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Welcome to the Corrections Page. Here, you will find corrections, clarifications and qualifications relating, mostly, to some of the scans on this site. In each case the link is given. For any errors relating to Taha correspondence, please read the disclaimer at the top of the relevant page.

Alexander Baron

March 26, 2009



Corrections, Clarifications And Qualifications –
General: House Style, Scanned Documents, Etc


Early in 2014 I thought it about time I made a more detailed statement about the above, so here it is.

The sites under my sole control are all those with the following domains:    ie this one    FinancialReform    International False Rape Timeline    IsMichaelStoneGuilty

The Main Site (ie this website) includes a directory called /djetc/ – this is purely for file management purposes. The others are:

/prudery-archive/     British Prudery Archive
/marktaha/     Mark Taha
/searchlightarchive/    SearchlightArchive
/candice-night-gallery/    The Candice Night Gallery
/webb/    The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site
/tln/    The Latest News (Archive)
/ncropa/     The NCROPA Virtual Archive
/vexatiouslitigant/    Vexatious Litigant

Briefly, Mark’s website started life as a single page on the Main Site before moving to its own directory (in effect its own website)

Both SearchlightArchive and Vexatious Litigant started life on freehosts then moved to their own domains for three years, but there was so little traffic that I could not justify the expense, so when the domains expired, I moved them to their own directories on the Main Site.

The David Webb and NCROPA sites are my newest websites; as things stand, they will be the last.

In addition to the above, there is the satpalramisguilty website, and like most people I have a YouTube account where I publish my personal videos.

My writings can be found all over cyberspace, and by and large I have no control over how they are edited, published, republished, or deleted. For more detailed information about my work, the reader is referred in the first instance to the Baron/ITMA Bibliography.

Re publication dates: the date given in the aforementioned dedicated bibliography on this site is to be taken as correct, whatever other date is given elsewhere. For example, the publication date given by IMDb for my review of Okasu! is December 24, 2013; it was actually published January 2, 2014. Usually any discrepancy will be one day; the reason for this is I often publish in the small hours, so websites working on American time may indicate the article was published the previous day. I work exclusively on London time.

Counters: at 01.18 on May 11, 2014, my AllVoices article about John Gacy showed 86 pageviews and 126 likes on Facebook. This demonstrates that the accuracy of site counters leaves something to be desired. Do not rely on them.

Like most publishers, I have my own house style which is easily recognisable. Generally speaking I italise titles in 18 point red font, centred; I capitalise every word. Regarding body text, my preference is for Times New Roman. I use bold most of the time, 12 point black unjustified text on a white background. Occasionally I will use a third colour for text, usually green.

I try to be consistent across all sites. A link will open in a new window. I try too to archive all my webpages and most of the external pages to which I link, although again I have no control over external pages/sites. These can and do alter, compare this page and the same archived page from Songfacts.Com If you find yourself trying to connect to a broken link, try finding the missing page on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

The quality of scans varies. At the time of writing I am using bottom of the range equipment both for scanning and for my occasional videos. This has not always been the case, at least with the former. I decided some time ago to scan single pages exclusively as JPGs and multiple pages as PDFs. At some point I decided to remove single page PDFs and replace them with JPGs; I have since decided this is not necessarily such a great idea. There are also a number of quite lengthy documents on my sites that have been scanned as JPGs, including the classic Why Britain’s Police Aren’t Worth A Jewish Fingernail... I have decided not to tamper with any of these. Re all the above, it should be remembered that when I began work on this site way back in November 1999, the Internet was a very different place from what it is today. To begin with, there were serious problems with bandwidth. When I published a scan of The Life And “Crimes” Of John Colin Campbell Jordan, bandwidth was a real issue. Happily this is no longer the case.

Not all the scans on my sites were scanned by me; regardless of this and regardless of the quality of any particular scan, this is the best copy possible. This is particularly true of scans on the Mark Taha website. Even the notorious Alexander Baron cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so if he gives me a rubbish, dog eared photocopy, that is what goes on the site. The reader will find notes here and there to the effect that a certain scan is the best copy possible; having read this, those notes are now redundant.

Again and especially relating to the Taha site, I have tried to be consistent with nomenclature, but the reader will still find references to “the Guardian” as well as “The Guardian”, likewise to “the Sun” and “The Sun”...My apologies for this. With date formats, usually I used August 2, 2012...with, but if I used a different format for a date or for the name of a publication, say capitalised or perhaps all in lower case, that is for a reason, ie it is how that publication and/or date are rendered by the source.

The words photograph and screengrab are used fairly interchangeably here. If a picture is of say an on-line poker table like this one, it will be alluded to as a screengrab, but a screengrab from for example a YouTube video will usually be called a photograph.

At the time of writing there are a number of documents on this site in WORD format; I intend to replace all or most of these at some point with PDFs, indeed I have already done so in a few cases, but from now on I will not be recording this in the Bibliography which includes too much trivia anyway. For example, on May 25, 2014 I replaced a scan on the Mark Taha site (April 28, 2014) with a screengrab from a PDF version I found on the website. Like who cares?

And again, on June 8, 2014 I tidied up Taha’s site a bit including removing a duplicate of a letter in TNT originally published here June 17, 2010 and again August 7, 2010. I did not bother to add an explanatory note. Again, who cares?

June 24, 2014



Ad Nauseam


For the first 65 years of my life, or at any rate since I learned to read, I thought the phrase ad nauseam was spelt with an eum rather than an eam. Apparently a lot of people make that mistake.

Today, I corrected all the misspellings on this site as far as a could, ie in all the HTML files I could find that contained this misspelling. I do not intend to tamper with the PDF files, so please take note.

August 15, 2022



Alternative Links


In November 2014, I began adding alternative links to my YouTube and Internet Archive uploads. These are all videos (and PDFs) that have been archived by the Wayback Machine. They have all been checked thoroughly, but if you have trouble playing any particular video – especially a longer video (ie a very large file) – please save it to disk first.






This in-depth article was published in the Autum 2002 issue of Common Sense which came through my door November 9 in an envelope postmarked November 7. It remains one of my finest efforts.

My thanks to Sahib Mustaqim Bleher for scanning the relevant issue for me. I was unable to find my personal copy and believe it may have been destroyed accidentally in 2012.

The on-line version can be found at this link:

which has of course been archived through the WayBack Machine.

Although I have italicised the titles of publications, I have not altered or corrected the text of this version, but the following should be noted:

The serial killer Dennis Nilsen – whose Christian name is spelt thus – died from natural causes on May 10, 2018.

Regarding note 13, rather than an Orthodox Jewess, Judith Reisman is a very unorthodox one. Nevertheless, although she goes way too far on pornography and related issues, she has done sterling work exposing the homosexual agenda, or as it is now, the LGBT agenda, an agenda its proponents insist doesn’t really exist while at the same time forcing it down the throats of especially the young.

Regarding note 20 and the cries of “Scum” and “Shame on you”, these quotes do not appear in the article, and I cannot at this distance remember where I saw or more likely heard them, but I saw coverage of the mobbing of Parliament on TV at the time, and I have no doubt that some of the language used was a lot stronger than that.

Regarding note 28 – I have access to the original but for technical reasons am currently unable to scan it. The PDF file included here was downloaded from a website run by “boylovers”. Much as I hate to visit such websites, I am grateful to the people who made said document available. May they die of AIDS and burn in everlasting Hell.

Regarding note 41 – “Such gay families do not exist”. Sadly, now they do.

Regarding note 42, the sign Tatchell was carrying actually read ISLAM NAZIS BEHEAD & BURN QUEERS with the ampersand. Here is another photograph. Generally: at one time I would italicise the word gay when it alluded to homosexuality. Male homosexuality isn’t gay; as for lesbianism, this is something I have never been able to take seriously. I would also italicise such words as feminist, homophobia, racism, sexism, and declensions thereof. I gave up doing that some time ago because whatever one thinks of them, they are now part of the English language along with intifada, hijab, and many other previously foreign words.

MR LIBERTY: A Personal Memoir Of Chris R. Tame (1949-2006): A few words from Mr Taha; he points out that when we met he wasn’t actually on the phone but that I wrote to him. That was indeed the case; then he phoned me. At that time, I could phone Mark only on Sunday afternoons when he would be at his aunt’s place. If he answered rather than her, I would say “Hello Auntie”; that stuck, and to this day I call him Auntie; he calls me all sorts of names!

He says too that in the case of Ray Hill, he had not intended after noting down all the errors in his lie-ridden book to send them to the author, although he had so notified authors in the past. Again, our recollections differ, but I am 100% certain that this time it is his memory rather than mine that is at fault.

July 24, 2011



Articles (AllVoices)


These articles were published with a photograph each or more than one photograph; additional photographs were added either by an editor or by the site software.

Videos were linked to some articles; some of these have been deleted. I have added photos and videos to the AllVoices articles republished here, but they are of no consequence.

Regarding the article Who Is Kirstin Lobato? – she was granted a new trial on December 19, 2017, but the State elected not to retry her.



Articles And Other —
Have I Changed My Mind?


At the time of writing – March 2016 – this site has been open to public viewing just short of 16 years. It covers my own screeds for more than double that period. The first entry in the Baron/ITMA Bibliography dates from August 1980. Like most people, I have been known to change my mind occasionally, so the fact that a belief I espoused years or decades ago is in apparent conflict from one I espouse now does not mean I am either lying or being hypocritical. As I pointed out in the Image Gallery, I was once a member of the British UFO Society. At the time the evidence for flying saucers sounded compelling – the theory still does – but I have long since realised that a lot of evidence is one thing, a lot of credible evidence is another thing entirely.

If therefore you find apparent anomalies or contradictions in any of my writings, the latest version is to be taken as where I stand now. Having said that, all great truths are eternal.




A timeline of recent false rape cases


This Digital Journal article contains the following entry:

December 2005: A Massachusetts woman claims to have been raped and falsely imprisoned by three men. Later it transpires that these sexual encounters were entirely consensual.

When I wrote this I did not enter a citation. Years later when I tried to find it, I could not. After literally months of searching, I found what can only be the actual source. This was not a false allegation of gang-rape. On March 28, 2005, Joseph Haniffy, Christopher Armstrong and a teenager from Utah named Cassidy Coburn had an ill-advised sexual encounter with a teenage girl in Massachusetts. Coburn pleaded guilty receiving a very lenient sentence. Haniffy was convicted, and his conviction was affirmed in August 2007 by the Supreme Court of New Hampshire.

There is a Concord in Massachusetts and a Concord (the capital) in neighbouring New Hampshire, which may be the cause of that error. Whether this incident took place in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or anywhere else, clearly it does not belong on that short timeline, but although I have acknowledged the error, I will not delete it.




The Victim Narrative
From The Holocaust To The Cosby Scandal


This article includes two citations from the book Jews In The German Economy: The German-Jewish Economic Élite 1820-1935 by W.E. Moss. In the title, the stress on Élite was omitted, accidentally. I have not altered this in the article, but just for you, click here.




Al’s Top Fifteen Albums


When discussing Live Dates 2 I wrote originally: “Ash are one of those bands you have to see live, and I did, twice, at Catford in the 90s.”

I certainly saw them once, as you can see, but now that I think of it, not twice.

Memory is a strange thing.

June 19, 2020.





My first book Liars Ought To Have Good Memories and my second book HOLOCAUST DENIAL: New Nazi Lie Or New Inquisition? both had second editions. Sort of. The second edition of Liars Ought To Have Good Memories was not particularly substantial and was more akin to a second printing. The second edition of Holocaust Denial... was, or was intended to be quite a bit longer and included several new chapters.

Neither went to print because, in the case of the first book, I was overtaken by events. The details are not important, suffice it to say that although I more or less sold out the entire print run, I could not justify printing the second edition ahead of other, more important projects. Much of what was to go into the second edition of Holocaust Denial... was adapted for Holocaust Affirmers..., which kind of made it redundant.

The books were both written using WordStar 6 and converted to camera-ready copy using the now long defunct Ventura Publisher. I have long since erased both copies from my hard disk, however, I did deliver the camera-ready artwork of both to the printer, who died in 2012. His business died with him, and his son had no interest in following in his footsteps, so although I cannot be absolutely certain, I am extremely confident that no copy of either book has survived.

June 17, 2020

An update. In my first book I allude to Luwig von Mises as arguably the greatest economist of the Twentieth Century. Although he was an engineer rather than an economist, the great Major Douglas deserves this honour.

August 15, 2022

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Compressed Files


Regarding compressed PDF files, see the entry for March 13, 2013 and the HomePage update for June 29, 2019.






[The following are in chronological order as originally sent, not as published on this site].

Open Letter To The Richest Man In The World: I made the following cosmetic alterations to this epistle on March 20, 2012:

Quotes were replaced with smart quotes (something I’m in the process of doing on all my websites)
Quotes were replaced by italics – one book title and one magazine title

I also added a scan of the Douglas Money Equation (linked).

Middle East Crazies: This alludes to a letter published in the Canadian-based Islamic newspaper Crescent International, June 16-30, 1995, page 5. I have included the whole letters section in the PDF. I was not surprised this was published, Moslems being more politically aware than most.

LETTER TO THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH RE SIÔN JENKINS: Jenkins was convicted of the murder of his foster daughter in July 1998; his first appeal was rejected in December 1999, and an application to the House of Lords was dismissed the following month; at the time this letter was published he was a convicted murderer with no further avenue of appeal, but in May 2003, his conviction was referred back to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. The Court ordered a retrial, and once again he was granted bail. He was tried not once but twice more for the same murder; both times the juries failed to reach a verdict, and Jenkins was found not guilty only on the direction of the judge.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, he is the only man in British criminal history to walk free after being tried three times for the same murder without being properly acquitted. The only other man to get away with murder on the back of such brazen lies was Donald Hume, the man at the centre of the headless torso case.

The following is extracted from the book TRIALS OF BRIAN DONALD HUME, Edited by Ivan Butler. Like Jenkins, Hume stood trial at the Central Criminal Court, for the murder of the car dealer Stanley Setty. The trial opened before Mr Justice Lewis on January 18 1950; the following day it was announced the judge has been taken ill; a new jury was sworn in under Mr Justice Sellers. At the end of the trial, the jury was unable to return a unanimous verdict; the foreman announcing: “My Lord, we are not agreed. I feel that it is doubtful that we shall reach a unanimous decision.”

A Law Society official said at the time that as far as he was aware it was the first time a jury had disagreed on a murder charge for almost fifty years; in 1901, William Gardiner was tried twice for the murder of Rose Harsent; after the jury failed to return a verdict in the second trial, a nolle prosequi was issued [presumably by the Attorney General].

In Hume’s case, after the deadlock, a new jury was sworn in, he pleaded not guilty to murder, and the Crown offered no evidence. This appears to have been done on legal advice from the Director Of Public Prosecutions, who was present in the courtroom; the jury dutifully returned a verdict of not guilty, and Hume pleaded guilty to the second indictment, accessory after the fact and disposing of the body. He was sentenced to a hefty twelve years imprisonment, but reading between the lines he did a deal to be sure of escaping with his neck. After his release, Hume confessed brazenly to a national newspaper, and disappeared abroad. His blood money does not appear to have lasted him long because he was shortly convicted of another murder, in Switzerland. Hume had a fiery temper, and the murder of Setty may have been motivated only partially by financial gain, but the second murder was effected in the course of a robbery.

Like Hume, Jenkins is a man quick to anger, although the years he spent in prison as a convicted murderer appear to have taught him some measure of self-control. And like Setty’s family, the loved ones of the girl he murdered in such a shocking fashion can take some comfort from the fact that Jenkins paid for his crime after a fashion.

LETTER TO THE Evening Standard Re Statistical Racism

I thought I had coined the phrase “statistical racism”, but should have known better; it has been used in the United States on occasion by those au fait with the perverse and inherently dishonest methodology of die-hard “anti-racists”. And no, this letter was not published!


Issue 75 of Ripperana published circa January 31, 2011 contained a letter from Yours Truly (sent by e-mail). This appeared on pages 20 & 21, the greater part on the latter.

On February 26, 2011, the part from page 20 only was published on this site. In June 2018, Mark brought the magazine to me thinking I may not have scanned it (he is a subscriber). It was only then I realised I had not scanned the whole letter, so on June 15, 2018, the original image was overwritten with a scan of pages 20 and 21. The original version of this page has been archived, and can be found at this link.

It will be noted that the letter was published by the magazine almost verbatim.

LETTER TO THE Daily Telegraph Re Quantitatative Easing: The following corrections have been made to the letter as e-mailed.

“at around 1.5-2% per annum ctually eat up” now reads “at around 1.5-2% per annum eat up”
“a some do” now reads “as some do”.

Documentation on the lies of law professor Lisa Avalos:

On April 6, 2018, I noticed what I thought was a second typo in the text – which I corrected at the following site update. It now appears this was the first (and only typo): the word dead had been used instead of deed. Instead I had corrected the word violated to violator, or I thought I had, but as can be seen from the next sentence below, the correct word had actually been used.

A screengrab of the actual e-mail as sent to multiple parties on October 28, 2016 was also added. I may have overstated my case when I said the father of Eleanor de Freitas was lying. The detectives on the case may have believed her, but the British police are becoming so infected with feminist dogma that this is hardly surprising.

It is clear though that she was lying, and although I am no fan of Alison Saunders – to put it mildly – she should be given credit for taking up this prosecution. The subsequent suicide of the girl with breasts to die for was of course tragic, but she was entirely the mistress of her own misfortune, although her father must take part of the blame because in view of her behaviour towards him, he surely realised what a head case she was.

LETTER TO THE South London Press Re foodbanks and unskilled jobs.

For some reason I kept only a PDF of the above letter. In the last paragraph, the world implication should be replaced by implementation.

Click here for information about Major Douglas and follow the links, especially the one to basic income.




False Rape Timeline


The International False Rape Timeline was added to this site on June 13, 2016 with some 1,950 entries on the main timeline, not slightly over two thousand as stated erroneously on the HomePage. I have not amended that error because it is under a dated entry, and I am loathe to edit any dated entry.

On October 24, 2019, I registered the new domain, and moved the Timeline to it the following day,




Image Gallery


  Photographs of Hugo Cornwall: These were taken while I was freelancing for New Computer Express; they would have gone in the magazine at some point but it folded suddenly. I hoped to continue writing for the same publisher, but unfortunately the other editors were not cut from the same cloth as NCE Editor Andy Storer. Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge now.




IMDb Entries


With this database, a member may publish only one review of a film/documentary or whatever; this may be revised at any time, but if a new review is to be added, the first one must first be deleted. This seems only sensible. In November 2015, when I decided to correct a typo, I noticed by accident that I was able to submit an entire new review, and did so. When I informed the management, I was told this was not possible. Then it transpired that I had somehow managed to create two accounts: my original one in June 2010, and the second one in April 2012.

My ID for the first account is a_baron; for the second, alexander_baron. I had noticed that at log-in I would be greeted as Alexander, but I assumed this was due to the then recent alterations to the software. I have now deleted all the new reviews I published with this second account, and the account itself; these reviews have been republished under the original account. This will explain why for example Murder In Harlem is dated December 1, 2015 by the database but November 11, 2015 by me. I have also re-archived these files, for example, the original (archived) url for Murder In Harlem was

Regarding a most unfortunate development with the layout of IMDb, see the HomePage entry for February 2, 2018.




Inserts Into PDF Files


Many of the PDF files on this site contain citations, including footnotes. Awhile ago I found a program that would allow me to insert links directly into them. However, the links generated by this particular program are barely visible, and in any case I do not want to tamper with PDFs just in case I make a hash of it – always a problem with me. Therefore as I add scans of the actual citations, I will list them at the bottom of the relevant accompanying HTML file. See for example ADOLF HITLER: Anti-Racist!




Italicised Words


At one time I used to italicise homophobic, racist, sexist...and declensions thereof. I have recently stopped or at least reduced this in most instances.

Foreign words and phrases should generally be italicised, but words that find their way into not only the English language but common usage over a prolonged period, in which sense can they be said to be foreign?

Today, I published an article using the word hijab, which I would normally have italicised, but now hijab is part and parcel of the English language, so from now on I will not in general italicise it.

See also under the heading Articles, above, but this subject really deserves its own heading, so please consider this a further, unqualified qualification!

July 17, 2021.



Judith Hatton


According to the official microfiche, Judith Sheila H. Hatton was born at Kingston, September 17, 1919.




Kwickee Bitesize


At the time I got involved with this, Kwickee Bitesize sounded a really innovative and exciting project. Taha and I even went along to a meeting in Covent Garden or somewhere which was attended by a fair sized audience of equally enthusiastic contributors and potential contributors. In retrospect, I – and everybody else – should have realised that the way the Internet was headed, it was a loser. The upside is that everyone – and by everyone I mean hundreds of millions of people worldwide – has free access to information, entertainment, and all manner of utilities – travel agents, theatre booking services, etc – literally with a few keystrokes.

The downside is that nobody pays for anything anymore, so making money from the Internet is a non-starter, certainly as far as this kind of research and creative writing is concerned. Although I “sold” one or two Kwickees, I never received a cent from the company. Taha had more sense, and never got around even to submitting one. The screenshot below was taken from the website of Companies House on March 29, 2011.





A Nameless Computer Limerick: I was doing some hard disk maintenance on March 17, 2011, when on checking the text in the original file to which I had saved this limerick I realised it was exactly the same as that published here. So it is not just acknowledgments to Dave Gorski. By rights I should move it to Other Contributors, but it’s a bit late now.

See below for Around The World

Burmese Days: I wrote this as dated, on the train home. The woman sitting opposite me was reading the book; it was a long time since I’d read it, but I remembered Flory shot himself. I left a copy on the seat; I was going to give it to her, but lost my nerve. She was nearing the end of the book.

Goodbye Nonce: In January 1994, Colin Hatch was gaoled for life for the murder of a seven year old boy. According to contemporaneous press reports, he had a history involving boys going back to 1987 when he was fifteen years old. In November 1991 he was sentenced to 3˝ years for false imprisonment, abduction and indecent assault on a fourteen year old. The murder was committed shortly after he was parolled from this sentence.

Hatch himself was quoted thus: “I have had a behavioural disorder since I was 11. If the worst happens I will not live to be 25. I will commit suicide or be killed by a vigilante.”

On February 22, 2011, he was murdered in Full Sutton High Security Prison. Better late than never.

The phrase “dead as a button” which I have used in this limerick, appears in the novel Chalktown; well, Hatch was obviously not bright as a button!

Rotten Al Davis: This limerick poem was published here on February 6, 2013. It was written in or shortly after January 1985 for sure, but I can’t be more definite than that. The “Rotten” Al Davis alluded to is the same one as in this sonnet. He dedicated (if that is the word) a poem to me: A Kosher Faggot Called Bernard. I scanned this in 2008 but did not publish it on Archive.Org until November 26, 2010. Today, looking through some old files, I found some extra verses to this. I keyed in the following no later than September 26, 1997:

Now when Bernard went to be baptised,
He opened the poor vicar’s eyes.
Vicar couldn’t baptise him
Could only chastise him.
For Bernard had been circumcised.

For a job he paints an interior
And his limericks are rather inferior.
He prefers beef to ham
Doesn’t like Wham
With a penchant for George Michael’s posterior.

To the above I added the following note:

Written the same day. My comment was “VERY UNTIDY ANAPESTS [sic] AND VERY POOR TASTE, BUT A GOOD EFFORT”. I can’t for the life of me remember what all this was about, though I think it may have been prompted by my so-called homophobia and a reference at the time to a character of dubious sexuality which was passing under the name Marilyn.

At this point in time I can’t find the rest of the original, if I still have it.




Miscellaneous articles


MIND SPORTS OLYMPIAD 2003: The diagram on page 30 is inaccurate; White’s King’s Bishops Pawn should be on B4 (or f4 if you really must); I’m not sure exactly why he resigned although he must lose a pawn because after cxb4, Rxb4 drops a rook to Qc5+.

I.L.O. Condemns U.K. Govn... from Outlook, AUG-SEP 1989: A scan of the full page of the magazine is included; as I recall, I spent the best part of a day researching this in the TUC Library which was then based in Great Russell Street near the British Library (now at St Pancras). My reward was to see my name in print: “Alex Barren”. Unreal.

THE PHYSICIAN FALSELY ACCUSED: These two articles, which were researched and written in 2004/05, finally saw the light of day in April 2009. The first, The Persecution Of Dr Bodkin Adams, was written for another website, and could have been published on it, but for reasons I won’t go into here I decided to hold back, even though I was offered nominal payment plus expenses. The second, The Case Of Dr Leonard Arthur, developed out of and followed on from the first.




Music Section


Carbonel: No jokes please about Rosemary Brown selling her pussy in town. I remember one of our teachers reading Carbonel to us in primary school. Years later I read the book myself in the Library – and the two sequels. This though was written before that, I believe it was 1985 or 1986, and that it was inspired by Alan’s cat. I wrote a bit of the music but I never got round to finishing it, nor do I think I showed it to him. I envisaged this as being sung by a mixed voice quartet as theme music to a film or TV series. I especially liked the author’s rhyme which alludes to him as the dark minion of the twiggy broom.

Elidor: Yes, I remember the singing unicorn. Inspired by a children’s novel I read more years ago than I care to remember. I wrote a bit of the music, which is now lost forever. Be thankful for small mercies!




New Computer Express articles


A New Kind Of Keyboard: In July 2009, I dug out the original (hand typed!) copy of this; it was called MALTRON: BRITISH GENIUS, AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY, and was barely recognisable as the same article. I can’t remember where I met Mrs Malt and her collaborators, but I think it was at some sort of exhibition somewhere. If I recall I spoke either to her and her husband and Stephen Hobday, or to her, Stephen Hobday and his wife.

Criminal Tendencies: I had a good working relationship with editor Andy Storer – whom I met once, at Earls Court if I recall. It’s a pity he couldn’t get my name right on this occasion: Andrew Baron indeed. Luv on yer, geez!

Making Sense Of The Census: In 1991, I lobbied the three major party conferences – for a reason I would rather forget. At the Conservative Party conference in Bournemouth I was arrested (well, sort of) on suspicion of being a member of the Provisional IRA, primarily for commenting to a senior police officer about the intense security. At the Lib-Dem conference I walked up to Paddy Ashdown in a bar and put a leaflet in his hand. None of that at Bournemouth. I wrote this unsigned article after interviewing someone from a software firm that was plying its trade in Blackpool, at the Labour conference I think. If I recall, there was some sort of exhibition at the Winter Gardens, and his firm was one of the exhibitors. This scan has been compressed, so is not of the finest quality.




Other Contributors


A limerick by David Frost – This was written in either 1984 or 1985, quite likely the latter. David Frost – yes, that really was his name – was a prison officer in Highpoint, or RAF Stradishall as I like to remember it. Unlike Filth, prison officers are generally not a bad bunch – don’t believe what you hear from either the media or ex-cons. Having said that, I don’t think this one was a particular good chess player, but he was playing a past county and future Crystal Palace Club champion. He was a tall thin bloke with ginger rather than red hair and a genuinely nice guy.

Al Baron and Freedom of Speech... by Chris R. Tame and Sean Gabb: In this article, at page 16, Chris and Sean write “He denies that his motives were malevolent, and that he ever accepted any politics of hate”. This requires some clarification. I have never made any secret about my political antecedents, and I have never nor will I ever, regret them, partly for the reasons I set out in my essay Al-Qaeda In Britain, and partly because as I have often said, although the far right ask the right questions they have the wrong answers, but the far left don’t just not ask the right questions, they are totally incapable of even seeing what the real issues are.

When I joined the British Movement in what now seems a lifetime ago, I had no real interest in race issues, and I was totally ignorant of the so-called Jewish Question. It didn’t take me long to realise though that while race is not the be-all and end-all that some fanatics would have us believe, including of course the loony “anti-racists”, that race is real – something I had never questioned – and that race is most definitely important. And it took me even less time to realise that “the Jews” are not the poor, persecuted, powerless people their spokesmen would have the rest of mankind believe on peril of being branded anti-Semitic. Heck, they’ll smear you as that anyway. My final conclusions on the so-called Jewish Question can be found in a number of my publications, all of which are available on this site, but I would refer the reader in particular to my collaboration with Rabbi Goldstein, and to How The Searchlight Organisation Incites Hatred Against Jews; although the pernicious influence of Organised Jewry on “race relations” and the promotion of miscegenation (the genocide of the White Race) is frequently exaggerated, or viewed in isolation or as the sole evil agenda at work here, and although some of the writings on the subject border on the surreal, no one who is truly committed to the causes of White Survival and freedom, as I am, can truly understand the real problems the world faces and formulate real solutions for them unless and until he is willing to grasp the nettle of Jewish mendacity. It really is as simple as that.

Deep Thoughts For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously: This is a collection of witticisms that were sent to me in an E-mail circular. There are twenty-six here; one or two have been edited very minimally. I may add more as and when time permits. – March 1, 2011.

HOW ED MILIBAND LOST THE JEWISH VOTE is an article published on-line by the Australian Spectator; it is uploaded here as a PDF (the original included a photograph of Miliband) but see especially the comments – mine and those related to me. Alexander Baron is a fascist says idiot Tony Greenstein. In fact, less than three years later he was kicked out of the Labour Party for – anti-Semitism. Kosher Red Riding Hood strikes again! (The associated photograph of Ed Miliband has been omitted).

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD by Saxon N. White Kessinger: I picked up, or was given, a photocopy of most of this poem circa 1984. A quarter of a century later (God, am I really that old?) I dug it out. As I suspected, it is actually quite a well known piece of verse, and I copied and pasted it here from another website. I have no doubt there are minor variations on it floating around, but for the record I have edited this very slightly for punctuation, and to improve scanning.


ITMA Guestbook


On May 31, 2022, I removed the site guestbook, or more accurately the code for it because the provider appears to have gone out of business. I added a screengrab (from the archived version – May 14, 2021) to the Other Contributors page.

The last time I checked the guestbook the only message that had been added to it was clearly spam. There are two messages on the screengrab, the first from Adelaide Dupont, which had already been added to Other Contributors.

RACE: A Black Woman spells it out. Although the gender of the writer is not given, and the name, A Mckenzie, is suggestive of a male author, I can’t imagine a man would have written this; this right-thinking black woman is obviously revolted at the behaviour of the dregs of her race – and of Whitey’s! This letter was published in the black newspaper New Nation in March 2001.


The Friday Rock Show


The Friday Rock Show, (excerpt) September 11, 1992. Back in the 1990s and before, I used to listen to quite a bit of music on national, local, and pirate radio, the latter as evinced by my unofficial biography of Radio Free London. This is a 40+ minute excerpt from The Friday Rock Show as dated. Unquestionably the best programme ever on Radio 1, it ran for two hours, and included some incredible music. The recording was made on an old-fashioned cassette recorder, and I appear to have taped over a previous programme, one which was presented by Alan Freeman rather than Tommy Vance. (See also the relevant entry in the Baron/ITMA Bibliography).

I have not uploaded this recording to my website, or rather I uploaded it, archived it, and deleted it. This exists now only on the Internet Archive. I began this process on November 8, 2014 with videos that were initially linked for articles I had written for Allvoices and which I do not want cluttering up either my site or my hard disk.

The above recording was added November 11, 2014. On November 21, 2014 I added two more tapes:

Like the one above, these were transferred from cassette to CD in either 2007 or 2008; how this came about I will not go into here. They are:

The Friday Rock Show (excerpt) August 21, 1992
The Friday Rock Show Great White in concert

The first of the above contains interviews with Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. then Kerry King and and Tom Araya of Slayer from the August 21, 1992 edition and Thunder; this latter includes a live acoustic version of Backstreet Symphony. For my money this is better than the original. The tape runs to 46 minutes 46 seconds.

The first 11 minutes 50+ seconds of the September 11, 1992 tape is presented by Alan Freeman and opens with The Bells Of Berlin by Lone Star. There are also bits of Alan Freeman on the August 21 tape.

After the Great White concert is Cosmic Jazz by Wishbone Ash from Radio Mercury.

The quality of all three tape converts is variable – caveat emptor.

Update to the above:

On October 7, 2017, the archived excerpt for August 21, 1992 was replaced with the same file linked from this site.

On October 12, 2017, the archived excerpt for September 11, 1992 was replaced with the same file linked from this site.

The archived version of the Great White concert was replaced with the same file linked from this site on September 22, 2017. I have since learned that this concert was released as a live album (in Japan) called Live In London; that version does not include the Vance commentary. I should add I have not been able to confirm that the Japanese release and the version you hear on this website are the same recording.

All the above files are in wma format. When opened in Google Chrome they download rather than play, on my machine at any rate. Therefore you might like to open them with another browser, probably Firefox.

The .wma files were replaced with .mp3 formats on May 10, 2018. They should now play perfectly on any machine.

Return to entry for The Friday Rock Show.






A note on pamphlets in general; the reader will find a large number on this site, most of them in HTML format. Over the years I have made very minor corrections to some of them and/or augmented them with scans that cannot be found in the hard copy originals. For example, on April 4 this year, I added a scan of Forgeries Preceding the Protocols to my Bibliography Of The “Protocols Of Zion”. I have also corrected spelling mistakes, etc here and there. For example, only today I added a question mark (?) to a sentence in The Waiting Room – which is filed under Plays. I will not generally be adding all such minor corrections to the Bibliography (scans yes), so if you come across a hard copy and notice any such minor alterations, please do not accuse me of artifice!

August 28, 2013


Pamphlets (Colours)


This note re colours was added August 8, 2015, and is not important. Many of the pamphlets I published in the 1990s have different coloured covers. For example, I have in front of me four copies of Editors! Are You Being Fed...: the 3rd Printing is white; the three copies of the 2nd Edition are light blue, pale green, and pink. At the time, I did not envisage publishing any sort of bibliography, so what notes I took were purely for my own records, including of publication dates. Also, these publications were produced on a high quality photocopier, and at times convenient to persons other than myself.

A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”: On January 26, 2012, I was doing some work on this pamphlet, in particular altering the coding of the links to ensure that a new page opened in a new window, and also changing quotation marks to smart quotes, which look better – to me, at any rate. I noticed that a few quote marks appeared to have been omitted, especially on this page. This was probably deliberate but I can’t remember at this distance; I corrected an apparent spelling mistake – copultion to copulation – before realising that was deliberate, so changed it back.

None of the above makes the slightest difference to the integrity of the analysis, but if the reader wishes to consult the earlier version, he may do so via the Wayback Machine.

A further non-important amendment. When the 1st Edition of this pamphlet was published, it read thus:

A Goy Pries Into The Talmud...

Yesterday, June 21, 2012, I went through all the HTML references on this site and altered them to read thus:

A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”...




The following was added June 18, 2013:

Last year I was contacted by an individual from Greater London in connection with Libbre David (also spelt Libre David). This individual will remain nameless, but below is our correspondence. The first screengrab is from his first e-mail to me, the first I received, at any rate. The second two are the second e-mail – in two parts due to its length. The final screengrab is from a blog run by Wicked Harold Covington, complete with long url.

Some comment, generally the only e-mail I ever ignore is spam; when I receive a query that is both genuine and reasonable, I take the time to respond to it, even if the sender is misguided. Our angry correspondent alludes to Bosker; this is actually the American rabbi Ben Zion Bokser (1907-84). I have not pried into the Talmud for over a decade, but I can see where all this nonsense is leading. It is also clearly redundant, because over the past few years both the true extent and the true nature of Zionist mendacity has been exposed for the entire world to see. I am thinking specifically of the Gaza Massacre and then the Flotilla Massacre. None of this has anything whatsover to do with Judaism, much less the pronouncements of rabbis, modern and not so, on texts that were written long before the modern doctrine of political Zionism was conceived.



MAGNUS HIRSCHFELD: The Man Who Invented “Racism”...: This is not true, Hirschfeld was both an academic and a homosexual. I have of course long been aware of the claims by the Organised Homosexual Movement that he was one of theirs, but never seemed to get round to checking them out against a reliable source. Finally, in July 2012, I spent some time studying the 1986 biography by Charlotte Wolff, MAGNUS HIRSCHFELD: A Portrait of a Pioneer in Sexology, and it is crystal clear from this that he was.

At page 107, alluding to his book Transvestites, she says “He had studied many hundreds of them, and liked and befriended them to such a degree that he came under suspicion of being one himself.”

Elsewhere she writes that when he was younger he kept his homosexuality secret, but it is clear from his lifestyle that he couldn’t have done so for long. In later life, his main sexual interest was a young masochist named Karl Giese. He worked with Giese, and surrounded himself with young people, especially men – which of itself proves nothing, especially at that time. At page 186, Wolff says he was highly sexed.

In spite of his own homosexuality, it is clear that Hirschfeld recognised it for the perversion it is, and on the whole he made a positive contribution to sexology. It is only a pity that he allowed his own treatment at the hands of the Nazis, and their perversion of race science, to cloud his judgment on what are ultimately far more important issues. Return to text.






I wrote The Waiting Room in the mid to late 80s after seeing a small ad in Time Out asking for short plays. I sent in a copy, and typically never heard anything. Dialogue has never been my strong point so I expected it to remain the only play I had ever written. That remains more or less true! In April 2009, I dug out the original diagram I drew as an aid to the script, and scanned it.






Some comment re poetry published on this site can also be found under Other Contributors (above).

As of today – December 27, 2010 – there are two poems on this site which begin with the word Mr (ie Mister); they have been indexed under Mr rather than the latter. Words such as this, Mrs, Saint (St) Macdonald etc, often cause problems for indexers and searchers alike, but it is no big thing here.

An Address By Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911) To A Contemporary Meeting Of The American Association For The Advancement of Science was originally called An Address By Sir Francis Galton (1822-1910) To A Contemporary Meeting Of The American Association For The Advancement of Science. How I got his date of death wrong, I don’t know, I’ve always been meticulous about this sort of thing, even when I wrote this way back in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It was written for a competition; I believe the subject matter was Sir Francis Galton; another was Alexander Pope. The bit about eugenics was my idea!

An Epistle To Mr Pope was written for the same competition as An Address By Sir Francis Galton... and Fill Up Your Days as were a handful of others. I believe they were all written for the same competition – the one run by that bloke and his dog in New York – though not necessarily the same year. I entered it possibly three times but probably twice.

I was quite pleased with this at the time; I did quite a bit of research for it. I have made a few extremely minor alterations – mostly punctuation – to the hand typed original.

Around The World: Most of these/this were/was written when Ronald Reagan was President, then I forgot about this “project”, which was originally called Around The World In Eighty Limericks. As the reader will see for himself, it didn’t turn out quite like that. They are not all limericks, strictly speaking, and depending on how you count them, there are not exactly eighty.

Like many of my other writings, these/it sat on my hard disk for years and years and years, until at the beginning of February 2011, I fished it out, dusted it down, and finished off the last ten or so verses.

Fill Up Your Days (An Address To Paulinus): This was written either in the late 1980s or early 1990s, for a competition. Why else would I have written something like this?

Graceland: This poem was written for a competition, something to do with the World Order Of Narrative Poets. Recently I dug out what I presume is a photocopy of the original as submitted. It was printed out in WordStar, although I can’t remember now how I did it. I can only assume that I printed out the title and first few words in the usual portrait view and then the verses on the same piece of paper in landscape. The document appears to have been printed as such rather than cut and pasted.

I had hoped to be able to display the poem in HTML, apparently there is a way to rotate selected text through ninety degrees, but I was unable to fathom it out, and as usual, the mighty code warrriors of a certain Usenet group were no assistance at all. I created a picture of the poem by keying it into a WORD file, and saving it as a two page PDF. Then I split the file, rotated the bottom half, and created a JPG by using a combination of PrtScn, Microsoft Photoeditor (a delightful little program) and IrfanView.

Apart from the thick black line, this is a fairly faithful reproduction of the poem as submitted, apart from the title, which was neither italicised nor red.

I could have waited until I could get round to scanning the original, but having made the effort, I am more than satisfied with the way it has turned out.

October 15, 2010

Justice: I published this poem on April 4, 2011; it was written on November 30, 1984. In spite of the passage of time and its being undated, I can be absolutely certain of the date I wrote it. On November 30, 1984, a man named John Lambert was sentenced to a mere six years imprisonment for strangling his three young daughters; his motive was to get back at his wife, who’d had an affair.

When I heard the news on the radio in Highpoint, I told Phil the tea boy about Lambert’s conviction for manslaughter due to the legal fiction of diminished responsibility. I remember asking Phil what sentence he thought Lambert had received; I can’t remember his answer, but when I told him six years, he was apoplectic. Phil was a small time burglar; he was serving a sentence of six years. Justice indeed.

This report was published in the Times, December 1, 1984, page 3.

Lines On The Deaths Of Ted Lowe, Henry Cooper And Osama Bin Laden: On May 1, 2011, during the final of the World Professional Snooker Championship, former BBC commentator Ted Lowe died; later I heard that Henry Cooper had died too. And when I turned on the TV the following morning, I was greeted with the sight of Barack Obama telling the world that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan. That’s a lot of explanation for a four line poem.

Seven Species Of Negro Boxer: I wrote this after Hearns-Duran but before Hagler-Hearns, ie between June 15, 1984 and April 15, 1985.

Some lengthy comment is necessary. Muhammad Ali – or Cassius Clay as he was then – was the first sportsman I ever admired. I liked everything about him, especially his attitude. I remember watching both his fights against Liston, if not live then when they were first screened in the UK, in black and white. Actually, I remember watching his first fight against Henry Cooper, which was live, or near enough because it was held here. I was very young at the time, and was naturally rooting for the home fighter.

I went off Ali a lot in the late 70s/early 80s, not so much because of his perceived anti-white statements but because of his attitude to the Vietnam War. How wrong I – and so many of us – were. I’ve written about this elsewhere.

The biggest mistake Larry Holmes made was to be born in Ali’s shadow; undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for seven years, he ignored my advice, took on Father Time, and lost. I can’t remember what the faux pas alludes to; after his loss to Michael Spinks he said Rocky Marciano (whose record of 49-0 he had just failed to equal) was not fit to carry his jock strap. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t that though because of the chronology. Marvis Frazier, ah yes. Well, I suppose nepotism is marginally less insufferable than incest.

I was surprised Hearns blasted out Duran in two rounds, and I knew he would employ the same tactics against Hagler. I also knew that would be a big mistake, and had a small bet on Hagler to win in three rounds. If Hearns had boxed him instead, the fight would have lasted longer but he would still have lost. But if he’d done that, the two men wouldn’t have produced what is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest fights of all time. All eight minutes of it.

Leonard came out of retirement to fight Hagler. Alan Minter said he thought Hagler would walk right through him. I agreed. Some people – including better judges than me – thought Hagler edged it. I was rooting for Hagler, and couldn’t disagree with the decision. I thought Leonard won it by two rounds. Hagler never fought again, and like Liberace, he cried all the way to the bank, as a career in commentating and films beckoned.

Leonard did not exhibit such good judgment; he scored a draw and a win in big money return fights with Hearns and Duran, but ended his boxing career with an ignominious 5 round loss to Hector Camacho in March 1997!

Once an enthusiastic fan, I lost all interest in boxing after seeing Herol Graham knocked out by Julian Jackson, a fighter with a big punch but absolutely no talent.

March 4, 2011

Sodomy Or Sharia? (An Ode To The AEDL): I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard the EDL had a gay division – excuse the lower case. It was bad enough their attempting to crawl up to the Anglo-Jewish establishment, like the leader of a certain “extremist” political party I’m too diplomatic to name. For decades, Organised Jewry on both sides of the Atlantic have smeared all white nationalists, indeed all white people as racist, anti-Semitic, and, bore, bore, Nazis anytime they exhibited the slightest resistance to miscegenation, forced race-mixing, or even the colonisation of their countries by alien races. The healthy instincts white people – indeed the people of all races – have of preserving their racial and cultural inheritance has not only been attacked as some sort of mental disease but subjected to the most Draconian and pernicious “anti-hate” legislation at their behest. Partly as a result of this, non-white immigrants from all over the world have flooded into the white nations, and, surprise, surprise, the vast majority of them are anything but sympathetic to Organised Jewry’s beloved Israel, partly because to them the Israelis are the last manifestation of the white “Imperialism” they have all been so conditioned to hate, and partly because of increasingly unbiased mass media reporting on the ongoing brutalisation of the Palestinian people by the Zionists.

Now, in an extraordinary about-face, we are supposed to believe that Israel is in the frontline of the war on terror, and that we are comrades in arms with the people who – even before the Second World War was finished – turned on the British who had saved so many Jews from the Nazi gas chambers – stabbing them in the back, and in many cases blowing them to Kingdom Come, as in the King David Hotel atrocity of July 1946.

Though it should surprise no one that the enemies of all nations bar one would attempt to foster this grotesque piece of fiction, it remains to be seen why anyone on the so-called racist right should give it any credence whatsoever. Are we really supposed to believe that Islam is the real enemy within? Is Islam or Zionism the reason the West is so hated? And is it Islam or the organised homosexual movement that is responsible for the spread of AIDS? Whom the gods would destroy...

March 9, 2011

Song For Damien was written in the small hours of April 5, 2011 and E-Mailed to Michael Stone in Full Sutton High Security Prison before I hit the sack. I still find it difficult to believe anyone could be convicted of any offence on the “evidence” adduced by the Crown at Stone’s trial, but having had personal and painful experience of the corrupt scum who control our criminal justice system, I suppose I shouldn’t.

The New X Certificate Nursery Rhymes: New is not the word, this lot goes back to the mid 1980s. The first one (i) was inspired by a cartoon I saw in a newspaper or somewhere. It showed a villain in a police station; he had obviously asked a question of a police officer, and the reply was something like: "Of course you can speak to your solicitor; he’s in the next cell."

Number iv is a rather bad taste comment on Aberfan – a disaster I am just about old enough to remember.

Re Number xiii, yes, I do occasionally use the dreaded N word, but nowhere near as often as Mike Tyson (who deserves it).

Number xxii: ER is a truly remarkable woman, unfortunately, her younger sibling...

Number xxix is pure bad taste.

Number xxxii was inspired by a comedy sketch I saw on a TV programme, just don’t ask me what or when, sometime in the late 1970s, I think.

January 14, 2010




Two Poems From The ITMA Book Of “Gay” Verse


Re Lines On The Resignation Of The Bishop Of Gloucester and Postscript (Slightly altered), at Christmas 2010, I was doing some hard disk maintenance when I found the notes I made on these two gems at the time I downloaded them. The former was contributed by LPAYNE, the latter was attributed to Dr Tim Healy of Barnsley; I have a feeling this might have actually been published in a newspaper under correspondence in a less politically correct age. The former was definitely downloaded from CIX; as (probably) was the latter.

Click here to resume.



There are three poems published here which have their genesis in my school years: Leviathan’s Farewell, Rain and The Star Raiders.

Leviathan’s Farewell was published on this site September 13, 2000; the other two were not published until today.

I wrote Leviathan’s Farewell or a poem with a similar name during an English examination. Rain was a fairly ordinary sort of poem; I can’t remember what inspired The Star Raiders but it may have been The War Of The Worlds – the original H.G. Wells novel – which was requisite reading at the time, although it has more in common with the much later science fiction film Independence Day.

I think The Star Raiders was the first of these poems, and Rain the second.

Although all three were reconstructed more than a decade after I left school, I am 100% certain that the final line of each poem is exactly the same as in the long lost original, and 90% certain that the last verses of both Rain and The Star Raiders have been reconstructed perfectly. Having said that, there is nothing at all perfect about any of these poems; they were unquestionably excellent efforts, but only for a fourteen year old with a penchant for iambic pentameter, not for an aspiring Poet Laureate!

October 7, 2010




Puzzles And Riddles


Puzzles And Riddles or Riddles and Puzzles? The riddles came first, so I suppose it should be Riddles And Puzzles, although the latter sounds better to my ears, so...the former are exclusively conundrum riddles, or conundrums as the Voice insisted on calling them, as well as Lymerick Conundrums. The answers to the selected riddles or puzzles were published the following week. Any errors in these riddles and/or puzzles, spelling mistakes, etc, are down to the paper; they were all checked extremely carefully prior to submission.




Short Stories


Arrest Warrant Issued For Fredrick Töben was written as a spoof press release on March 19, 2010, and mailed out to selected contacts and also published on Usenet the same day. It doesn’t really belong under the Short Stories listing, but it is hardly an essay either, which is why I have not italicised the title. Whatever you choose to call it, this (dare I say satirical?) jibe at the ongoing intellectual tyranny of the Western so-called democracies was prompted by the downward revision by German historians for the mass murder of German civillians during the Holocaust that was the Second World War.

The new figure of approximately twenty-five thousand dead during the raids on the City of Dresden was not of course new but was given official recognition for the first time, and caused not the slightest controversy, certainly there were no demands that anyone should be gaoled for endorsing it. Or for disputing it, for that matter.

The Wrong Blonde Bitch was published July 23, 2009. I thought the original letter from that duplicitous cunt DC Taylor alluded to herein had been lost, but I found it February 1, 2013; it was scanned and added the same day.






Airport In Autumn: For what it is worth, this was my first ever collaboration (as lyricist). Airport In Autumn was actually written in Highpoint, in 1985 if I recall. I left there is March that year so it was probably in either January or February. My collaborator, whom, again if I recall, helped a bit with the words, was a strange character called Mike McShane. Actually, he was less strange than queer, well, bi-sexual. He was a sort of hippy, a vegan and all that other posing stuff, and unfortunately into weed in a big way. Anyway, I wrote the words (or most of them) based on an idea of his, and he set it to music on his guitar, although I can’t remember if he actually completed it. This was the only thing we ever wrote together. He did not appreciate the limerick I wrote about him!





An Ode To David Icke: I wrote this when Icke was in his green phase; I came across it when I was going through some old papers in June 2004. I sent it in to Auto Express about the time they published my article about Bonnie & Clyde. Alas...

What Is A Friend?: I wrote this circa 1985; it was one of the first sonnets I ever wrote, and I still think it is one of the best.





SATPAL RAM: A Case Study In “Anti-Racist” Brainwashing: A very minor correction to this speech, the Black Panther actually murdered four people rather than five. You can read a bit about him here.




The Latest News


On October 19, 2017, I found a typo in the article Laura Bates And The Everyday Whining Project (October 14, 2015). I spent over an hour trying to edit it out, the word would in the final sentence. Every time I did this, it busted a link in the resulting PDF file. Don’t ask me how or why. If you find any typos or other errors in any PDF files I have created myself – in The Latest News articles or anywhere else – don’t assume I have missed them. Sometimes it is either impossible (for me) to remove them, or the effort simply isn’t worth the candle.

A couple of other points: Deke Leonard (December 28, 2015) died January 31, 2017; my predictions for 2016 (January 1, 2016) held up extremely well in comparison with those made by so-called psychics.

In the article Wishbone Ash in 2015 (first published March 6, 2015), I said I saw the band twice in the 1990s in consecutive years. Memory is a strange thing, I saw them only the once, and here is the proof – February 11, 2023.

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The date given in the Baron/ITMA Bibliography for an uploaded video, be it to BitChute or YouTube is the date the video was made public; it may actually have been uploaded the day before or some time before for whatever reason.

Re Standpoint, February 11, 2015. This one is complicated.

Standpoint is also transliterated as Stand Point. Episode 88 entitled Sexual Abuse was broadcast February 11, 2015. On 09.55 that morning, I received a phone call from Amir Tahouri who said he was recording the programme and asked if I could come in if he were to delay for half an hour. I reminded him where I live then suggested I participate by phone. We went ahead at 10.30. There were two back-to-back as usual, they were about sex crimes and the rehabilitation of offenders. Among other things I ended up expounding on the scandalous Rolf Harris conviction.

I can’t remember when I received the disk through the post but I uploaded it, the entire disk, to YouTube on March 23, 2015 as a private video. The same disk contained Episode 89 entitled Ex-Offenders, to which I also contributed.

On March 28, 2015, I uploaded the relevant segment of the first programme which I entitled Defending Ched Evans And Rolf Harris On Iranian TV. This was made public on April 24, 2015, although by the evening of July 10, 2019 it had been viewed only 126 times. The same date, the full disk (ie both programmes) had been viewed only 4 times. This is because it was uploaded as a private video only. I made it public forthwith, and also uploaded both the edit of the first programme and the full disk to BitChute the same night.

The full disk was uploaded to the Internet Archive on January 9, 2018, having been misdated April 24, 2015. That was corrected on July 10, 2019.

the man who invented racism meme: This 53 second video can be found on the Other Contributors page. It was uploaded to YouTube on July 3, 2020. I can only say I am flattered. To understand why, check out THE MAN WHO INVENTED “RACISM”




“Wikinut” Articles



I published my first Wikinut article on July 22, 2014. I had hoped to make a bit of money off the site, but in the following years I received only one payment, between two and three pounds sterling, if I recall. At some point I received a notification that contributors would no longer be paid, and by August 2018 it was clear the site was in trouble. Like many other sites it now appears to have been simply abandoned. My final article for the site – When Victim Blaming Doesn’t Count... was published September 12, 2018, having been submitted a month and a day earlier.

I continued to log in all throughout 2019 half hoping it would be resuscitated, but in early 2020 the site certificate expired, and on March 19, 2020, I added a Wikinut directory to this site.

I also added all the HTML files linking them all, a task that was finished by April 8, but not the long, laborious process of re-editing them to make them look passable if not aesthetic. The new directory HomePage was made public May 3, 2020.

I have corrected the odd spelling mistake, and one or two other errors, more of appearance than substance. For example, Jonathan Oates: A Man With Murder In Mind is in two parts, being about serial killers John George Haigh and John Reginald Halliday Christie. The first part was originally labelled Jonathan Oates: A Man With Murder In Mind; I have renamed this John George Haigh. The layout of Wikinut pages is such that the sections of limited length require names, which can be the same name with or without the designation of parts 1, 2, 3...see for example The Canonisation Of Emma Humphreys which is in three parts.

One very minor error of substance appeared at the bottom of the page of this article. It stated it was published originally by The Latest News, January 23, 2006. That should of course have read January 23, 2016.

With one exception, comments have not been included in these articles, that exception being one by Jay Raskin about how rape crisis airheads encourage women to make false allegations of rape.

On April 12, 2020, I noticed a link to a YouTube video from the diving chess at MSO 2017 had been set to private. Rather than pester Etan, I downloaded a related video and added it as an upload. Likewise, I have replaced some links with different articles, and have removed some as superfluous.

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