Letter To Steve Jobs

The communication below was sent to Steve Jobs on August 29, 2011 under the title treatment for cancer. I have no idea if he actually read it. Five weeks later he was dead at the age of just 56.

Dear Mr Jobs,

I have seen a recent photo of you from which it is obvious you are in very poor health.

I realise that as a billionaire you can afford the best doctors and treatment but I wondered if you had looked into what Roy Walford called undernutrition without malnutrition.

I donít know if you are au fait with the studies, that date back to the 1920s, that showed rats lived longer when starved.

Dr Walford believed that by cutting right down on Calories, but eating a diet high in nutrients supplemented by vitamins and minerals, it was possible to extend life.

Though this is not an elixir, for people in very poor health as evidently you are, this sort of regime may be more beneficial than any form of medicine.

Part of the theory is that undernutrition retards the growth of cancer cells, which I am sure you know are immortal.

Obviously we all have to die sometime but your number may not have come up yet with this sort of approach.

You might also like to contact Aubrey de Grey, although he is not a big fan of undernutrition.

I hope you will take or at least look into this advice from a dedicated Microsoft user.

A Baron

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