Sex Scandals And Sick Minds

  By VennerRoad, 14th Jan 2015

Sex sells, even if the story concerned is a non-story, wild exaggeration or total fantasy.

Colin Jordan with his first wife

As Joni Mitchell wrote in 1994, “Sex sells everything”. She wasn’t the first to make this observation, of course, but twenty years on that maxim is as valid as ever. This week, the UK press contains an eclectic mixture of both non-stories and dangerous fantasies relating to everything sexual and sordid.

First port of call is what is now clearly the non-story of Prince Andrew and the sex slave. The latter is a woman named Virginia Roberts who is said to have been recruited by Andrew’s one-time friend Jeffrey Epstein to service the rich and famous. When she was recruited - allegedly - she was 15 years old, which means that any sexual activities in which she engaged, especially in the United States, would have constituted statutory rape or some such by her partner(s) even if she had been willing. Now, extracts from her diary have been published, and in this she claims to have had sex with the 5th in line to the Throne.

Let us for the moment assume this is true, this encounter is said to have happened in London, 14 years ago, when she was 17 years old. In England, a man who has consensual sex with a 17 year old is not committing a criminal offence. Furthermore, as at the time Andrew was single - having divorced his adulterous wife in 1996 - he was a free agent. He is over twenty years her senior, but a man of that age who beds a 17 year old has nothing to be ashamed of, and might under certain circumstances boast about it. Thus, this is a non-story, case closed.

Even if Miss Roberts were a prostitute - as she claims - and Andrew or someone else paid her for her services, this is still a non-story, because although under certain circumstances prostitution can be illegal in the UK, it wasn’t here. Again, if it happened. Indeed, one might argue that if anyone is in the wrong it is not Andrew but Miss Roberts, because as a prostitute performing a paid service she had a duty of confidentiality to her client(s) - Andrew and the person who paid her, if that were the case.

The bottom line of this manufactured scandal is that Miss Roberts had been engaged in providing sexual services for the rich and famous for a number of years all over the globe, which is a far cry from slavery as practised in the antebellum Deep South. By her own admission she was well rewarded for her services, but for whatever reason she and her employer/pimp parted company. She met her Australian husband in Thailand, and is now domiciled in his home country. For a sex slave or even for an exploited teen, she doesn’t appear to have faired too badly at the hands of this so-called sexual predator, but now the glamour is long gone and the money has run out, she has seen an opportunity to make a killing by dragging the names of the rich and famous through the mud. And the tabloid press is more than happy to go along with her little charade.

Our second story concerns the inquiry into historical child abuse which is causing an enormous headache for Home Secretary Theresa May. If this inquiry goes ahead it is likely to result in an even bigger witch-hunt than Operation Yewtree, a letter published in the Daily Mirror by a self-styled survivor indicates why.

According to this anonymous woman, she was sexually abused more than thirty years ago by her own father. This sort of thing can and does happen, but she continues:

“On my sixth birthday I became a ‘big girl’ and was raped by him for the first time. By the end of that year I had been introduced to what I now am aware was a faith-related paedophile ring. On Christmas Eve, still at the age of six, I was subjected to the first of many multiple rapes.”

This is a whole new ball game, but it gets worse, the initial multiple rape was followed by many years of abuse, and: “It was my counsellor who suggested that I engage in the inquiry. It was to be an exercise in empowerment.”

Her counsellor, perhaps she was referred to this professional by the police after her father was arrested, prosecuted and given a heavy sentence for raping his daughter, but that seems unlikely because: “I fear the police because they featured in some of my earlier abuse, laughed at me as a teenager and put me in danger in my later years. Authority has always turned me away or removed my control.”

Yes, the police were in on it too. It is perhaps not too much to suggest that her fantasies about being raped by her own father may have emanated from or at the least been encouraged by this counsellor in the first place; no doubt too he was aided and abetted by the local vicar, a couple of senior police officers and the rest of his Masonic coven.

Miss X and other so-called survivors of sexual abuse are unhappy with Theresa May because anyone she chooses to run this inquiry is likely to be tainted. Westminster is a small place, and all these people tend to know each other, and cover each other’s backs, because according to the crazies, paedophile rings exist at the very heart of the establishment. Incredibly, these ravings about child sexual abuse and even murders at Elm Guest House and now Dolphin Square have been taken seriously by senior detectives.

Some of the allegations relating to Elm Guest House would surely have been too much for even the Salem witch-trials. The list of names includes Cliff Richard, Leon Brittan and the late Colin Jordan. Brittan - who is now in the House Of Lords - is both a Jew and a senior Conservative politician; Jordan was Britain’s leading National Socialist theorist for over half a century. The nonsense about Brittan led to him being questioned under caution by the police - but not arrested - after a woman accused him of raping her at his flat, a rape that was said to have occurred in 1967! Now it appears we are supposed to believe that Cliff Richard would hold down an underage boy while he was first buggered by a leading Nazi and then murdered by a Jewish Home Secretary, presumably while the choir sang Onward Christian Soldiers. Is there no end to this insanity?

Does this mean there has been no child abuse by anyone in or around government? Of course not, the case against the late Cyril Smith looks fairly compelling; the case against Jimmy Savile anything but. Another such inquiry - there have been others - will almost certainly do more harm than good. Joni Mitchell didn’t just write sex sells, she added sex kills, and a full scale inquiry here with clearly mentally disturbed people spewing their fantasies into the tabloids is likely to result in yet another witch-hunt. It would be far better to simply allow the current police investigation to run its course and then, provided nothing turns up, put this thing to bed once and for all.

Should that be the end of the matter? No, to begin with we need a statute of limitations to prevent all this nonsense coming back to haunt a new generation in another thirty or fifty years from now when the lessons learned from the current hysteria have been long forgotten. It is also not a bad idea to review such policies as child protection and the way allegations of abuse are handled when reported. Provided they are investigated promptly by specialist investigators and with scrupulous fairness to both accusers and accused, there should be no need for anyone to pay further attention to the nonsense of conspiracy cranks and those who see the Devil and his works wherever they look.

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