photograph of the Fuehrer

Hello chaps, I gather your Labour Government is mooting the idea of introducing compulsory identity cards. Not for the first time. You had them during and immediately after the War of course. Yes, that war. Such folly, if only you’d listened to me. Where was I? Oh yes, splendid idea if you don’t mind me saying so. Now they’ll all be on computer: Yids, Roma, anti-socials, Jehovah’s Witnesses, queers, “dissidents”, the lot. We didn’t have computers then, not to speak of, only military stuff, and you lot were way ahead of us. Yes, computerised identity cards, splendid idea. Even the Jews think they’re a good idea now, what with all this Twin Towers hysteria and anthrax parcels and stuff. The ideal solution, crisis management par excellence. Sometimes I think I was born too early. Just think what I could have done with your technology.

Click on the link and take a peak; I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

No, not Heil Hitler, Heil Blair. Move with the times, there’s a good chap. Control freaks come in all flavours.


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