Ode To WordStar


Shall I compare thee to WordPerfect? No!
You never were as difficult as that,
Alt F, your pop up menu box to show,
And dot command QU to reformat.
You were the first program I ever used,
Back in the days when you were called Express,
A raw beginner, I was so confused
By DOS, but not once did you cause distress.
Now you’re in Version 6 and so advanced,
But when something real complex must be done,
With other programs, where I’d sit entranced,
With you I simply press for help, F1.
You set the standard WordStar, faithful mate,
WordStar for Windows – sounds the best to date!

[This was written sometime in the early 90s for a competition in a computer magazine; it was published originally on Poems In QuickBASIC 4.5.]

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