Song For Bin Laden

Usama, the Yankees will suffer today,
The pilots are dead and weíre now on our way,
For Allah, the Prophet, and for Palestine,
Death to the American Zionist swine!
Usama, soon it will be over and out,
Iím ready to die and I havenít a doubt,
But tell me before I do Paradise sample:
Why didnít you join us and lead by example?

Usama, we planned this in minute detail,
I never for one second thought we might fail,
My blind faith in Allah has proved to be right,
The Manhattan skyline is now within sight,
But tell me, Usama, before I sign off,
And as in your safehouse you titter and scoff
At Yankees who die screaming as the plane crashes:
Why wonít they sift your corpse like mine from the ashes?

Usama, the Center is looming ahead,
Another two minutes and I will be dead,
The virgins you promised are beckoning me,
In Heaven Iíll dwell for all e-ternity;
I know youíre a genuine down to Earth guy,
And when the time comes, like me youíll gladly die,
But tell me as into oblivíon we shatter:
Why didnít you come aboard with me and Atta?

Usama, weíre now at the end of the road,
Our flesh burns, our bones smash, our bodies explode,
Around us I hear infidels rush and scream,
I open my eyes but it isnít a dream,
The darkness consumes us, but something is wrong,
Although weíre long dead, the pain goes on and on,
No virgins have greeted us in this new place,
Of honey and milk, even light, thereís no trace.

Repent! Alas itís too late, we count the cost
Of evil incarnate and Paradise Lost,
But there is one comfort for Atta and me:
Soon youíll join us in Hell for e-ternity.

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