Urban Fox

The shy retiring vagabond no more,
His ventures now begin afore the dark,
Where once he was a shadow, now his spoor
And gambols can be seen about the park.
He runs astride the brick walls like a cat,
And noses like an urchin in my bin,
Unflustered, urban fox knows where hes at,
He has no imitator, and no twin.
Almost a dog, yet more so, none can tame
This free-spirited, newfound city slick,
The rules have changed, so now hell play our game,
And hes adapting to it mighty quick.
Rich pickings can be found in his new den,
If he can but lose his contempt of men.

[Urban Fox was first published in PIPELINE: VOICES FROM INSIDE BRIXTON, FEBRUARY 1997 page 14].

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