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I am an independent researcher who has been involved in small publishing since the late eighties and exposing Zionist and other mendacity and disinformation since the early 90s. I have published a number of books and a large number of pamphlets on a variety of subjects. Some of them are now out of print, permanently or otherwise, but many are still available.

I have published on the Holocaust and Holocaust Revisionism – what is known pejoratively and inaccurately as Holocaust Denial. I have published a book length exposé of Zionist agent and sexual deviant David Irving.

I have published research and polemics against homosexuality, about smoking and cancer, and collections of short stories and verse.

My publications are generally published on the ITMA label (InƒoText Manuscripts) or Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, the former of which is the distributor for the latter.

[The above was published April 8, 2000, the day this website opened on Geocities. To see how it looked between June 7, 2001 and April 7, 2003, click here.]



Since 1993 the ITMA project has been involved in protracted civil litigation. We have scored two victories, in particular an out-of-court settlement from the Metropolitan Police after a raid at the behest of Imperial Zion in 1993, and another out-of-court settlement, a public retraction and the humiliation of one of Britain’s leading anti-white hatemongers. However, other litigation is on-going, and while we are conducting this ourselves for the most part, some legal fees, including for advice, are unavoidable. All donations to the ITMA project at the address below are gratefully received and will enable us to continue exposing liars, hatemongers and enemies of humanity.

This site is very basic due primarily to my lack of programming skills. It was suggested by a sympathiser and constructed initially by a non-political friend whose command of HTML leaves much to be desired, but its purpose is primarily educational; if you want to be entertained I suggest you look elsewhere – or on my limerick page! Suffice it to say that unlike Gerry Gable and his gang I have not been awarded National Lottery funding, nor do I have secret (and gullible) Jewish backers.

Much of the material on this site has been published elsewhere before, including in electronic format, but likewise much of it has not. All the pamphlets published here have been published previously as hard copy. A few minor alterations have been made here and there – eg the corrections of spelling mistakes – but everything republished here is faithful to the original, although by the same token everything republished here may be construed as a separate edition.

An up-to-date list of ITMA publications is posted at infrequent intervals to the Internet newsgroup rec.arts.books.marketplace and can be retrieved by a search on Google. *

* [The above is no longer true, and has not been for some time, however, since this site was first opened (on Yahoo! Geocities) in April 2000, a tremendous amount of material has been added to it, including most of my important hard copy publications, which were initially converted to HTML but have latterly been republished in Portable Document Format – October 30, 2008.]

Three people suggested that I operate a pay site or that I designate part of the site free and charge for access to the rest of the site. One of them offered to help me set up credit card facilities. I rejected this not only because I am skeptical that anyone would pay to see my rantings in cyberspace but because I am totally opposed to the idea of making money out of the Net and the Web in such a fashion.

It may or may not be true that the Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread, or even the wheel, but the resources it gives to ordinary people – empowering consumers in the words of Bill Gates – are truly phenomenal. Most of these resources are free or available at nominal cost, and while I accept that software developers and ISPs are entitled to make a living, I am reminded of the words of Dr Robin Alston, whom I interviewed several years ago in connection with the British Library’s then nascent OPAC, that putting a price on knowledge is anathema to scholars, and that access to the British Library and to other institutions of learning should continue to be free.

This site is my own modest contribution, a drop in a vast and ever increasing ocean, available freely to friends, fellow travellers, enemies and the curious alike.

That being said, anyone who wishes to make a donation to the ITMA project may do so, in fact I would positively encourage it. Unlike Gerry Gable and his fellow travellers at Nizkor, I have never made a penny out of my publishing project, but like Gable I have other motives. Honourable, I like to think. I am also available in the Greater London area to speak on a number of subjects, including the Searchlight Organisation, Holocaust Revisionism, and civil liberties.

One final word about this site, due entirely to my limitations as a programmer, it is best viewed with Netscape. (Or then again, maybe not!)

Alexander Baron

October 31, 2000



Added in April 2001, a link to an important new site exposing one of the most outrageous and cynical “hate crime” hoaxes ever foisted onto a credulous public, the case of Satpal Ram.

Also added is the judgment in Riley v Gable & Others (hopefully with more to follow) and a letter to London Mayor Ken Livingstone concerning the funding of public transport in London. This letter was written in October 2000; Livingstone has now announced a plan to give schoolchildren limited free travel. If he would only look a little further than orthodox “economics” he would realise that “free” travel for all would save money all round.

Alexander Baron,

April 27, 2001



Added today, some important documentation relating to Baron v Gable, and a refutation of yet another Jewish/Zionist smear. This is likely to be the last major update of this site for some time because I am busy on other matters, including setting up another website.

Alexander Baron,

May 18, 2001



An important addition was made August 11; my bibliography of the Protocols Of Zion is now available on-line. I used to sell dozens of these.



On November 26, 2001, the Poetry Section was augmented significantly. This site now includes – for what it is worth – the full contents of my first two anthologies: A Purpose Strong And Bright and the pseudonymously published We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares: Poems That Bite Back, which were published in 1986 and 1987 respectively. The first was not my idea, and came as a surprise when I received it through the post from Jenny Chaplin of The Writers’ Rostrum.

A Purpose Strong And Bright contains the following poems (in this order):

The Good Die Young, Rookery, Coming Of Age, The Two Nations, City Kid, The Gambler, Water Boatmen, What Is A Friend?, In Snowdonia, Anthem and Circles.

(On November 1, 2009, a compressed PDF of the actual publication was added to this site. In August 2015 this was replaced with an uncompressed version; click here to download).

We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares contains the following poems (in this order):

A Few Words Of Encouragement For Those Who Deserved Better, Maggie’s Farm, Watch The Birdie, Britain’s Police: The Best Money Can Buy, Anarchist Poem, Join The National Front, Favourite Comedians, The Hunter And The Bear (The Story Of A Compromise), Tattoo, Free The Krays, Scum, Rose, The Come-On, The Dating Agency, Creep, Stop Hunting: For Fox Sake, Prisoners, Flog It To Death, Goldfish, One Good Turn, Patterns, The More They Learn, The Less They Know, Science Versus Art, A Kiss Before Dying, Five Original Ways You Can Contribute To Poetry Today, Dreams, Futility and The Pope On Materialism: An Address Made On His Visit To Canada.

A few minor alterations have been made to some of the originals, mostly the correction of typos. The guy who printed We’re Coming For Your Telecom Shares threw in the typesetting for free, and the large number of errors proved that as usual you get what you pay for, so “A hunter went out on a hunt to try to kill a bear” became “A hunter went out on a hunt to try and kill a bear”. This and – hopefully all – other errors, have now been corrected.

Although all these poems were written well over a decade ago, a surprising number of them have stood the test of time, but some have most definitely not. I have decided to include them all nevertheless. I thought Prisoners was the bee’s knees when I wrote it, then I read Hume’s Of Miracles, and quite frankly I am amazed that I could ever have accepted any of the revealed truths dressed up as New Age “science” of our modern mystics. Free The Krays probably hasn’t stood the test of time either. In mitigation I will say that I was far from the only person to view the Krays in this light. (Also I did not know that Ronnie Kray was a homosexual!)

Other files have been added to this site prior to this update, including an amusing skit on identity cards, although I’m sure Gerry Gable won’t find it amusing!



Due to personal circumstances, mostly ill-health, I have been unable to add as much to this site as I wanted but three (dare I say?) important additions have been made this year.

The pamphlets Eustace Clarence Mullins and The Holocaust Needs A Liberal Imagination were added at the request of bibliographer John Drobnicki, and Anti-Capitalism From Anti-Semitism To “Anti-Racism” has been added in view of the ongoing situation in “liberated” Zimbabwe. I don’t anticipate adding much to this site over the rest of the year.



I have been able to add more to the site that I expected since March. Over the past few weeks many poems have been added; there are now (excluding limericks and sonnets) well over two hundred on the site. Most of these were written more years ago than I care to remember, but a few, The Cincinnati Kid for example, are recent compositions. Some of the doggerel was inspired by The Faber Book Of Useful Verse, Edited by Simon Brett.

The two most important new additions though are my 1996 pamphlet Holocaust “Revisionism” And Fraud, and the long overdue Second (Internet) Edition of my 1992 collaboration with Rabbi Cohen, A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”. This latter was hurriedly completed after I received an inquiry from a Harvard academic.



I have today, August 28, added my 1993 pamphlet Shechita Barbaric?... to this site. This is the third on the Jewish Question and the fourth since August 23, the others being After Millwall..., The World Zionist Conspiracy Exposed By A Rabbi, and the odd one out, The Shape Of Libraries To Come. Shechita Barbaric?... was written entirely by myself, although I recruited a cartoonist for the artwork. The World Zionist Conspiracy... is a collaboration between myself and Rabbi Goldstein, while the other two are solo efforts.

The Shape Of Libraries To Come was written at the beginning of the Internet age; the developments in the following decade have been truly startling making the predictions therein seem extremely modest.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – November 6, 2002


Due mostly to ill-health this site has not been updated as much as I had wanted; due to other reasons not so much will be added in the future, but today, November 6, I have added an E-book which has been waiting the best part of a decade to go to press. The Birdwood Tapes can be found in the pamphlet section, and is my tribute to the morally courageous and sorely misunderstood Lady Jane Birdwood.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – October 12, 2003


Very little original material has been added to this site in 2003; this is due to a combination of factors, not the least being my continuing ill-health but also because I have probably passed my zenith. This will not be too disappointing though, as the occasional glowing fan letters I receive by E-mail testify. The two most recent additions to this site are slim pamphlets which in my humble opinion make significant contributions to the controversial literature of our time, in particular HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM AFTER IRVING v LIPSTADT and ...THE MAN WHO INVENTED “RACISM”... I am particularly proud of this latter because it covers ground that no one else appears even to have thought of. Both these are Internet editions although only some very minor alterations/corrections have been made from the hard copy.

The other new work on this site is more of form than substance, in particular I have been linking footnotes directly in the text to save the reader jumping about. In this connection I have also redesigned the layout of my bibliography of the Protocols Of Zion; some very minimal alterations have been made to the text but I have decided with some reluctance not to augment or update it.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – Boxing Day, 2003


On Christmas Day, I completed a major overhaul of this site. All the footnotes in the articles and pamphlets are now linked, saving the reader time and trouble flitting between text and note sections. Originally, lengthy dissertations published herein were split into sections to assist comprehension. Now that the notes have been individually linked this has become superfluous, although by and large I have not altered the section layouts.

In addition to the above, a large number of corrections have been made from spelling mistakes to textual errors and just poor layout. Some articles and pamphlets have justified text, others are right ragged; my house style has never taken account of this particularity, although fonts remain fairly consistent throughout. Some pamphlets can be found in the correspondence section: Mr O’Hara And The “Radicals” for example might equally be designated an open letter.

It is a peccadillo of mine to place a colon between the title and sub-title of a book, whether or not one is or should be there. Little has altered in this respect. Linking within the site has been improved although I have resisted the temptation to swamp it in links. Apart from the Links Page I have by and large refrained from linking to pages outside this site, purely because of the transient nature of much of the Internet. Where links appear on pages within this site – for example in the essay/article DNA Evidence: Is It Safe To Convict? – the link(s) can be copied and pasted manually if and when desired.



Very little has been added to this site over the past year or so, but today I have something worthwhile to crow about. Is There Really An Islamic Threat? has been added to the new speeches section.



This is the first site update in nearly a year. There are reasons for this, I’ve been doing other things, including publishing a book – which sank like a lead balloon – some of my time has been concerned with legal matters, and I’ve also had several bouts of illness in addition to my musculo-skeletal problems, which make anything more than clicking a mouse difficult and at times painful. I hope though this update – TARGET LONDON – will have been worth the wait.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – January 19, 2007


This is the first major update of this site for some time. In 2006, I lost two friends: Britain’s leading Libertarian Chris Tame who died of cancer, and 19 year old Jessie Gilbert, whose death in tragic circumstances hit me like an express train. I will be publishing in depth articles about both of them on this site in due course. If I live long enough. In the meantime I offer my readers Tehran Diary, my personal report on what is likely to be a watershed in both world politics and world history.



Added this month A Personal Memoir Of Jessie Gilbert and a new Songfacts column, both in the Articles section.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – August 28, 2008


This is the first major update of this site for well over a year, and the bulk of it consists of the republication – in Portable Document Format – of three controversial pamphlets I published in the 1990s, from what I have concluded will go down in history as my golden period.

Although both Smoking And Something Else and The Doll’s House are every bit as controversial as I Don’t Believe In The Holocaust Either..., their subject matter does not provoke the mock outrage and righteous indignation that always accompanies Holocaust Revisionism. Which is just as well, because ultimately the issues raised therein are far more important to the survival of Mankind than the number of Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis in World War Two. I have also included in this update a report on a legal case that continues to fascinate me: Cray v Hancock. Generally my interest has been attracted to criminal cases, but this civil action has to be one of the most extraordinary to have reached the High Court in recent years, and nothing about it was more extraordinary than the verdict and detailed judgment that was reached by the obviously senile trial judge.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – November 6, 2008


Since August this year I have added a plethora of hard copy publications to this site in Portable Document Format; very little had been added over the previous two years. From the early 1990s I churned out a series of publications particularly on the Searchlight Organisation, the Jewish Question, and the so-called Holocaust. This gave me the illusion – not entirely an illusion, I hope – of doing something meaningful, of exposing the enemies of Western Man, and more generally the enemies of freedom, and of shedding light on difficult, muddled subjects. Then came September 11. Although I was far removed from these unspeakable atrocities and knew none of the victims first hand, like countless millions of people throughout the world – Americans and Westerners in particular – the events of that tragic day led me to reassess not only the world situation and the meaning of life but the meaning of my own life, and although I still have an impressive bibliography I have not done anything like as much research and publishing as I could have done, especially over the past two or three years. The one exception to that has been the work I have done for an on-line music database, which although largely non-controversial has given me a great deal of satisfaction.

In July 2006, an event happened that had an even more profound effect on me than September 11. Although I hadn’t seen her for over four years, the suicide of Jessie Gilbert left me totally devastated. There are very personal reasons for this, related more to my life than to hers, which I may write about at some future date, but a hint of which can be found in the poem Nineteen. Two years later I learned of another premature death, which, being from a sudden illness was less shocking, but still left me wondering why him and not me?

I can’t claim to have known Jessie very well, but for a period of about three years I did see quite a lot of her at chess events. On the other hand I had met Simon Wolff precisely three times – in the 1990s. At thirty-eight he was exactly twice Jessie’s age; five years from now I will have lived as long as both of them, and in view of her unfulfilled potential and his massive contribution to toxicology, I might have continued to wonder why, had I not attended the Tehran Holocaust Conference.

I submitted a paper to this Iranian Government sponsored event at the prompting of Tony Hancock, something for which I will always be grateful to him; in spite of the mock outrage that was generated by the lie-ridden Western media, the conference was a great success, but for me it was what happened when I returned that made that and everything I had endured over the past three decades and more worthwhile.

I wrote an article called The Truth About The Tehran Holocaust Conference – By One Who Was There, which was published initially on the Islamic website Mathaba.Net courtesy of Sahib Mustaqim Bleher. To my surprise, it was subsequently republished and quoted on numerous websites worldwide: Islamic, far right, far left and anti-war. I’ve never been big on revealed truth, but if my wretched life had any purpose at all, then surely it was to become a small cog in the anti-war machine that saw off the hawks in the Bush Administration and prevented an act of indiscriminate mass murder in the Gulf, if not World War Three. (The election of Barack Obama – literally as I write these words – is, hopefully, the final nail in the coffin of this quasi-Imperialist madness).

Simon Wolff’s legacy lives on in his Foundation; I had hoped to see a Jessie Gilbert Foundation too, or something similar to perpetuate her memory and legacy; this seemed a real possibility even a likelihood a year after her death, sadly, it is now not to be, or if it is at some future date, then it will be without any input from me.

Chris Tame’s legacy has already been secured, and I have today added the essay I submitted for the inaugural memorial prize set up in his name. It didn’t win, but I’m proud of it nevertheless. Unlike Simon Wolff and Jessie Gilbert, I knew Chris quite well, in fact it is no exaggeration to say that for a period of about two years, in the 1990s, I was in some sense closer to him than anyone else, including his second wife – who turned out to be enchanting poison. As I said in a previous update, I may write something about Chris some day, from my notes and memories. Although he wasn’t exactly young, he still died prematurely, a particularly horrible death, and an ironic one for such a committed fitness fanatic.

After learning of the death of Simon Wolff, I decided to add my magnum opus among other publications to this site, which I have now done; I did not intend to add Holocaust Denial: New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition?, but the arrest of Dr Fredrick Töben at Heathrow at the beginning of last month convinced me not only that I should but that I must. Töben and myself have not always seen eye to eye –- to put it midly! – but he is one of the Revisionist movement’s true idealists, and his persecution by the German legal authorities – truly the spiritual heirs of the Third Reich – may be a step too far for the enemies of freedom.

With regard to purely technical matters; I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the scans; some of the covers haven’t come out that well; for example, the cover of my biography of Colin Jordan is actually green, although you wouldn’t think so! Page one of Holocaust Denial... has come out all right, but the page number has been omitted. Some of the pages of various publications are or appear lop-sided; this is particularly apparent where the page includes artwork; the scanner I used has exaggerated the misalignments of these amateurish cut and paste jobs. Because PDFs can at times be extremely large, I have used a compression program to shrink them considerably; not unreasonably the publisher has configured the evaluation version of the software to insert its own stamp and watermark at various places in the resulting files, but if I can live with this, then so can you.

The pages – A5 and A4 – have also come out in various sizes, again due to my poor artistic skills. I have scanned most of these publications from made up copies, including in two instances, partially, from Copyright Copies lodged with the British Library, most of the original artwork having been lost or disposed of, primarily because like most people I didn’t foresee a time when books, pamphlets and other publications would be presented to the world like this, at least not on this scale, and not my publications, even though I might have in view of what I recorded in The Shape Of Libraries To Come.

The composer Scott Joplin is said to have predicted that his work would not be truly appreciated until twenty-five years after his death. His prediction would come true, eventually; I would like to make a similar prediction, but the big difference between Joplin and myself is that he was producing art – which is subjective. My researches have been based overwhelmingly on information that is in the public domain; the truth about Gerry Gable and his odious Searchlight Organisation as with convicted murderer Satpal Ram are there for all to see, ditto most of the other subjects I have researched and documented. People can grow to appreciate music; I am by no means certain they can grow to appreciate inconvenient truths.

If all the above sounds like an extended suicide note, it may well be, though I have no intention of ending it all just yet. If though, this site is not updated further, significantly or otherwise, the reader will understand why.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – December 8, 2008


Today, I have added an extensive Music Section; I hadn’t intended to do this at the last update but feel that I owe it to my friends and collaborators as much as to posterity. On December 3, I registered a domain for this site, finally! So no more pop-ups and other things associated with free sites. I also registered domains for my sites FinancialReform and Vexatious Litigant; the SearchlightArchive website which I opened on a free host in September 2001 was transferred to its own domain in August of this year. My other site, satpalramisguilty, remains on a free Geocities site and will continue to do so. Finally, after some time on a free host, my dedicated Michael Stone website has been transferred back to its own domain, though with a different suffix.

The mass scanning of my publications and related documents which I commenced earlier this year is far from finished, and there is still quite a lot I can and may add in the near or distant future, but the core of my work, and all my most important publications can now be found on this site and on the five sites listed above.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – April 12, 2009


Barely six months ago I was thinking of ending it all, now, for some reason I appear to have experienced a new lease of life, well, publishing at any rate. Since the last update I have added a (long overdue) correspondence section by my partner-in-crime Mark Taha, earlier this month I added the bulk of my contributions to Travel Days, and today I have added a small section of computer programs I wrote in the early 90s. Other additions include scans of old articles, and some music files of my compositions (albeit played very badly), and a Site Corrections Page. I have also inserted many more links to improve the navigability of the site, and have corrected sundry typos and other errors.

There is still quite a lot of old material awaiting posting, and a fair amount of new stuff from the synopsis to the penultimate edit stage.



I’ve been busy since the last update, on the scanning front, and have added a bit of original material too. The new stuff includes two essays about doctors in distress that I researched and wrote sometime ago, but most significantly my Murder Trilogy, which I hope will give some people food for thought, especially the third instalment, as it incorporates elements of my political and life philosophies.

Poetry includes two efforts inspired by none other than Gerry Gable: Kaddish and Ode To The Most Evil Jew In Britain; both resulted from his ongoing hate and lie campaign against Colin Jordan (now deceased). After Gable repeated his lies about the Mesifta College fire for the Nth time in his obituary of the charismatic but sorely misguided CJ, and after the spineless goyim at the Guardian refused to correct them, I took the paper to the Press Complaints Commission, and it made a qualified retraction/correction. Unreal.

Scans include all the articles I wrote for Model Journal in my earlier incarnation as a nascent fashion journalist. I have included a lengthy (and for me lachrymosal) introductory essay by way of explanation. My photographic competition/appeal on behalf of Michael Stone attracted some mainstream media attention, but this absurd miscarriage of justice continues to wend its unhappy way, and frankly I despair of its being resolved at any time in the future, much less the real Chillenden Murderer ever being brought to book.

I have also added a section of previously published reviews by Mark Taha.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – October 23, 2009


This is likely to be the last major update of the year. Since July, I have added a fair amount of verse – old and new to the Limerick, Poetry and Sonnet sections; four songs by local songwriter Geoff Long (with an introductory section), and – most significantly – the transcripts of five Internet Sermons that were posted to YouTube in August.

I still have quite a lot of old material to publish, mostly non-contentious creative writing, but after some deep soul searching I have decided that I still have work to do, and hopefully there will be at least one major update next year.



Today I have added five old comedy sketches (quickies) that I wrote prior to November 1990. That was the date I bought my first computer, and these were originally typed manually. All are fairly run-of-the-mill and nothing controversial, but although there have been relatively few additions to this website since last October, I have been busy elsewhere including appearing on community radio and – only last night – on international Iranian TV (broadcast in Farsi, no less). I have also been contributing to the MajorityRights website and to Songfacts (the latter very regularly), and continuing to add my own – and other – material to Archive.Org.

This website was opened on Geocities way back on April 8, 2000, so has now been on-line for a shade over ten years; that is a lot of water under a lot of bridges, and a feat of which I am mightily proud.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – December 23, 2010


Since the last HomePage Update – July 3 this year – quite a lot has been added to this site:

A number of my old Quickies, two of which I have added today.

On July 14, Behind The Scenes At The British Library was added to the Articles/Essays Section with 34 photographs; a further 42 were added on November 6. Earlier this month I found some more of these; I can’t remember how many I took, but I think that is the last of them, although it will probably be a while before I get round to scanning the remainder (if ever).

More Taha letters were added; on November 27, I moved all his correspondence and reviews to a new subdirectory – /marktaha – so in effect he now has his own website, although for bibliographical purposes I will continue to treat it as part of this site. Earlier, on August 4 I did the same thing to my SearchlightArchive website.

More Baron Correspondence has been added, as have a fair number of Poems old and new, ditto Limericks, and some previously unpublished Sonnets; all the poems from the failed anthology Viridian have now been published here.

In October, I added a Joke Section – old material that arose out of my association with Dermot Crossley.

A lot more Riddles were added, including a few that I had written very recently; I’ve been active on the Short Stories and music fronts too, adding some old song lyrics and fragments together with an explanatory essay for my Two Lost Concept Albums.

And finally, my Bibliography has been kept right up to date including the addition of An Annotated Chronology.

When I say finally, I mean that in a quite literal sense. I still have quite a lot of old material to add, both previously published and unpublished, and I still have a lot to write, but it remains to be seen if any of this will come to fruition. Three days hence I will make what may well be my swansong, in another medium. This will not be my magnum opus, which was published as long ago as 1996, but it will still be a fine effort. Although I didn’t realise it until fairly recently, I have been living on borrowed time since July 1976. Sadly or otherwise, that time is nearly over; my one remaining goal is to ensure that the fruits of my creative writings and more importantly of my researches are preserved for posterity, so that in a hundred years from now – if Man still exists – they will say: “That guy Baron was right after all!”



It is now July 2011, and I am still here. Since the last update I have been busy, continuing to contribute to Songfacts, adding some more old material to this site, adding a Limerick Page to Taha’s site, making some more new videos for YouTube, making another appearance on Iranian Television, and for me the most important development, contributing (to date) 156 articles to Digital Journal. I actually signed up with this website on May 12 last year purely to post a comment to an article about convicted murderess Linda Carty. Shortly before the Royal Wedding, I received an E-Mail asking me if I would like to contribute an article or two concerning that. I was not optimistic, but after giving it some thought, I wrote a review of a TV documentary, which received an encouraging audience (1626 page views to date). I also managed to come up with an article related to the Royal Wedding from an original and somewhat unusual angle, and have contributed articles about two major criminal trials, finance, politics, etc, in short order. Although I intend to keep writing for the site, it has taken up a lot of my time.

Over the past couple of years my health has improved in one sense; I’ve certainly suffered remarkably little from the influenza and similar infections that plagued me almost continuously at one point, but both my neck and my back have continued to deteriorate, at least in the pain department, so the alternative is either to dope myself up to the eyeballs or to crash out for prolonged periods. Of late I have chosen the latter, not wishing to keep poisoning my system for the sake of transient relief.

How much longer this sad project will continue I know not, but all my major works have now been archived for infinity. What more can any man ask, or do?

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – October 23, 2011


Last week I received two very generous one-off cash donations from long time supporters. These have enabled me to renew the domain for this site until December 4, 2016, which means ITMA is now guaranteed a presence on-line for the next five years and more, my hosting account having been paid up until the following year.

In addition to this, I have been able to renew the domain for FinancialReform, also until December 4, 2016, and the domain for IsMischaelStoneGuilty until December 2014, by which time I hope it will no longer be needed. Some hope.

The only other domain I still own, Vexatious Litigant, will not be renewed; this is because it does not received enough traffic to warrant a domain of its own, so when its current domain runs out in December, or shortly before that, I will transfer it to this site as a subdirectory, as I did with SearchlightArchive, and as I did with Mark Taha’s website, although the latter started as a page on this site, and expanded to such an extent that it now warrants its own website if not its own domain.

My thanks again to both of my sponsors, who for their own reasons wish to remain anonymous, but I can say that like me they have bitter experience of the so-called justice system in this country – and not only the criminal justice system.

I have not added a great deal to this site since the last update, but the bibliography page tells a different story, in particular I have now published over 350 articles on Digital Journal. Although this is a news site, I have managed to include a fair amount of historical and other material in many of my articles. The people who run this Canadian website take a very Libertarian view of both news and everything else, so I have managed to sound off about a great many subjects to a far wider audience than here, including on police and state tyranny, alternative energies, and most important of all, financial reform, for unless we can solve this problem by taking the power of credit creation out of the hands of the banks, Mankind really has no future at all.

In this connection, I was invited to speak at the 35th meeting of the New Right, and the text of that speech has also been added to this site.

At this current moment in time I am yet again on the receiving end of state tyranny, from the City of London Police rather than the Met. I can’t say too much yet for legal reasons, suffice it to say that this time, Plod will have bitten off more than he can chew, and although for once there appears to be neither a political nor a personal motive behind the arrest and gratuitous, excessive seizure, I will ensure both that there is no cover up, and that the true villains of the piece are unmasked. And also one or two from yesteryear. Watch this space. And Google News.



Since the last HomePage update, my life has been its usual uneventful self. A run of reasonably good health was interrupted last month with an infection that has left me with what seems to be a permanent cough, but in the pain department I’ve been managing reasonably well. The computer seizure of September 29 last has not yet been resolved to my satisfaction, although any prospective charges have been dropped. I am determined though not to allow this to rest; the police have gone too far this time.

Although I have published a bit on this site, the bulk of my work has been for Digital Journal. At this moment in time I have over 750 articles on that site. And 6 blogs! These can all be found linked in the bibliography, including more than 200 that have been published this year. I have also continued to be published regularly on Songfacts.

On January 9, I attended the Leveson Inquiry at the High Court where I interrupted rather than heckled the testimony of Kelvin MacKenzie. Unfortunately, I was not even arrested much less held in contempt of court. On April 6, I appeared on Iranian television – for the third time – where I debated the Euro crisis in English (translated simultaneously into Farsi).

Last week, I learned of the death of Jonathan Bowden. He died March 29 but the news wasn’t leaked, by Troy Southgate, until nearly a month later. Jonathan was only 49, and I would much rather have written an obituary for Gerry Gable, but as Chris Tame, Morris Riley and most of all Jessie Gilbert prove, only the good die young.

Finally, over the past several months I have been doing my level best to replace most of the quote marks on all my websites with smart quotes – which are far easier on the eye – and altering many of the links so that when clicked on, each opens in a new window. I have also been correcting errors here and there as well as adding some new links to improve the navigability of the sites in order to assist both the casual browser and the serious researcher. I have now more or less completed these tasks, something that has been a painfully slow process. I cannot though make any future commitments to publishing anything new here or anywhere else, although I will say that if I die tomorrow, workwise I will be a happy man, but not as happy as Gerry Gable!

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – October 28, 2012


Since the last update, I have added a fair few things to this site, but have been extremely busy elsewhere, as will be seen from the Bibliography.

I have also spoken at two meetings of the New Right, the first time, briefly, to introduce Rabbi Ahron Cohen, an old acquaintance from Tehran; the second time in my own right, on September 29. I have added the text of this address today; unfortunately, as things stand, there will be no video for the foreseeable future, although the entire speech and the following discussion were recorded.

I have a number of things in the pipeline, including a bibliography I started work on way back in the early 1990s, though it remains to be seen if it will be finished soon or ever. I have also suffered a number of disappointments in the past few months, one being the destruction of a large number of documents I had intended to scan and publish at some point in the albeit distant future. This was due primarily to my own stupidity in storing them where they were susceptible to water damage. Fortunately or otherwise, the vast majority were generated by my own correspondence, so the world will not miss them as much as I will.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – August 22, 2013


Since the last update I have been quite busy. I have now contributed over 1,600 articles to Digital Journal, having signed up with the site in May 2010, and publishing my first article in April the following year. I will shortly be ditching this because I have plenty to do for the next two years, or whatever time I have left. This year I have spoken at two meetings of the New Right, and only yesterday I appeared on IRIB for the 4th time in back to back editions of the Standpoint programme on SaharTV.

Content-wise though my greatest efforts have been in setting up two new websites – albeit as sub-directories of this one. The first of these – The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site – began quite by accident, and The NCROPA Virtual Archive followed. There is still quite a lot to add to these, and they will be among my projects for the next year or so, as will, hopefully, some blogging, making another YouTube video or two, and augmenting this and my other sites, as always health permitting.



Since the last update I have been very busy. I said then and have been saying for some time that I was going to ditch Digital Journal; I have now parted company with this website, although not the way I intended. However, having now written a shade over 2,000 news articles in slightly less than three years, I have more than had my fill of news period, and will be writing considerably less news, and hopefully considerably less everything for whatever time I have left.

Of late I have been writing a few reviews of films and documentaries, I am still writing for Songfacts, and am currently doing tons of scanning, a legacy of The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site, which like The NCROPA Virtual Archive has still some considerable material to be added to it.

Last month I spoke at a New Right meeting – for the 11th time in 9 years. I have also added a fair amount of new material to FinancialReform, a lot to the Mark Taha website, and bits and pieces to both SearchlightArchive and Vexatious Litigant, as well as doing a tiny bit of blogging, writing for sundry websites, and assisting someone who in spite of his university education cannot get to grips with cyberspace.

Seventeen years ago today I was acquitted at Southwark Crown Court of specious charges that if they had stuck would have destroyed my life; this website would never have existed, and I would have been written out of history. The people who nearly destroyed me then are still going about their evil work. Just to let you know boys and girls that I am still here, and you have not heard the last of me. More than that, some of you will live to curse the day you first heard my name.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – September 23, 2014


Another Autumn Equinox, and TheDarkMan is still here, so I must still have work left to do. I have been quite busy since the last update. Awhile ago I received a circular e-mail from the AllVoices website to the effect that they would soon be revamping it and that my (and everybody else’s) contributions would be deleted, and that furthermore, all contributors would have to reapply. Sure enough, August 18/9 the old articles disappeared. I did reapply but had no response. By and large the pageviews I was getting were so pathetic that I decided not to chase it. Also, having published slightly over 2,000 news articles in a shade under 3 years, I’ve had my fill. There are other news sites out there for which I can write, but I have bigger fish to fry. All but one of my AllVoices articles appear to have been archived. The odd one has already been republished here, and I may add a few more at some point, but I have a lot on my plate at the moment.

Last month I received a phone call from Amir Tahouri, and on August 27 we recorded two of his Standpoint programmes, one of which can be found on YouTube. After the conviction of Rolf Harris on the basis of ludicrous so-called evidence, I put together an 83 minute video which I uploaded to the Internet Archive. The perversion of the rule of law in this country over the past thirty or forty years has been a wonder to behold, but frankly this takes the biscuit.

I have also been publishing a few book reviews, reviews of films and documentaries, and a blog or two including Who Invented Rape Culture? – the researching of which frankly left me astounded at the intellectual dishonesty of the feminist academics who peddle this man-hating garbage.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – March 26, 2015


A lot has happened since the last site update. I have been continuing to write for sundry websites. After I parted company with Digital Journal I said I’d written enough news to last me a lifetime. I have though this year accepted an invitation to contribute to a new news site, The Latest News, on which my first contribution was published February 11. To date I have published 40 articles therein; the site may or may not succeed, but even if I do remain a regular contributor I do not expect to become a major one, although that is what I am at present by default.

I have continued with the videos, including last year a long overdue half hour documentary about Basic Income, and this year another full length documentary about historical sexual abuse fantasies, this time the Cosby scandal in the United States. On February 11, I made yet another appearance on Iranian television, this time by telephone, wherein I voiced my displeasure at the conviction of Rolf Harris and the ongoing – and now ludicrous – witch-hunt of not only celebrities but politicians and other members of the Establishment, like with a capital E.

The big news though is that I am now considered a threat to the mental well-being of German youth! You can read all about this here. As the man said, you couldn’t make it up.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – September 17, 2015


Since the last update I have been as busy as my health permits; I had a good run for a while but of late my back has been absolutely chronic, so I haven’t been able to do as much as I wanted. Having found a new host after being effectively outlawed in “democratic” Germany, and continuing to contribute to The Latest News, I decided more recently to revamp this site. This has entailed going through my entire personal archive, replacing compressed with uncompressed scans, rescanning JPG and PDF alike, adding more old stuff, and correcting a few errors, on all my sites, including my contributions to the Internet Archive. Although thankfully most scans are reasonable or at least passable, this is still a massive task, and due to this and my other commitments, is unlikely to be finished anytime soon.

I have been experimenting a bit with direct PDF scanning for A4 pages of text, but this does not afford the same control as scanning to JPG then editing and converting, so I will continue to use a mixture of the two as I think best.

A few things have been rescanned from the original artwork, for example This Man Survived Auschwitz..., but most of the originals were thrown away years ago. These were limited circulation publications, only a handful sold more than a dozen or so copies, and even at the turn of the Millennium there was no concrete indication that the Internet would develop the way it has today with massive amounts of data being shipped by not only big organisations but by ordinary people. I had also converted many of these works to HTML – for example the four pamphlets by Judith Hatton (which were produced originally with Ventura Publisher) – and HTML being my preferred format, I saw little use for cluttering up my already crowded living space with superfluous paper.

I decided too not to scan absolutely everything, especially my early writings which are of at times dubious merit, and publications by others in which I or my work are mentioned only fleetingly. Some scans have been included because simply republishing the content here would be pointless: compare for example The Big Mouse and the relevant limerick.

Doubtless some people will opine that I have scanned too much. Many of my pamphlets from the 1990s went through two or more printings or editions, and the changes were often very minor. To give just one example, the first edition of Poison On The Rates has an orange cover. It also has a sarcastic dedication to David Pollock and David Sherbourne. Although I was singularly unimpressed with the latter, I realise now that I was being very unfair to Mr Pollock, and as far as the notorious Alexander Baron ever apologies for anything, he does so to him here and now.

Whatever, all my early material has been deposited with the British Library. My writings are now overwhelmingly confined to cyberspace. Indeed I have not published a pamphlet since 2009, and apart from the odd letter, the last being October 16 last year, they are likely to remain so subject to any appearances on TV or radio. Even my ventures into film are purely cyber releases.

I have also thrown away some unpublished material – including songs (some co-written with Alan) – something I seldom used to do. Believe me, the world is a better place for their discreet demise.

There is also some duplication, for example my letter in the Morning Star of July 15, 2010 appears on both this site and FinancialReform. I could have removed one, and linked to the other, but have decided to leave both scans on the respective sites. Hopefully this duplication is only across sites and not within this one; I have removed a couple of such duplicates, and don’t think there are anymore, but you can never be certain with me. Unfortunately. The good news is that after this mammoth scanning and uploading session over a period of several weeks, any such duplication is unlikely to be repeated.

One other very minor point, I have been having problems with the site counter and guestbook; this is not down to me but to the company Motigo (formerly NedStat). This issue has yet to be fully resolved, but it will not affect you, dear reader.



A lot has happened since the last HomePage update, much of it positive; first the not so positive. My health has taken a turn for the worst in recent weeks, my back in particular has been giving me Hell, but although I have been forced to keep rather unusual hours, my output has not slacked. The two guys who were running The Latest News were unable to make it pay, so decided to abandon the project. They sold the domain some time ago, thankfully at a profit, albeit a tiny one. At present, all the old articles are still there, but the new owner(s) will doubtless be doing something with the site shortly. My final article – number 429 – was published April 2. I hope they make a success of their new project because they really deserve to succeed.

On April 26, I gave a speech to The Extremist Club on victim narratives; I had previously discussed these during a THA podcast, my second such appearance. It is victim narratives that lie at the heart of the Jewish Question and almost every other pernicious political ideology and problem we have faced since at least the early Twentieth Century. I don’t know why I or no one else got wise to them sooner. My first dedicated article on the subject was published by New Trend shortly before the last update.

Still on the subject of victim narratives, on June 13, I published what may well be my last major project, the International False Rape Timeline. With slightly over two thousand entries, this is and will remain a work in progress, and although not quite the first project of its kind ever, the scope of it is certainly unique.

Due to this and other commitments, I have done little in the way of site maintenance of late, but one or two duplicate images and now less than forty compressed files waiting to be rescanned is a small price to pay for what I have achieved.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – January 23, 2017


Since the last update I have done a lot of work on the International False Rape Timeline. The initial 2,000+ entries have now been expanded to in excess of 2,700, a few of the existing entries have been expanded, and I have added short video clips, court judgments, etc to a few of these as well as to some of the new ones. My original idea was to put them all in one long file, but I have now moved a few of the longer entries to their own HTML pages linked from the timeline.

In September and October especially as well as earlier this month, I had severe back problems, but at present I am suffering no more than usual. My output has not been visibly affected on account of this. I have continued to make videos including The Mathematics Of Mass Murder In Dallas and Memorandum To Operation Yewtree; the transcript of the latter has also been published (my text only). I am continuing to contribute to both Songfacts and IMDb, and to write the odd article for Wikinut as well as other things.

On October 25, I gave my second speech to The Extremists Club. This was filmed, but due to the cameraman changing over whatever it is they use in cameras nowadays, there is a chunk missing, the most important chunk, of course. I have received the finished product and will upload this to the Internet Archive at some point, but I have what might be called a technical problem at the moment, one which I will explain at the next update.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – September 2, 2017


Since the last update I have been quite busy in cyberspace. Most notably I have added around four hundred entries to the International False Rape Timeline, which takes the total to around 3,130. I have also spent the past couple of months converting all my articles for The Latest News to PDFs, and have today uploaded them to a new, dedicated directory on this site. Elsewhere, I have made a few short videos, and have continued to publish review of both films and documentaries as well as contribute to Songfacts.

The technical problem to which I alluded in the last update was yet another arrest and computer seizure, the second one by Surrey Police. The non-case against me has long been dropped, and I am in the process of beginning a civil action against both these agents of repression and the woman who put them up to it. It will be some time before I am able to comment on this more fully, but comment on it I shall, and by hook or by crook, I will be avenged!

Looking ahead, I will continue to augment the International False Rape Timeline, but I have a couple of other important projects to work on, one of them being what is likely to be the final update of the satpalramisguilty website now that some of the papers relating to the case have been opened, but sadly not the actual trial papers.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – February 2, 2018


Since the last update I have continued to augment The International False Rape Timeline which now has a shade over 3,400 entries and rising.

On November 28, I spoke again at The Extremists Club, this time on The Evolution Of No-Platform; I have yet to add a transcript to this site, but will in due course, with annotations and citations.

Although The Latest News website is still there, I have replaced every single link to my articles with archived links; PDFs of said articles have also been published on this site.

Replacing these took up a lot of time. Sadly, replacing the next lot – if I bother – will take even longer. In December, the Internet Movie Database announced it was restructuring its website. It did this without any consultation with its users, and as a result of the new format, every single url of my reviews linked from this site is now invalid. That statement needs some qualification. Where mine is the first or in many cases the only review, the url is not affected; although the url still directs to the film or documentary reviewed in all cases, where there are contributions from many other reviewers, you will have to scroll down to find mine.

I was most unhappy with this, and fired off an angry if moderately worded missive of complaint. Other reviewers were not so moderate, many were livid, some said they would stop reviewing for the site or even abandon it, and a few appear to have done so. Last month, I submitted a review under the heading Test which I deleted after about five minutes. The new set-up really is bad. I will not be adding any reviews this month but will wait and see what if anything happens. I have already built up a backlog.

Over the next few months I will, hopefully, continue to update The International False Rape Timeline, and have no shortage of projects on which to work, including a couple of paid ones.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – August 12, 2018


Another year older, and to my eternal surprise I am still here, even if I am now using a walking stick. Health and circumstances permitting, I have been busy since the last site update.

I am continuing to augment the False Rape Timeline, and have added well over another four hundred entries. I have also been replacing its archived links with PDFs and files in other formats. There are now fewer than a thousand on the main page, and eventually there should be at most a couple of dozen. When I renew my domains in 2020 I will (assuming I am still here) be moving that entity to its own domain. I estimate the total renewal cost to be somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000, so donations towards that would be greatly appreciated.

In April, I began publishing reviews on IMDb again, but I will not be adding that many this year.

I am continuing to add material to the Internet Archive, including my own creations, films in particular. Although their production quality leaves much to be desired, and they take up a lot of time, they are worthwhile making. I would though appreciate a lot more views.

I have made what is very likely to be the final update to the Satpal Ram website, one which was not as extensive as I hoped it to be due to two nasty surprises from Kew, one of my own making. Had I realised what would happen, I would have made two or three visits in April 2017 instead of the one, during which I would have scanned to e-mail everything I could.

Finally, as well as the main site, I am continuing to add Taha correspondence – I see a lot less of him nowadays – and have added quite a lot of material to The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site including a fair amount of parochial ephemera that might never have been archived if not lost forever.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – February 13, 2019


Today is the first update of the HomePage this year and also the first Bibliography update this year. Perhaps more significantly, it is also the day my colleague Mark Taha reaches the big 6-0. His website began as a page herein on his fiftieth birthday. This is how it looked on March 21, 2009. Sort of! Now at this url, it has expanded considerably but has not been updated this year, something to which I will attend shortly.

Since the August 12, 2018 update I have been as busy as my health permits. I am continuing to augment the False Rape Timeline; I am now up to around 4,250 entries and have reduced the archived links to just under seven hundred. I had hoped to reduce this latter to well under a hundred, but that appears to have been unduly optimistic. I am though continuing to replace them with mostly PDF and JPG files as far as possible.

After a test broadcast on Sepember 12 and a second on September 14, the first live hangout/livestream of the Timeline on YouTube was held. Last Friday saw live hangout (12); the turnout for these has been extremely disappointing, and is, I am convinced, due largely to the shadow banning that has been imposed on undesirables like Yours Truly. Annoying though this may be, we should all be grateful for YouTube, well, all of us who are not part of the mainstream media!

Sadly, Wikinut has now gone the same way as the sorely missed The Latest News, but I have found another, albeit modest outlet for my screeds.

Finally, I have been adding scans of citations to some of the articles and pamphlets published on this site. I will probably be adding a great many more over the next year.



Since the last HomePage update I have added well over five hundred files to the False Rape Timeline, something to which I have been devoting most of my free time. I have now also recorded 21 live hangouts on YouTube, all but two of which have been added to the Internet Archive. Live hangouts (20) and (21) will be uploaded early next month.

I have also been publishing articles here and there as well as making videos. Today, I have added a new video page to this site, a page that actually contains nothing new but which has been necessitated by the current madness on YouTube and social media generally. I was kicked off Vimeo on May 19. If you study this page carefully, perhaps you can tell me why.

Last month, I began a major overhaul of all my websites, especially I began compressing PDF and JPG files. I first used compression software for PDF files back in 2008, and the results were not satisfactory, to put it mildly. Having abandoned that, I gave no more thought to it until I found a number of free on-line applications that a decade of innovation on enable significant or even massive compression without significant or at least noticeable loss of quality. This is particularly true for PDF files created from Micro$oft WORD. There are also applications, often developed by the same people, that allow compression of JPG files without noticeable loss of quality.

I reduced one PDF file from over 118 to less than 9.5Mb, and some show an even better compression ratio. On March 25 this year, the David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site contained 2,767 files which took up 7.7Gb; the NCROPA Virtual Archive took up 4.25Gb for 3,006 files; The International False Rape Timeline took up 3.08Gb for 4,323 files, while the main website – this one – took up 2.93Gb for 4,842 files including the subdirectory /djetc.

Yesterday, Webb contained 2,777 files which took up 3.63Gb; NCROPA contained the same number of files as previously but took up only 2.85Gb; the Timeline took up 2.81Gb for 4,743 files; and the main site including /djetc a mere 1.46Gb for 4,900 files.

Having said all that, with PDFs in particular there is usually a loss of some quality for scanned documents. This means that every single file has to be checked after scanning before the new version replaces the original. This makes the process incredibly time-consuming, and although to date I have compressed all the files from my The Latest News articles, I still have a total of nearly 10,800 files (in all formats) to sort. With the PDFs I have almost reached the point of diminishing returns, and have rejected quite a few of the compressed files, especially on Webb. I have though processed every single PDF of 5Mb or over on all sites, and every JPG of 2Mb or over likewise.

I have been compressing MP4 (video) files and MP3 (audio) files for some time with excellent results. Thankfully there are very few of the latter.

Compressing especially PDFs makes them load significantly faster, and removing “clutter” from both PDFs and JPGs, especially for False Rape Timeline files, is easier on the reader’s eye.

Finally, I have found a tool that merges JPG files, one I have used fairly efficiently for someone who has no artistic skills at all.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – October 26, 2019


Since the last site update, the bulk of my publishing has been on or related to the False Rape Timeline. The big news is that two days ago I registered a domain for it, and overnight moved it from here to its new and permanent home.

The International False Rape Timeline can now be found at https://www.falserapetimeline.org/

In this connection, special thanks are due to my second site sponsor whose generous donation has guaranteed its continuation for at least the next three years.

I am continuing to compress files for all my websites, and am now down to well under the last five thousand. In this connection, the False Rape Timeline which at March took up 3.08Gb of space for 4,323 files, last night took up 2.29Gb for 5,154 files.

The quality of compressed files on both the Timeline and the main site has not been affected, but if you consult either The NCROPA Virtual Archive or (still growing) The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site, you might like to read this notice.

I have also been adding scans from various publications to citations in my articles, pamphlets and books. I started doing this a while back, and still have a long, long way to go.



The big news since the last update is that this website has now been on-line for 20 years having first been advertised April 8, 2000. ITMA’s on-line presence has been continous except for two very minor interruptions. On June 25, 2003, it was closed by Geocities, probably after a complaint by some vicious Zionist or “anti-fascist” creep that it was promoting “hate”. It was re-opened on another free host the following month, July 20.

The second glitch was 12 year later. I purchased the domain infotextmanuscripts.org on December 3, 2008 and moved the site five days later. On March 10, 2015, my hosting company informed me they had been ordered to close it by the German Government. I was back on-line with a new host ten days later.

I didn’t celebrate ten years on-line, but what is a mere ten years? Hopefully both ITMA and its creator will still be around for the thirtieth, and perhaps even the fortieth anniversary – who knows?

More recently, the Wikinut website having been abandoned, I have now republished all my 200+ articles from there here. I have also been continuing to build both the False Rape Timeline and the British Prudery Archive, the latter with generous financial support from Goodman.

As far as external websites go, I have been contributing to The Duran quite heavily since December and hope to continue to do so, but there are not enough hours in a day for me to do all I want. I’m sure you have the same problem. I have though managed to make a few videos, including for the False Rape Timeline, and plan to continue doing so.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – November 12, 2020


Although I have been quite busy since the last update, little in the way of new material has been added to this site apart from updating the Baron/ITMA Bibliography. I have though done quite a bit of work on the Prudery Archive, but my main archive work remains with the False Rape Timeline which has had its own domain since October last year.

Here, I have also been improving the navigability of the site, correcting a few errors, updating links, replacing a few especially archived links with files, and rewriting entries in the third person as far as is suitable.

I could perhaps have added more but for two circumstances. The first is that I have other commitments; the second is that in June, I suffered a bad accident, one that has been life-changing, in a drastic though thankfully not a catastrophic way. I will spare you the details but it means that I can’t spend as much time at the keyboard as before, at least not without frequent breaks. I intend though to make as much use as I can of the time I have left, even if as seems likely this is no more than a few years.

I have also been making videos. False Rape Timeline hangout videos are now up to number 43, and I have made a few short videos, related and unrelated, for both YouTube and Bitchute. Among the obituaries I have published this year are two of people I knew slightly: Dr Töben – whom I met in Tehran and with whom I had corresponded on and off; and Nigel Ley, lead counsel in Riley v Gable.., who died after a lengthy illness. I also attended his funeral.

Finally, if you have visited this page before, you may have noticed the Twitter button is missing. Because of the ludicrous shadow banning, I quit it on November 8. I have not yet decided to quit YouTube.



Not a lot has been added to this site since the last HomePage update, although I have been busy elsewhere.

Here, a few articles have been republished from AllVoices and Digital Journal, new images have been added to the Cartoon Gallery, the Image Gallery and The Candice Night Gallery. The Women’s Page was added as a sub-gallery to the main Image Gallery.

I have continued to improve both the layout and the navigability of the site, including replacing for example archived links with internal files.

Elsewhere, I have continued to augment the False Rape Timeline and to archive its entries; to date I have archived approaching two thirds of them, something that is easy to do because apart from the base files, they are all numbered sequentially.

I am no longer contributing to Songfacts; I haven’t fallen out with Carl, but he stopped adding my submissions some time ago; in view of this current and quite insane cancel culture, I can’t blame him. I have though been writing regularly for The Duran since December 2019, and have made quite a few videos.

I have also been working on two long term projects – editing books – one of which is finished but has been held up for publication, the other is ongoing.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – December 14, 2021


Since the last update, I have continued to augment the False Rape Timeline, which now has a shade over five and a half thousand entries. There are now also sixty associated hangout videos, all of which are linked from the Baron/ITMA Bibliography on this site.

I am continuing to write for The Duran.

In August, I opened a Locals account, and in September, a Substack. I have uploaded to both, and could probably find a few paid subscribers if I devoted enough time and energy to chasing them, but like Dr Robin Alston whom I interviewed three decades ago, I think access to knowledge should be free, like for everyone in the world.

In September, I had the honour of a book being dedicated to me; I am flattered.

On this site, I have been adding more scans of citations – ie newspaper articles and pages from books – direct into the various note sections, and will continue to do so.

I have continued to add articles from Digital Journal to both here and (where relevant) to FinancialReform instead.

Finally, the future of this site and my other three domains has been guaranteed for the next three years by another generous donation from my second site sponsor, who being quite a bit older than me has his own troubles at the moment.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – March 26, 2022


I hadn’t intended to update this page for another month or two, but I have some tragic news to report. On March 8, my first site sponsor died the month after his sixty-first birthday. I posted a notice to that effect on the Image Page as soon as I heard the news together with a photograph of the two of us from his 2020 sojourn in Wexham Hospital. This is the only photograph of the two of us together unless one should surface from a certain 2013 soccer match or the 2014 Chelsea Pitch Owners AGM.

Although I didn’t see him often, Paul Todd was both a personal friend and a fairly regular e-mail correspondent. Today, I published a lengthy obituary with The Duran. This has been archived through the Wayback Machine should that site be taken down for any reason, (a while ago it moved temporarily to Locals). After Paul’s death, any other news seems trifling, but here it is in any case.

Last month, I might well have ended up dead myself when during a storm, a tile fell off the roof of a three storey building in Green Lane, Penge and landed barely three inches in front of me. Even if this hadn’t been fatal, it would certainly have fractured my skull. I made a short video about that, one of the few I have uploaded to my main YouTube channel after something of a hiatus. I receive marginally more views on BitChute where I have around a ninth of the subscribers. This shadow banning has now become totally outrageous; even the wonderful Tulsi Gabbard has been targeted by it.

I have continued contributing to The Duran as well as continuing to augment both the False Rape Timeline and the British Prudery Archive. I have also for some time now been assisting Goodman with his own, pet projects, at least one of which will hopefully see the light of day later this year.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – September 10, 2022


Quite a lot has happened since the last update; in spite of some health and increasing mobility problems I have been quite busy. I was 66 last month so am now officially retired, but as things stand that will not make much if any difference to my output.

I have been continuing to build my on-line databases, in particular the False Rape Timeline and to contribute to The Duran; recently I uploaded duplicates of many of my videos to BitChute, Rumble and the Internet Archive to spread the word more effectively.

After considerable delays, Goodman and I published his mother’s memoirs on the first anniversary of her death, September 9. I had hoped to present her with her own copy but due principally to the Covid lockdowns, we were delayed considerably. Goodman’a mother was a remarkable woman, and I am saddened that I never met her. September 8 this year saw the death of an even more remarkable woman; I had expected the Queen to still be on the Throne at 100; her mother lived until 101. Alas...With some help from me, Goodman had been working on a book not about but relating to her. It has been finished for some time but he says now he wants to delay publication until after the Coronation of the new King.

Regarding this site in particular, I have continued to add old articles from AllVoices and especially Digital Journal. The former has long since gone from the Internet and the domain has been bought by an outfit totally unrelated to publishing. The latter, well, all the articles I published there have been archived through the Wayback Machine; the relatively few that were not archived have all been republished on this site, but there are so many still to process and I have other things to do with my time, time which is running out and can be better utilised doing them.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – February 11, 2023


Apart from the Baron/ITMA Bibliography, not a lot of new material has been added to this site since the last update, although I have continued to add scans from books, etc as links to citations.

Elsewhere, I have continued to make videos, especially for the False Rape Timeline, and have at last found a way to remove those annoying mouse clicks from them. I am extremely happy with the way the False Rape Timeline has developed, and indeed, if the HomePage is anything to go by, it is now more popular than this site. For example, on February 2 close to 3pm, these were the last visitors to this site; here are the recent visits to the False Rape Timeline, and there were 3 visitors (excluding me) currently on its HomePage.

Over the last few weeks including all last month I carried out a massive overhaul of all my websites which involved checking every single PDF file to ensure its title displays accurately in Google Chrome. For example, here is how one file displays now, and here is how it displayed previously.

This was a mammoth task. I am still editing HTML pages, replacing dashes with N dashes and substituting HTML codes for certain characters, like smart quotes. I have also been fixing broken links, replacing them with the archived links of vanished pages or files uploaded to this site. Again, this is a mammoth task and an annoying distraction, but it needs to be done.

Today, I have added a number of new files including the first Leroy Cool comic strip since August 2018 and my letter to the Lord Chief Justice re the activities of Harriet Wistrich and Julie Bindell. (This letter was of course unanswered). Also added was my obituary for my first site sponsor, which was first published in March last year. Happy birthday Paul, wherever you are.

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – August 10, 2023


Since the last update I have added a lot less to this site than I would have liked but as far as my health permits. I have been reasonably active elsewhere. I have recorded and uploaded twelve hangouts with the False Rape Timeline, all of them pre-recorded, and other videos for especially BitChute.

The Timeline is now easily my largest single work; although there are more files on this site, many have been imported from elsewhere, including all my articles for both The Latest News and Wikinut. Earlier this month I finished a total overhaul of the Timeline which included checking every single HTML file to replace smart quotes and other extended characters like the pound sign with their relevant codes. This is because they can cause problems with search engines including archived pages. At some point I am going to have to do the same thing here.

Rolf Harris died May 10 although his death was not announced immediately. It was followed, predictably, by a deluge of filth, so on July 16 I registered the domain rolfharris.site and have been building it as a tribute site, albeit slowly. At present I am trying to add things most people will not have seen, certainly this Millennium. It does not appear to have been noticed by the mainstream media yet. It will be fun when it is!

I have also been helping an associate to build a an off-beat history website – nothing controversial for once – and this has been taking up a fair bit of my time, but it will not be catalogued here.

I have continued to contribute regularly to The Duran, extremely sparsely to my own Substack, and I have given up entirely on Locals although I will not be deleting my account.

On this site, I have already performed a complete overhaul of all my aforementioned articles for The Latest News. I have also added a few things under Other Contributors and too many screengrabs from the final table on PokerStars!

LATEST NEWS FROM ITMA – November 23, 2023


A lot has happened since the last site update. I stopped writing for The Duran in September; apparently nowadays I am supposed to write for nothing. I do and will continue to do so, but only on my own account. I thought without a commitment to submitting 20+ articles a month I would have more time on my hands. Alas! For one thing, I spend a lot of time sleeping or just crashing out. Since that horrible accident of June 2020, I have never been the same. I have also had a massive project foisted on me by Goodman (see previous update). Last year we published his mother’s posthumous memoirs. This year he gave me a collection of lever arch files to scan, over four thousand documents in total which I finished scanning only earlier this week. That was the easy part. I will not be adding further details here as my non-technical input (as writer and researcher) is fairly minimal, and frankly I find the entire project rather silly.

Away from that, I have made a few more videos than I used to and have also continued building the False Rape Timeline. Last month I received another very generous donation from my surviving site sponsor which has guaranteed its survival (though not mine) for the next three years.

Recently I have done a lot of work on this site but mostly it concerns improving its navigability and appearance rather than adding new material. In my first update of the year I alluded to a massive overhaul of all my websites. I have now decided, as I should have years ago, to increase the font sizes of most of the HTML pages. For some time I have received notifications from Google that there are problems viewing certain pages. I put this down to most people viewing my sites and indeed most sites on their phones. Every time I take the train there is a plethora of passengers doing all manner of things with their mobiles. To date I have managed never to own one. Well, if it’s good enough for the King, it’s more than good enough for me.

In addition to enlarging fonts I am adding more links, internal links where possible, and have also fixed a few broken ones, as well as more than a few typos.



A lot has happened since the last HomePage update, not all of it good.

I have continued to overhaul all my websites; yesterday I finished The International False Rape Timeline but I still have a lot of work to do on especially this site, increasing font sizes, replacing or removing broken links and generally tidying it up. This has been and continues to be an incredbily time-consuming process.

On February 15, Ted Goodman died after a long illness. On March 6, the British Prudery Archive was renamed The TED GOODMAN PRUDERY ARCHIVE in his honour. Today, I have also added his Clio History website to this site as a sub-directory in spite of once calling it silly.

Elsewhere, I have continued to make videos and having left The Duran have been writing a bit for Substack; I want to be able to add three articles a week to that, time permitting, but I have a lot on my plate and even though I am now retired, my time seems to get eaten up more than that of most people.

For site updates after the last entry for LATEST NEWS, please refer to the Baron/ITMA Bibliography (first link below).

Please report broken links and any errors of either style or substance to the E-Mail address at the bottom of the page, (I will be neither embarrassed nor offended).

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