Trump — The Lies, The Smears, The Hate, The Retractions

  By VennerRoad, 8th Jul 2017

If you believe the mainstream media, Donald Trump is the most hated man in America. Fortunately, nobody does.

Approaching seventy, Donald Trump was wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice, he had an extended family including a much younger wife and a young son. What would any rational man do under those circumstances - how about retire and enjoy his golden years? Instead, he chose to spend $600 million of his own money to run for President, and since his success has been working flat out to “make America great again”.

If he expected amazement, ridicule, surprise, wonder, he would not have been disappointed, instead he has faced unremitting hostility from the mainstream media, from the Democratic Party, and from all manner of unpleasant creatures lurking in the swamp he has sworn to drain. It would be difficult to list all the lunatic claims that have been thrown at him, but here are a few:

sexual harassment
sexual assault
child rape!

colluding with the Russians/Kremlin/Vladimir Putin

waging war on Moslems

victimising illegal immigrants

demeaning women

persecuting journalists

being cruel to a terminally ill baby.

The sexual allegations are easily disposed of. Regarding his supposed attacks on Islam; Trump has made it clear his beef is with Islamism. It is unfortunate that he used and continues to use the phrase “radical Islam”, but most rational people, including the leaders of the Islamic world, understand what he means.

His attitude to illegal immigration was summed up by the man himself: “It’s illegal!”.

Other countries, including Japan, Thailand and most pertinent, Mexico, have very strong immigration policies. Check out their government websites and you will understand. No government that serves the interests of its people wants to allow in hugh swathes of immigrants who are unable to support themselves, or who especially in the current climate may be a threat to national security. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

Has Trump made demeaning comments about women? Sure he has, like Crooked Hillary and Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. Like men, women who enter the world of politics do so at their own risk; if they can’t stand the heat, they should go back to the kitchen. One wonders what Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great or any of the other female leaders of the past would have made of these special snowflakes.

The wildest claims about Trump though concern his alleged collusion with Russia. These claims have now been ongoing for a year without a shred of credible evidence to back them up. We have seen allegations that Jeff Sessions met with Russian politicians - to do what? That the Trump property empire has been used to launder money from the Russian mafia and Heaven knows who else. The finger has been pointed at his son-in-law. On and on it goes, but the retractions, when they come, are muted.

At one point we were told no fewer than seventeen American intelligence agencies had confirmed Russian interference with the American election process. Trump himself said he didn’t know there were seventeen such agencies. That claim has now been officially retracted. Jeff Sessions was grilled by Kamala Harris, who made herself look foolish by suggesting that his transient public interactions with Russian diplomats had sinister motives.

In spite of the hacking claims being repeated an infinitum, no one has yet explained how the Russians or anyone else persuaded Americans to vote for Trump or not vote for Mrs Clinton, although the public exposure of the contents of her campaign e-mails could hardly have shown her in a good light. Then there was the little matter of Donna Brazile feeding her questions for a live TV audience; Miss Brazile’s first reaction was to attack the (presumed) messenger, then admit she had made a “mistake”. Then there was the not-so-little matter of Debbie Wasserman Schultz being forced to resign from the Democratic National Committee when it was revealed that she and others had in effect stitched up Bernie Sanders thus ensuring Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination.

As vlogger H.A. Goodman and others have pointed out, the Russian hacking narrative is now dead; John Podesta was responsible for some of the leakage by falling for a phish - something that affects people worldwide daily. And whoever did or did not hack his or any other Democrat’s e-mails, it is now a racing certainty that most of the leaks were not down to hackers but to the late Seth Rich, whose unsolved murder has unsurprisingly become a honeypot for conspiracy buffs to buzz around.

Everything Trump does attracts manufactured controversy, some of it farcical. He has an extra scoop of ice cream with his dessert, nobody else does. Wow. He retweets a joke video from a wrestling match, and he is inciting violence against CNN. Perhaps the most absurd and hurtful claim is that by offering to help a terminally ill baby he is being “unhelpful and cruel”. It should be pointed out that this last claim was made by a medical professional rather than the usual suspects, but it sums up Trump in a nutshell. About the only thing he couldn’t do wrong for some people would be to die.

Talking of death, he has been both decapitated and stabbed to death in effigy. The people who defend this as free speech and freedom of expression are the same ones who attack Trump for his at times intemperate outbursts against his critics. Does no one see the irony?

The latest gambit is to attempt to have him removed from office not by impeachment but by branding him insane. This is yet another move of the Democrats, including Maxine Waters, the woman in the James Brown wig whose outrageous attacks on Ben Carson as well has Trump have made her a laughing stock. If Waters and Trump’s other critics would look at what Trump is actually doing before they open their mouths, they might not sound so foolish. His policies are quietly garnering support from the military including veterans, the black churches, and most importantly from small business people who were being strangled by red tape. The end result of this hate campaign against the President may well be the self-immolation of CNN and the consigning of the Democrats to the wilderness for a generation. And in view of the calibre of their leaders, that can only be good for America.

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