By VennerRoad, 10th Mar 2017

According to vlogger Colin Flaherty there is a black on white race war in America, and the media is in denial. He is half right.

Colin Flaherty

Flaherty posts his videos daily, often more than one a day. He has also published two books on black on white violence: Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed A Lot. The statistics he adduces, the footage he shows and the false media narratives he exposes are difficult to challenge, but they are only half the story.

According to Flaherty, black on white and black on every other kind of violence is wildly out of proportion, in others words blacks are committing far more crime than anyone else. This begs the question what is an acceptable level of violence: street robberies, rioting, murders...?

Black on cop violence is one of his favourites, but if the media is in denial about black on white violence, Colin is in denial about police violence, be it against blacks, whites, even at times women and the very young. We have all seen that classic footage from 1991 of Rodney King being beaten senseless by a group of uniformed thugs. Today, when ordinary people carry around mobile phones that can upload to the Internet and share with the world instantly, it should be clear to all that nothing has changed in the past twenty-six years, not as far as American policing is concerned.

While there is indeed a great deal of violence in America and a lot of this is committed by blacks, can this really be called black violence? Let’s ask another question, namely how many of these rioters, robbers and murderers are doctors, lawyers, accountants, or even shopkeepers? Violence in America as in all societies is committed primarily by men under the age of about forty. If to this we factor in the aforementioned doctors, lawyers, accountants and shopkeepers, we find most of the so-called black violence comes from a black underclass with a sprinkling of working class. If to this we add the observation of Thomas Sowell that in the 1920s and 30s this level of violent crime was unheard of, a different picture emerges, in short although this looks like a black problem it is more of a class problem, without giving credence to Marxist fantasies about the class struggle.

Now let’s look at the denial. This comes from the media, from the black elite, and from white leftists whose ludicrous narratives hold sway. He is spot on there. The pathetic wittering that this is all the result of something called racism or the even more idiotic post-traumatic slavery disorder as espoused by a certain airhead female academic, is too stupid to comment on. But can all this violence result from the plight of the underclass? Clearly not, because many of those behind it are using guns and driving around in cars. A car is quite expensive to run, even in a country where driving is cheap. If a man can afford to run a car, he can find some sort of meaningful employment.

So how is black America different today from the 1930s? Prior to the Supreme Court race-mixing decision of Brown v Topeka and the later misnamed civil rights movement, blacks lived largely in segregated communities, something that was adjudged as little better than slavery. With the outlawing of segregation, the doctor, the accountant, the businessman...all moved out of the ghetto, and the ghetto itself was transformed into the ’hood. We have seen a similar phenomenon in the UK and elsewhere, so-called sink estates where the great unwashed: the criminal element, mental defectives, single mothers and all the other undesirables are dumped by society. It is little wonder that crime proliferates.

The United States is far worse though, primarily because of its insane gun culture and the drug problem which is largely the result of politicians bowing to prohibitionists. In a country where guns are freely available there will clearly be more use and more abuse of all types of firearms. The US also has a massive prison population, thanks in large part to the failed war on drugs. Most people would prefer to see violent criminals behind bars than those convicted of trivial or even victimless crimes such as drug use and prostitution. It remains to be seen what effect the new Administration’s stance on combating the major drug traffickers will have, but if it increases the price of drugs on the street, that will further incentivise domestic gangs and small time criminals.

Clearly in spite of his impressive start, Donald Trump has major problems to solve. There is probably not much that can be done in the short term to combat the more senseless acts of violence, but if the Federal Government clamps down on abuses of power and abuses of the people by the police, that might result in a greater willingness by ordinary blacks to engage with the authorities, which would at least be a step in the right direction. Colin Flaherty’s daily video reports may continue to highlight the problem, but until the people in authority grasp what that problem really is, all attempts to tackle it are doomed to failure.

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