Shooting Range Quickie

Scene: A shooting range at a fairground. A man walks up to it; he is wearing a cowboy-style hat. He pays the attendant, and is given a rifle, which he loads, and begins firing at the row of ducks. He hits every one at which he aims. With a ping, the ducks fall down. About the seventh duck he shoots goes down then springs back up at once. He fires at it again, and again it goes down and comes back up. It also stops moving while the other ducks continue to go by. (They are set back slightly from it). The man gives it a curious look, reloads then fires at it again. Yet again it springs back up. He reloads, but the duck moves off before he can take aim again. He carries on shooting at the others. A duck comes from the opposite direction. (We are led to believe it is the same duck). The man frowns, reloads, and aims at it. He shoots, and the duck goes down. It appears to stay down. The man smiles triumphantly, but a few seconds later the duck comes up again. The man frowns, and begins to reload the rifle. A handgun appears next to the duck while he is doing this, and points itself in the manís direction. He gives it a curious, worried look. The gun fires, and the manís hat flies off. He ducks. The gun fires again. The man turns and runs away from the stall. Shots continnue to ring out. The man is seen running away from the shooting range, and the sound of a duck quacking madly is heard.

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