Notes And References

(1) Mostly serial killers. It wasn’t until early 1991 that I published a small pamphlet of essays on four of history’s most notorious degenerates, essays which I had hoped to sell to magazines.
(2) I’d just started writing for magazines at this time and was having great difficulty finding any paid work. When I wrote up the story I sent it to Forum. Unfortunately, my style was rather whimsical and I received a rejection slip which explained that the magazine never trivialised or laughed at people’s sexual “problems”. I rang the editor and apologised, and some time later I sold the magazine an in-depth interview with a well-known transsexual, Stephenie Robinson. This was published in the September 1990 issue, Volume 23, No 12, pages 32-41.
(3) If my memory serves me correctly he phoned on Friday and I met him two days later after he phoned backed to confirm our appointment.
(4) Encyclopedia of Homosexuality Edited by Wayne R. Dynes, published by St James Press, London, (1990), volume 2, page 456.
(5) As it still is today.
(6) It is not known what Marx himself would have thought of this, certainly he was not well disposed towards ethnic minorities; together with his bankroller Engels he referred to blacks as “niggers”, and believed in the concept of inferior races. And although of Jewish origin, Marx was also a gutter anti-Semite.
(7) A good example of this type of fallacious reasoning is as follows: light means the opposite of dark; light also means the opposite of heavy; therefore dark means heavy.
(8) According to page 6 of the Paedophile Information Exchange Survey of Members (published August 1976 c/o Release, London), “...the organisation was started by male homosexual paedophiles from within the gay movement.” It advertised initially in predominantly male homosexual publications as evinced by the claim that “our only regular form of advertising is still a mention every two weeks in the guide section of Gay News”.
Not everyone takes so charitable a view of homosexual depravity as the current writer. In his enlightening but shocking 1992 study The Sexual Dead-End, author Stephen Green, using 1973 figures, calculates that homosexuals are at least 23 times more likely than heterosexuals to abuse children under the age of 16.
(9) Paedophilia: THE RADICAL CASE, by Tom O’Carroll, published by Peter Owen, London, (1980). See in particular pages 27 and 29. O’Carroll also cites Kinsey with satisfaction, (see next section).

(10) A few inches of flesh, by Peter Tatchell, published in Labour Briefing, February 1993, page 14. [This magazine is generally known simply as Briefing. It started life as London Labour Briefing, but although it is run by Labour Party supporters it is not an official Labour Party publication].
(11) Dr Alfred Kinsey was an American sex “expert”.
(12) SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE, by Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy and Clyde E. Martin, published by W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, (1948), page 671. This report and Kinsey’s “researches” have become the starting point for all further research into human sexual behaviour. Kinsey’s work has now been thoroughly refuted and shown to be not just wrong but outright fraudulent.
(13) Kinsey, Sexual Behavior, page 676, (ibid).
(14) THE SEXUAL DEAD-END, by Stephen Green, published by Broad View, London, (1992), page 62. This is an excellent book which covers most of the same ground covered by this pamphlet, but in a lot more depth. (See also reference 8).
(15) See for example The making of a very vocal minority, by Mary Kenny, published in the Daily Mail, January 21, 1994, page 8. This put the true figure at about 1.1% for men and .4% for women. These may well be overestimates.
(16) They are also concentrated in certain professions.
(17) If you don’t know what newspeak means, read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Read it anyway.
(18) Gay and Lesbian Youth, Edited by Gilbert Herdt, PhD, published by Haworth Press, New York, (1989). The quote is taken from page xiv. This piece of palpable nonsense was written by Robert W. Deisher, MD., of University of Washington School of Medicine.
(19) Jenny lives with Eric and Martin, by Susanne Bosche, photographs by Andreas Hansen, translated from the Danish by Louis Mackay, English edition published by Gay Men’s Press, London, (December 1983); Daddy’s Roommate, written and illustrated by Michael Willhoite, published by Alyson Publications. Boston, Mass, (1990); and HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR DAD WAS GAY?, by Ann Heron & Meredith Maran, illustrated by Kris Kovick, also published by Alyson Publications, Boston, Mass, (1991).
(20) In the financial year 1983-4, Gay Men’s Press [sic] received a total of £15,000 in GLC approved grants.
(21) The attitude of most blacks towards homosexuality, whether they are of American, European or African upbringing, is totally hostile, often violently so.
(22) The extreme extrovert and camp homosexual Julian Clary is probably the most outstanding example of this. Such stereotypes are totally innocuous because they are so exaggerated and over-the-top that no one in his right mind would take them seriously.
(23) THE AIDS COVER-UP? The Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS, by Gene Antonio, published by Ignatius Press, San Francisco, Second edition, (1987), page 34.
(24) Antonio, The AIDS Cover-Up?, pages 41-2, (ibid).
(25) Antonio, The AIDS Cover-Up?, page 41, (ibid).
(26) The Gay Health Guide: A COMPLETE MEDICAL REFERENCE FOR HOMOSEXUALLY ACTIVE MEN AND WOMEN, by Robert L. Rowan, M.D. & Paul J. Gillette, PhD., published by Little Brown, Boston, (1978), page 114.
(27) The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, by Michael Fumento, published by Basic Books, New York, (1990), page 196. [Fumento is quoting homosexual activist Dennis Altman from his book AIDS in the Mind of America].
(28) Fumento, Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, page 233, (ibid).
(29) There is even such a thing now as a Gay Christian Movement. As another author put it, once Jesus only wanted your soul, now he wants your arsehole as well.
(30) GAY YOUTH GROUPS, published by the Joint Council For Gay Teenagers, (December 1980), page 7. The Joint Council for Gay Teenagers is in reality a letterhead organisation which claims some two dozen affiliated organisations. As far as it exists, it is little more than a thinly disguised forum for paedophiles.
(31) AIDS is technically not a disease but a syndrome.
(32) The subject of the organised homosexual movement’s lie machine would take us far afield. The interested reader is referred to the following studies:

AIDS, AFRICA AND RACISM, by Richard and Rosalind Chirimuuta, New and revised edition, published by Free Association Books, London, (1989). These two African scholars explode the Africa = AIDS fantasy.

HISTORY OF AIDS: EMERGENCE AND ORIGIN OF A MODERN PANDEMIC, by Mirko D. Grmek, Translated by Russell C. Maulitz and Jacalyn Duffin, published by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, (1990). Chapter 1 of this book clearly documents the origins of the disease among American homosexuals.

The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, by Michael Fumento, (already cited). This is an enormous book which has a very good chapter on “the homosexual lobby” and much more besides.
(33) Three books (already cited in this work) are worth reading in this connection. Michael Fumento’s The Myth Of Heterosexual AIDS, is undoubtedly one of the best studies ever written of this vile disease and the even viler people who spread it. Gene Antonio’s The AIDS Cover-Up is also very strong on homosexual filth, although the passage of time has, fortunately, proved it to be somewhat alarmist. Stephen Green’s The Sexual Dead-End is thoroughly documented and is written from a British perspective.
(34) Only a moral revolution can contain this scourge, by Sir Immanuel Jakobowits, published in the Times, December 27, 1986, page 20.
(35) Fumento, Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, page 232, (op cit).
(36) This is one of the less stomach-churning practices of homosexuals, but it can hardly be called one of the safer. In San Francisco, at least one workshop was set up to instruct homosexuals in how to engage in sexual torture without killing each other! See Antonio, The AIDS Cover-Up?, page 41, (op cit).
(37) Not to be confused with the Jewish Holocaust Revisionist of the same name.
(38) For details of the Lupo case, see the report Aids sufferer haunted bars in war against homosexuals, published in the Times, July 11, 1987, page 4.
(39) Orton’s diaries are shockingly explicit. It is possible that they exaggerate his sexual misadventures, but probably not by much.

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