Street Theft Quickie

Scene: A street anywhere. There is a railed fence in front of a building. The camera switches to a shifty looking man, he is unshaven, only his face is shown. He is watching something intently. The camera switches back to the street. A man rides up on a bicycle, stands it up against the railings and padlocks it to them. Then he walks off.

The camera switches to a doorway on the other side of the street where the shifty looking man is standing. A full shot shows he is dressed in a cloth cap, donkey jacket and jeans. He runs across the street to the bicycle, looks up and down, then removes a pair of powerful cutters from his pocket. He cuts the chain, places it on the ground and picks up the bicycle. He moves the bicycle about six feet along the railings, walks back to where it was chained, picks up a section of the railings, and walks off with it hurriedly.

Sinister music can be played while this short is being acted out.

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