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NCROPA, or I suppose N.C.R.O.P.A. to be precise, was the brainchild of David Webb (1931-2012). On February 27, 2013, I picked up two lever arch files of what might be called the NCROPA Archive from the office of David Webb’s executor. I began scanning the material therein the same night. This is an enormous task for one individual who has other, more important commitments, so I expect its completion to take years rather than months, if it is ever completed.

As far as possible, all the scans on this site are in strict chronological order, though there are exceptions. One page documents are in JPG format; documents consisting of two or more pages are in PDF. A few letters have been redacted as I see fit.

The papers scanned here constitute only a small fraction of the actual archive. It was suggested I scan only the important documents, which I have done according to my own, obviously subjective criteria. I hope though to find an archive, possibly the British Library, to take the entire collection if and when I have completed this monumental task.

Some of the documents here are foolscap size, which is larger than my scanner; I have got round this by writing in the omitted text at the top or bottom of the scanned document. Some of them were attached to other documents which have not been scanned; this may give the impression that only part of the relevant document has been scanned. This is not the case. As we intend to donate the entire collection to an archive in due course, I have tried to refrain from unstapling or damaging documents when scanning them. This has led to some pages being scanned not properly aligned, and to parts of other documents being visible. I have tried to clean up the scans, but my skills in this department are severely limited. This archive is preserved for posterity, not for aestheticism.

Any errors here: pages omitted from documents, spelling mistakes, etc, are entirely my own. Please forward any comments, corrections and suggestions to the address below. This website was opened March 1, 2013.

NCROPA ceased to exist officially on January 1, 2015.

Alexander Baron,

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A further note: On February 19, 2024, all the HTML files on this site were completely overhauled, the odd coding error and typo were corrected, while most important, the font size of the body text was increased to improve visibility for especially people consulting it on their mobile phones. No new material was added to the Archive. which I consider to have been completed on the date below.

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