Snooker Quickie

Scene: A billiard hall. Two men are playing snooker. They are dressed in suits and ties. The lights are low. There are two men playing on the adjacent table. There is no dialogue.

The man gets down onto his shot, pots a red then walks round the table chalking his cue. While he is looking away, his opponent picks up the cue ball, and, with an exaggerated wink and laugh to the camera, substitutes a dummy ball. His opponent gets down onto his next shot, lines up a colour, strokes the cue ball and watches in amazement as the cue goes straight through it.

His opponent and the men on the adjacent tables laugh. The man frowns. The scene is repeated, this time a trick ball is substituted and, when struck, it wobbles from side to side. Again, the three laugh and the player frowns.

The scene is repeated a third time, and this time when the ball is struck, it remains glued to the spot, the player’s cue bouncing off it. He frowns as the others laugh, then with some difficulty he prises the ball off the table and hurls it away angrily.

He walks out of the hall and returns with another ball. Placing it on the table, he gestures to his still laughing opponent. The man gets down onto this shot, lines up and strikes the ball. It explodes. There is a cloud of smoke. When it clears, the player is still over the table. His face is covered in soot, his jacket torn off, his shirt collar upright, and his shirt in rags. The others laugh at him.

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