West Bank Quickie

Scene: A high street. Day. A man comes ot of a jeweller’s shop. He is smartly dress in a three piece suit, collar and tie, and is whistling happily to himself. He holds a big cloth money bag in his right hand and jangles it as he walks up the street. He approaches a bank; as he does so the camera switches to the bank wall. It has the letters WEST BANK on it. The man looks at the sign, then down at the ground where the letters NAT are propped up against the wall. He puts down the money bag, picks up the letters and fixes them in position. He is still whistling. He stands back and inspects the letters NAT WEST BANK, picks up the money bag and enters the bank through the swing door.

The scene changes. The man is standing on a desolate piece of ground with the swing doors and the wall of the bank behind him. He looks round perplexed. A voice shouts something in Arabic; we see a flash of a man dressed in Arab garb with Yasser Arafat-style headdress. He throws something. The camera switches back to the man. A shell goes off near him, there is the sound of machine gun fire. The camera draws back showing him standing in the middle of the desert. He runs for cover as another shell goes off.


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