Street Of Calamity Quickie

Scene: A street in daylight. A man is walking down the street when he slips on a banana skin and lands on his rump. A second man walks past him, and on witnessing this, laughs. He turns his head as he passes, and is still laughing when he walks into a lamp post and bangs his head. He lets out a cry and stands rubbing his head. A woman shopper seeing him do this turns her head and bursts out laughing. While her head is turned away a man passing in the opposite direction dips into her open handbag and steals her purse. A man on the other side of the street sitting in his car is just pulling out into the road. He points at the woman, laughs, and while his attention is distracted, he runs into the car parked in front. On seeing this, another man stands laughing while a stray dog urinates against his trouser leg.

(The scene fades out).

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