIGHT: THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP ’EM!

It contains the lowdown on Troy Southgate’s recent “Jews Against Searchlight” spoof.

Searchlight Founder Jailed, published in RESISTANCE, November 24th, 1997, Issue #138, page 6.

This is a short report on the case of bent solicitor Lewis Ruskin who claimed - falsely - to have been one of the original founders of Searchlight. Not unreasonably, publisher Harold Covington enjoyed gloating over this.

The chequered career of Max Mosley, by Francis Wheen, published in the Guardian, November 26, 1997. This appeared in the Wheen’s world column in the G2 Section, page 6.

According to this, Gable and his chums - by Gable’s own and therefore totally unreliable account - once threw a milk crate in front of the gent’s car and he jumped out running screaming to the police “Save me! Save me!” Yeah, sure Gerry. Needless to say this anecdote, like all Gable anecdotes, must be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when they relate to cowardly “fascists”.

Guardian, November 28, 1997, page 18.

This is a letter - no name given - re Francis Wheen’s recent article on Max Mosley.

Now we learn that when Gerry Gable threw a milk-bottle churn in front of Max’s moving car, a police witness also refused to take action. Mr Gable seems to have had a free hand, or a light punishment menu, for quite a number of “anti-fascist actions” over many years.


Too true.

Lobster, Winter 1998, issue 34.

This publication was actually put out by Editor Robin Ramsay at the beginning of December 1997 and contains the following mentions:

Hanky-panky in the British
UFO world, page 23.

Former Searchlight operative Tim Hepple is said to be spreading disinformation on the UFO circuit. No doubt Larry O’Hara will read “Secret State” into this; the reality is that Hepple is simply a headcase and a born mischief-maker.

Searchlight news, page 24.

This reports on the Baron v Gable settlement and on the Taha paedophile leaflet. Ramsay sarcastically comments that it is a “curious coincidence” that Taha is also in litigation with Searchlight.

THE WHITE DRAGON, Dec 97. #7, page 3.

This issue contains a paragraph entitled Searchlight in which it is suggested that a certain Darren Wells, currently residing at HMP in Scotland, is a Searchlight informant.

This turned out to be true.

, published in LEAGUE SENTINEL, ISSUE No: 36, page 14.

This publication is undated but was published circa December 1997. The above article is a spoof obituary for Gable. A scan of a photocopy of the front cover is also included.

Yes, I did throw a crate at Mosley, published in the Guardian, December 1, 1997, page 14. [Compiled from CD-ROM]

A letter from arch-liar Gable.

ALEXANDER BARON v GERRY GABLE AND OTHERS: Summary Of One Of The Libel Actions Of The Decade (And Related Legal Actions), by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (December 1, 1997). 16 pages.

A concise summary of the libel actions and the Southwark trial. Includes the full text of the consent order and my letter of complaint about that slime Judge Watts.

THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF CYMRU: Being A Documented Exposé Of Nick Griffin’s Plans To Subjugate The British National Party, The United Kingdom, The Planet And The Universe As Fantasised By The Searchlight Organisation’s Arch-Liar And Hatemonger Gerry Gable And Promulgated By “The Cook Report”, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (December 1, 1997). 7 pages.

A slightly whimsical report on the machinations of Gable’s shabboz goy Roger Cook.

Zionist Hoaxers Exposed by Head of Britain’s premier anti-racist organisation, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (December 31, 1997).

This double-sided A4 leaflet was finally mailed out at the end of December 1997/beginning of January 1998. It has a long and tortuous history. If I recall, I wrote it in late 1995 and took it to a certain Mike Newland, who desktopped it for me. Without my knowledge he then uploaded the text to the British National Party’s HomePage, and somebody downloaded it and printed it out as one side of text without the illustrations; this meant of course that it was totally meaningless. * At some point I sent the artwork to a certain Mr Hancock, who with typical Nordic efficiency, proceeded to lose it.

Nick Griffin then printed it out again - at least twice - and what with my sojourn in Brixton, and other problems, it finally saw the light of day some 15 to 18 months behind schedule. It was printed December 2, and was published officially (officially indeed) on December 31, 1997. It is scanned here from the original artwork.

* I had some correspondence with this person.

How Not To Do It
A Reply To Conspiracy Crank And
Plagiarist Larry O’Hara
, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (December 31, 1997). 5 pages.

More of an attack on Larry O’Hara and his flawed methodology than on Gable and company.

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