Sleepwalking Into A Surveillance State

  By VennerRoad, 11th Jan 2017

Who is going to save us from Big Brother? Would you believe a music teacher from Hull?

Pippa King

On January 10, Hull denizen Pippa King gave a talk to a group of just over forty interested parties at Saint Saviour’s Church Hall in London’s Pimlico. Among the early arrivals was a short-sighted old woman who has not only swallowed whole the idiocy of the 9/11 Truth Movement but spoke about Michael Jackson and Beyoncé Knowles as being brainwashed, part of the machine. And surely there was something odd about the recent death of George Michael? The meeting was introduced by Nick Kollerstrom, so the prognosis was not good - false flags everywhere. Fortunately, the prognosis could not have been more wrong, but the talk given by Mrs King could not have been more chilling. There was intelligent questioning from the audience throughout, including the short-sighted old woman.

So what was it about? Up until 2005, Pippa King was an obscure Humberside music teacher/housewife doing her best to raise her family like millions of others in this country, when her school decided to fingerprint her two infant sons to access the library. On the off-chance you haven’t heard of this, it is called biometrics, instead of using a key, a password or a swipe card to access something, you stick your finger in a machine, and it reads who you are. There is also iris recognition, facial recognition, and others. Less than two generations ago this was futuristic; now it is here, has been for a long time, and our masters want us all to use it. No, not want, they are determined that we will, so determined, that they are not even telling us. You’d think stories of this nature would be in the press now and again if not continually. If you did so think, you’d be wrong.

The fingerprint system has been used by UK schools since 2001, Mrs King learned of it only by chance, being a member of her local parent-teachers association. When she told the headmistress she was concerned that her kids were to be fingerprinted without her permission, she received the reply that we don’t need your permission. This is the kind of arrogance usually displayed by police officers, not from those charged with educating the next generation.

Pippa King’s talk covered her voyage of discovery and recalcitrance from there. We learned about the companies involved in developing this technology – from Israel to Japan – the pilot schemes that have been tried out in for example Renfrewshire, and the grass roots opposition to them which has attracted major political support, so much so that the Protection Of Freedoms Act 2012 makes it clear that biometric data cannot be taken from any child without the parent and the child concerned consenting, while in Florida, collecting biometric data from schoolkids has been banned, period.

That aside, the tactics that have been used to bully schoolkids into conforming beggars belief. They have been banned from school canteens; made to eat their sandwiches outside; and in Chester they were refused food. Where were the usual suspects, the so-called children’s rights campaigners like the NSPCC when this was happening?

If schools have been the UK testing ground for this kind of total surveillance, a lot more and a lot worse is on the way. Police forces the length and breadth of the country have been using facial recognition in custody suites, which will include people who have not been convicted of or even charged with any crime. She and others have used Freedom Of Information requests to obtain some data, but like schools and other institutions, the police may give deceptive responses or simply lie, that is if they even know what information they hold on whom, how much, and with whom they have shared it.

Pippa King runs a blog; other websites worthy of note are Defend Digital Me and State Of Surveillance. Check them out, and if you can, join the fight. While there’s time.

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