NCROPA Papers – Miscellaneous Documents


The documents enumerated below were not all generated by or on account of NCROPA, nor are they in chronological order. For the most part they do not have precise dates of publication.


NCROPA Critiques And Submissions


Evidence To The Committee On Obscenity And Film Censorship, April 1978
The above document is the earliest NCROPA submission; it is scanned here from the original artwork. There was no back cover in the envelope in which this document was found. The Appendix – pages 31-4 – contains brief biographical notes of the NCROPA Committee members at that date.
Errata to the above

NCROPA petition against the GLC bill, 1982

A critique of the Obscene Publications...Bill, February 1986
The above NCROPA publication was scanned from the original artwork.

NCROPA critique of The Wiliams Report, April 1980
Another copy in the file has written on the front cover “Drafted by E.A.C. Goodman.”

Observations on the Graham Bright bill, September 1, 1983
The above was presented to Home Secretary Leon Brittan on said date. According to E.A.C. Goodman, this document was written for the Home Secretary while the critique below was published for the general public.
NCROPA critique of the Video Recordings Bill, 1983
The above was scanned from the master copy.

List of sponsors of the Bright bill; see “Observations on the Graham Bright bill”, (above).

NCROPA Submission to Brazil: Cinema, Sex And The Generals
The above is an account of a private viewing of said film on November 6, 1985; it was attended by David Webb and Ted Goodman.

NCROPA Submission to The Royal Commission On Criminal Justice, November 29, 1991
The above is the best copy possible, but here is the first page again. On page 8, the words “is disturbing” are typed in above the word “Furthermore” on the 4th line.

NCROPA submission on the Broadcasting Standard Council Code Of Conduct, January 1989

NCROPA submission on ICSTIS code, April 29, 1993
The above document was scanned from the designated master copy.

NCROPA Critique of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill, February 1994
The above document concerns Part VII of the bill, and is scanned here from one of the files. It is the best copy possible.

NCROPA memorandum to the Home Affairs Committee re computer pornography, October 1993
The above is Appendix B; there was another copy in the file so headed.




Draft fundraising letter – for Denmark
Draft fundraising letter – for Sweden
The above two documents are draft letters/plans. I don’t know if either were successful, but neither David Webb nor any other NCROPA member was in it for the money. One or both appear to have been sent May 31, 1977. See letter from Private Press AB, June 6, 1977.

Suggested publicity material for April 1977
Here is the bottom of the above document.

Draft national press advertisement for NCROPA, circa December 1978

Amendment to Motion 17
The above concerns an NCCL motion relating to Catherine Itzin.

Draft NCROPA form
The above draft was produced early on in the campaign. Here is the bottom of the form.
Below is what appears to be the actual form, quite likely the first one, from 1977.
NCROPA application form
Draft document re meeting with Peter Lloyd MP, March 4, 1982

NCROPA Draft Freedom Of Expression Bill, 1986
The above is the best copy possible, a copy of a copy. The date at the end is November 1986 but it was submitted to the Sexual Freedom Coalition in 1996. Below is a later version; attached to it was a post it note that reads thus:

NCROPA Draft Freedom Of Expression Bill, 1990
Goodman told me the above was drafted by David Webb and himself in 1990. It is not clear here but some tippex has been applied to it.

Sexually-Explicit Images Bill, 1992
The above was drafted by Peter Tatchell in November 1991. Here is the post it note that was attached to it.



NCROPA In Action


There were two copies of the above pamphlet in one of the many envelopes I was given by David Webb’s executor. They appear to be identical, but the second copy has the dates 1981 and 1982 written in red biro at the top of most of the inside pages. For posterity, here is the front cover of this copy. The pamphlet is A5 in size. The back cover is blank so has not been scanned.
NCROPA chronology, December 1983-February 1986
My apologies for the format of the above document, I can say only that none of this is down to me. This consists of 21 pieces of paper (although there were fewer than that originally) that have been assembled to make an ad hoc copy of NCROPA IN ACTION for 1984-5. The first date is actually December 5, 1983 and the last February 19, 1986. The dates are not entirely in chronological order, and the copies are the best possible. It is my belief that David Webb intended to publish this in the same format as the document immediately above and the two immediately below, but for whatever reason he never got round to it, or if he did, then there was no copy in the NCROPA papers as delivered to me.
The above is scanned from what appears to be a photocopy in one of David Webb’s NCROPA files. I have not seen an actual copy so assume it was issued as an A4 pamphlet. If it is lop-sided in places, that is the way I found it.
NCROPA IN ACTION, June ’91-May ’92
Report by Tuppy Owens, October-November 1991
The above 3 page document appears to have been intended for the NCROPA In Action.



NCROPA Newsletters


Re the two documents below, see also NCROPA IN ACTION (above).

NCROPA newsletter, July 1977 – the first ever issue
NCROPA newsletter, November 1989



NCROPA Publications, Etc – Other


A document re the Obscene Publications Acts
According to Goodman, the above is an anti-NCROPA critique of 1977 by a lawyer, perhaps Francis Bennion.

NCROPA miscellaneous membership applications
The above are all in one file; I have scanned five of the nine such applications marked by David Webb as of interest. In no particular order they are Dudley Moore (1935-2002) who was best known as a comedian but was also a classically trained composer and jazz pianist; actress and model Mary Millington (1949-79); Doreen Millington, editor of Whitehouse magazine – the two Millingtons were not related in spite of claims to the contrary. Publisher David Sullivan, who was not only NCROPA member number 18 but a financial backer in a relatively small way. David Webb was not only an autocrat but would not allow anyone who had a commercial interest in the fight against censorship to have too much influence within the organisation. Finally, the actress Gillian Raine who signed in her married name; she was the wife of Leonard Rossiter.

A chronology of censorship – 1 page, printed
According to E.A.C. Goodman, the above came from the Mary Evans Picture Library, and is from a copy of an old issue of New Statesman magazine. The document below was drafted by Goodman at the time.
A chronology of censorship – 1 page, typed

NCROPA artwork
The above and below date from the very early days of NCROPA, circa May 1976
NCROPA artwork

Letter for prospective NCROPA members, circa May 2, 1976

NCROPA leaflet, 1977
The above is an untitled leaflet that advises NCROPA members (and others) how to deal with the police. It is the best copy possible.

LEGALISE ‘PORNOGRAPHY’ NOW, an advertisement, probably published initially in the late 1970s. No prizes for guessing who worded it.

NCROPA acknowledgment
The above undated letter was probably issued in or around 1980. At times, David Webb managed to generate considerable publicity, including through advertisements. This would lead to a heavy response, which was a lot for one person to cope with. I found two or three letters in the archive from people chasing him up.

NCROPA sticky label, circa 1980
The above appears to be the colour in which it was printed; it was probably ordered around 1980.

NCROPA badge order form
The above is dated circa 1980.
NCROPA badge order form – the price has doubled, so this is obviously a later form than the above.

NCROPA election leaflet, 1983 The above is a leaflet issued at the time of the June 1983 General Election; David Webb stood against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as the NCROPA candidate.

The above is an internal document written by NCROPA member Terence DuQuesne; it is the best scan possible.

The above is a document written by Neville March Hunnings, who according to E.A.C. Goodman was an ally but not a NCROPA member. I would assume he wrote this specifically for David Webb/NCROPA although I have no information to that effect.

Letter by David Webb in Forum, Volume 19, No 2, circa February 1986

Transcript from an LBC Radio programme, March 5, 1986
The above features E.A.C. Goodman and Mary Whitehouse – a potentially explosive combination. I apologise for the poor layout of this document, which was no fault of mine at all. The last two lines of page 5 read as follows:

to control the extremes which do come on television, and are
likely to increasingly come.

The pencilled note against the bottom line is presumably a reference to the length of the programme, one and a half hours.

Report on Libertarian Alliance conference re censorship, free speech and pornography, August 9, 1986
The above is the best copy possible.

NCROPA publications list, November 1986
A list compiled from a CAC press release, January 1994
This short document – which was included at the insistance of Goodman – may or may not be complete. As things stand, it completes the NCROPA Virtual Archive.

A list of like-minded organisations, December 1986

The above is an undated leaflet; it appears to have been issued January 1989 or later. A4 in size, it is folded to make a 4 page A5 pamphlet; it is scanned here back page & front page then pages 2 & 3, ie inside.
The version below was found in a separate envelope; it appears to be an original of the document of the same name (above). This particular one was issued in June 1991.

Two pages from a magazine apparently called Victoria, circa 1989, includes a listing for NCROPA.

Circular by NCROPA
The above appears to have been produced in 1993 and was probably sent to sex magazines, etc.

NCROPA subscription reminder
The above is an original template; below is a later version dating apparently 1979 on.
NCROPA subscription reminder

A list of those who attended the NCROPA 1992 fringe meeting
The speech David Webb made at this meeting can be found on the dedicated Speeches Page.

The above is an early NCROPA application form.

R v Uxbridge Magistrates, Ex Parte David Webb..., by Anthony Furlong, May 1996
The above is a report from Free Life, May 1996.

NCROPA statement of receipts and payments, April 29. 1976-March 2, 1983
As with any organisation’s accounts, the above is probably to be treated with some reserve, notwithstanding the meticulousness of its founder.

The above was written by E.A.C. Goodman.

The above is the back and then front cover of a 1984 New Year’s card. This is the inscription written inside it. The front includes a pun on the name of then Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

NCROPA cartoon, 1991
The above relates to a proposed NCROPA freedom of expression bill.

NCROPA entry
The above is the entry by NCROPA in the 1988 book Whose Side Are You On? It was written by David Webb.

NCROPA Notice of Members General Meeting, June 12, 1991
The above was issued May 1991.

Leaflet and flyer for NCROPA meeting, October 1992
Although the above and this look exactly the same, the former is an A4 leaflet, the latter is an A5 flyer/leaflet. It/they advertise the NCROPA fringe meeting at the 1992 Conservative Party conference. The speech David Webb made at this meeting can be found on the Speeches Page.

NCROPA Committee Meeting, 1994
The above is a duplicate – and better quality copy – of the document from the Minutes Book.

The Scandal Of Britain’s Obscene ‘Obscenity’ Laws, by David Webb, July 1994
The above was scanned from a photocopy. Sometime afterwards Goodman found yet another bag of NCROPA material that contained what appears to be the original. As far as I can tell, there is no appreciable difference.

Original NCROPA website, December 1998
The above is a ZIP file which contains the 7 HTML files that constituted the original NCROPA website. This was originally set up by Sean Gabb on his then free webspace, which has not been archived by the Wayback Machine. It was a very basic site that as you will see from the above files contained a brief introduction to NCROPA that outlined its goals, explained why people should join, and also included a print out membership form. By the time the site was set up, NCROPA was far less active than it had been in both its early days and the early 1990s. With the explosion of the Internet, the battle against sexual censorship is over, on-line at least, and the Libertarians have been concentrating on more serious issues, primarily political ones.

After you have downloaded the above file it can be unpacked with PKZIP, WinZip or similar file compression software. If you don’t have one of these on your computer you can download either, both or similar utilities for free from many websites.

Designs for NCROPA sweatshirt
I am informed that no shirts of any design were printed for NCROPA members, although it is possible but unlikely that David Webb ordered one or two for himself.



NCROPA Christmas Cards


As a committed secular humanist, David Webb always alluded to these as Xmas cards.

NCROPA Christmas card for 1977
The above is scanned here back & front then inside.
NCROPA Christmas card for 1982-3
In the above, the stripper is Mary Whitehouse (David Webb’s bête noire), the woman rushing to cover her is Margaret Thatcher, and the man next to her is Home Secretary William Whitelaw. The man holding the copy of The Williams Report appears to be David Steel; the man behind him looks like former Prime Minister James Callaghan, and the man behind him with the trademark eyebrows is definitely Denis Healey. The man who appears to be picking the NCROPA supporter’s pocket is Sir Geoffrey Howe, who at the time was Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The above was probably produced for Christmas 1983 because of the front cover; that was the year David Webb stood against Margaret Thatcher in the General Election. It is scanned here back cover & front. The blank inside has not been scanned.
NCROPA Christmas card for 1986
Thy Condom Come
I have no idea when the above was produced; I was not the only person who plundered the Chelsea apartment of the then recently deceased David Webb, Mark Taha did the same, but at least he knew him in person whereas I spoke to him once, possibly twice. Taha sent me this for Christmas 2015. It consists of one sheet of thin A4 card folded; the inside is blank so has not been scanned here.





NCROPA at the Home Office, January 21, 1981
The above photograph is self-explanatory.

NCROPA poster, and same
The poster pictured above was too big to be scanned, at least by me, so this is an improvisation, and a very limited one. The second photo is not too bad. The bottom line reads PRINTED BY WHITBY, LIGHT & LANE LTD., BRIDGWATER, SOM.

David Webb with Cynthia Payne at Kensington Town Hall, June 29, 1988 – see inscription on back

David Webb interrupts Margaret Thatcher
The above photograph is from the 1983 book Diary Of An Election by Carol Thatcher, 1983; it is credited to Herbie Knott.

Photograph from New York, 1983



Caress Magazine


Caress was an apparently short-lived magazine for writers of erotica.

Caress, issue 4, 1994
Caress, issue 5, 1994
Caress, issue 7, May 1994
Caress, issue 8, June/July 1994
In the above, a reference to NCROPA has been highlighted by David Webb.



Cul d’Or


Cul d’Or
Cul d’Or

I am not sure if the above two scans are from the same document; it looks like the first is a supplement to the second.



DLAS Publications


The Defence of Literature and the Arts Society was founded in 1968. In 1983, it was relaunched as the Campaign Against Censorship. As well as the founder of NCROPA, David Webb was a member of CAC. The publications below were found in NCROPA files. The first four are all four page pamphlets.

What DLAS is all about – an introduction
CENSORSHIP – David Webb has marked several listings in this with *
Film Censorship – includes a list of sponsors
A report – dated March 1980.

Campaign Against Censorship – introductory flyer/application form
The above is a flyer/application form scanned here back & front then inside ie pages 2 & 3. I do not know when it was issued.
Campaign Against Censorship – introductory leaflet, circa 1992





Three articles by E.A.C. Goodman:

Answering Five Questions, September 1982
The Jews and the Palestinians, October 1982



Articles Etc About, By, Or Featuring NCROPA


National News advertisement for NCROPA, February 1977
The sponsor of the above was the publisher based at 34 Upton Lane, Forest Gate, East London.

Letter S.J.Pike of the Home Office to Eric Miller of NCROPA, September 1975
I have put the above on this page because it is not dated precisely. This is the best copy possible.
Letter by Eric Miller of NCROPA, circa December 1977
I’m afraid I know neither the name of the publication, nor the precise date, in which the above appeared.

The above is a report of same, on September 9, 1982.

A message to the management, circa 1983
The above shows David Webb at his most obnoxious; it speaks for itself.

Letter by David Webb in Equity Journal, November 1983
Letter from David Webb in Equity magazine, Summer 2002

Hail, Smiling Porn?, by David Webb
The above article from the Autumn 1986 issue of The Author explains the inspiration for NCROPA.

for their eyes only by Kitty Doherty, published in For Women, March 1993
The above includes an interview with or quotes from David Webb.

Guilt Without Sex, by Ted Goodman, April-June 1993
The above was published in i-to-i magazine

Undated advertisement, 1993
The above advertisment is circa February 1993 – I know not where for – the black spaces are an address stamp for David Webb/NCROPA which did not show up under my scanner.

Desire, Issue No. 9, 1996
The above is a column called CENSORSHIP WATCH which included a contribution by Messrs Goodman & Webb.

Desire, July 1998
The above is a response to a “complex issue” by David Webb.
Desire, August 1998
The above is a response to David Webb in the previous issue.

“Pornography” – What is and is not legal?
The above is a short disseration by David Webb.

isabel koprowski on porn, from Cosmopolitan, November 1988
The above article by NCROPA Committee member Isabel Koprowski is the best copy possible.

Letter Kiaron Finnegan to E.A.C. Goodman
The above letter from the producer of the Kilroy programme appears on this page because it is undated. Goodman says he appeared on the programme in 1995.



From Gay Times


Gay Times, December 1986
Gay Times, October 1987
Gay Times, December 1991
The above is a scan of page 23; it includes a letter from David Webb.
Gay Times, April 1992
The highlighting in the above article (Tories promise tough controls on pornography) is by David Webb
Gay Times, August 1992
The above article (Police chiefs come under fire for supporting Mrs Whitehouse) points out that the Police Commissioner is actually a civilian, for those (unlike me) who didn’t know this already.



Miscellaneous (non-NCROPA) Advertisements, Etc


This section includes advertisements for NCROPA but not NCROPA publications.

Answerphone advertising leaflet
I’ve included the scan above of this answerphone – or Ansafone – to show how times have changed and how the price of technology has plummeted exponentially.

Advertisement, March 1982
The above is a circular with an advertisement issued by the sex shop industry.

Leaflet from Norma and Brian, circa 1982
The above is a folded leaflet that advertises uncensored films, etc.

The above is a flyer for this book; it was forwarded to David Webb by NCROPA member Antony Grey.

Britain: An Unfree Country – a press release for this book, circa May 1986
Britain: An Unfree Country, late June 1986
The above is a scan of a folded leaflet – scanned here back, front and inside, ie pages 4, 1, then 2 & 3. The book itself was written by Terence Du Quesne – whose name is no stranger to the NCROPA files – and NCROPA legal consultant E.A.C. Goodman.

The above is a flyer that was probably picked up in the West End by David Webb. On the back is written in red biro: Handed out in Soho December 1985

NCROPA listing in Skin Two magazine (highlighted in green by David Webb), circa February 1993



14 Days That Will Shake The Porn Industry


The documents below date from 1983; they were issued, by the loony “wimmin’s” group Women Against Violence Against Women, Bristol chapter, whose mantra appears to be “Pornography is violence against women”, apparently because they are unable to distinguish between a photograph of a naked female and a punch in the face. Needless to say, David Webb especially was not impressed with this particular brand of semantic silliness.

14 Days That Will Shake The Porn Industry
The above consists of 3 sheets of paper stapled together. Pages 4 & 6 are blank, so have not been included here.



Documents Relating To The Last Temptation Of Christ


Front of cinema ticket, September 22, 1988
Rear of above ticket
Do you really want to see THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST?, leaflet
The above was distributed outside the cinema, see note at bottom of leaflet.
Jesus Lives Today, another leaflet





WHAT SHOULD WE TELL THE CHILDREN? by Barbara Macdonald, (1974)
The above pamphlet/booklet was sent to David Webb by the author in January 1977; their correspondence is not included here. The inside front cover and entire back cover are blank, so have not been scanned.

R v Waterfield, 1975 – a law report, a short version
Re David Waterfield, above, see the Dramatis PersonŠ.

Our beliefs..., circa 1976
The above is an article by Arabella Melville about her forthcoming trial concerning her magazine Libertine – in which both defendants were acquitted. See in particular correspondence for 1977. This is the best copy possible.

Telegram to David Webb from Jane Cousins
The above is undated but appears to have been sent sometime in 1976 or 77.

Anonymous letter, circa 1977
Presumably the above was addressed to David Webb.

Two pages (highlighted by David Webb) from Policing A Perplexed Society by Sir Robert Mark, 1977

Submission on censorship, December 1977
Contributors to the above include Lord Longford and the Bishop of Leicester.

A critique of the proposed Primorolo Bill
The above was apparently written by a member of the NCCL.

List of police raids on West End cinema clubs, 1977-8
The above document consisted of 3 pages stapled together. I unstapled them in order to scan them, and because page 2 is too big for my scanner I have scanned from the top down and the bottom up. Pages 2 & 3 here are therefore both of most of page 2 of the original document. The fourth page here, the third page of the original document – printed on orange paper – is a list of additional raids. This entire list appears to have been copied from a handwritten list supplied by L.G. Armstrong – not included here. In the original, the addresses of the premises are given as 16 Frith Street, 9 Berwick Street, and 48A Dean Street. The majority of the raids were on the Frith Street address.

Gallup Poll, March 1979
Gallup Poll, response to the above

Extract from Hansard, circa 1983
The above relates to the Video Recordings Bill; NCROPA gets a mention.

Uncensored, February 1984
The above is two pages from the CAC journal relating to NCROPA. Some of the text has been highlighted (by David Webb).

Uncensored, Winter 1985
One page from the above.

Censored, February 10, 1985
The above appears to be a complete publication.

Cause For Concern
The above appears to have been issued at about the time of the spate of police raids on private cinema clubs in the West End of London, (see document immediately above).

Seizures by the Metropolitan Police, January-November 1992
The above relates to the Protection Of Children Act. Below is the original handwritten list. It was obtained and/or passed on by E.A.C. Goodman in March 1993.
Seizures by the Metropolitan Police, January-November 1992

Review of the Catherine Itzin book Pornography: Women, Violence and Civil Liberties, by Caroline Ellis, Spring 1993

Cerne Giant
The above pamphlet is scanned here pages 4 & 1 then 2 & 3. David Webb considered the widespread acceptance of the publication of photographs of such ancient artefacts to be a double standard, but see The part Heineken could not reach September 26, 1983.

Pornographic drawing by Graham Bright MP, or at least attributed to him.
The above is in the same spirit as the Cerne Giant pamphlet. No, not really.

Australian film list, 1981

The above is a document produced by OutRage! that slags off one of David Webb’s least favourite policemen.

The above article is from Plan and was written by Fanny Cockerell. It is the best scan possible. The bottom linereads “else? We wonder.”

Form from the 1983 General Election, front only – original, and copy

Cockpit Theatre petition, 1983

Knockabout Comics, press release, July 1983

Defend Gay’s The Word Campaign Information Pack, 1984
The above is not one document but one with 14 inside. I found them in an envelope with this title (in block capitals). On the front it is dated 26/6/85, and was apparently received from The Alternative Bookshop, which was run by Chris Tame. These documents are all A5 and A4 leaflets, the latter having been folded to form 4 page A5 leaflets. The four page leaflets are scanned here back & front then pages 2 & 3 – ie inside. There is also a photocopy of a press cutting from the Guardian newspaper. These documents are self-explanatory; they relate to seizures of homosexual filth (usually alluded to as gay literature), lesbian literature and loony feminist ravings. This was something called Operation Tiger. Two of the leaflets are updates.

The holding file is a ZIP file, the same as the original NCROPA website (above).

Video Trade Association Confidential Survey
The above was issued in 1983 at the time of a video bill.

Untitled article by Robert Ray, February 1984
The above article was sent to David Webb by the author with a letter dated February 29, 1984. It was written for the ‘girlie mag’ Fiesta, and may or may not have been published.

Article by Neville Hunnings, June 1984

Her Majesty’s Pornographer Royal headed notepaper
The above and this sheet of paper were found in a file pertaining to 1986/7. I have no idea if they were connected or if either or both were ever used. I can only say that I have found no examples or reference to either in the archive, and that David Webb had a wicked sense of humour.

Memorandum concerning the protection of children, January 1986
The above is a representation from publishers concerning a pending private member’s bill.

The above article appeared in Girl About Town, a free magazine distributed in the capital. It set off a frenzy of indignant letter writing by David Webb. Its attributed author the loony feminist Catherine Itzen (1944-2010) was a member of the NCCL; Webb found her pro-censorship views anathema with membership of this organisation.
Invitation To The Sex Maniacs’ Ball, 1992
The back of the above document is blank so has not been scanned; the front cover and inside only are included here.

The Sex Maniacs’ Ball, 1987
The above is a leaflet promoting this event to be held on November 27, 1987; it is scanned here back & front then inside – pages 2 & 3.
Sex Maniaque’s Jack’ n’ Jill-Off Night, 1992
The above is a flyer for this event.

Invitation To The Erotic Oscars, Stripper Of The Year Semi-Finals, March 14, 1988
Invitation To The Erotic Oscars, March 23, 2000

Letter from Tim Woodward re advertising in Skin Two, 1986-7

Aquarius contact magazine, a notice from January 1987

Sex And The Law, page, 81, 1988
The reference to NCROPA in the above has been highlighted.

Withdrawn motion from Liberty 1989 AGM, circa March 1989

Front cover only of Soft-Core, 1990

The Williams Report, front cover and two page extract
The full title of the above November 1979 publication appears on the first page of the scanned document, but it is alluded to universally as The Williams Report after Sir Bernard Williams (1929-2003). The first page scanned here is not the actual front cover (which is blue) but the inner front cover, which is identical. The first page of the list of witnesses (page 265) and the third such page (page 267) have been included, the latter to show the allusion to NCROPA. This is page 112 with the reference to NCROPA highlighted, presumably by David Webb.

Censored, an ICA flyer
The above was put out following The Williams Report

Madonna’s Homecoming
The above is a short story by or from Antony Grey.

Withdrawn motion from Mistress Anne-Marie Boylen, 1989
The above is a newsletter of American origin issued by the Whipmistress of the Western World. Indeed.

The above is a typically alarmist notice of a fringe meeting held by Mrs Whitehouse at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool, October 9-10, 1991.

Advertisement for video contact magazine, circa 1991
The above claims to be the first ever video sex contact magazine for the UK.


The above is subtitled EVIDENCE SUBMITTED BY THE CATHOLIC SOCIAL WELFARE COMMISSION TO THE HOME OFFICE COMMITTEE APPOINTED IN SEPTEMBER 1977... Dated February 1978, the inside front and back covers are blank, so have not been scanned. This is the best scan possible. Although this document looks like an A5 pamphlet, it is unstapled and appears to have been distributed so. It has not been evenly typeset.

Noctural Emissions, May 1991
Noctural Emissions, December 1991
There were several mailings similar to the above two in the NCROPA files. They seem quite tame in the age of the Internet, but at the time they would often attract the attention of Britain’s moral police.

Campaign Against Pornography & Sexism SEXIST, & NON-SEXIST, AWARDS: 1992
This is an orphan; you will doubtless find some information about it somewhere on the Web.

Stonewall News Report, Spring ’1993
The above is an issue of a newsletter by the homosexual rights group Stonewall.

Leaflet in support of sex shops
A leaflet issued anonymously (not by David Webb who always wore his heart on his sleeve). It was probably put out in 1982.

Article from NCROPA exhibition badge, 1995
From some typically heated Webb correspondence I found in one of the files, this appears not to have been used.

Article from Censorship Watch magazine column, 1995

Whiplash, August 1996
The above is self-explanatory.

Whiplash Club Newsletter, issue 23
Whiplash Club Newsletter, issue 32
Whiplash Club Newsletter, issue 36

Article from Eve Vorley
The above is a small collection of documents found in a file for 1996-7, they were stapled together. It would help if she spelt Queen Anne’s Gate correctly.

Pornography, February 1989
The above is a 4 page flyer – summary and order form – for an official New Zealand Government publication.

Letter by Tuppy Owens, May 1996
The above, which may be a draft, is addressed to members of the nascent Sexual Freedom Coalition.

Newsletter of the Sexual Freedom Coalition
The above was received by NCROPA February 10, 1999; it is a single A4 folding leaflet, ie an A5 pamphlet, scanned pages 1,4, 2 & 3. A small leaflet for Worldwide Cannabis Action on May 1, 1999 was stapled to it. This latter is slightly less than A6.

Pansexual Resources Trust, a memorandum by Tuppy Owens, circa September 1996

Sexual Freedom Coalition flyer, undated

Summary of the Sexual Freedom Bill plus petition, 1997
The petition – the second page of the above – includes an image of the Cerne Giant, which shows the hand of David Webb.

Submission re regulation of videos by Darker Enterprises, October 2000
The above includes a letter to David Webb/NCROPA dated December 8, 2000 from Clive Sullivan. This document was contained in a plastic folder. It is a response to a Home Office consultation paper.

The above leaflet was found in one of the CAC files. It concerns the serial killer known as the Camden Ripper who was convicted in November 2003.

Among the papers delivered to me on November 14, 2013 was A Feminist Critique of “the” Feminist Critique of Pornography by Nadine Strossen.
Not wishing to scan yet another lengthy publication I looked for it on the Web, and found it. Having archived it, here it is. Apart from the front cover, it appears to be a perfect copy but as ever, caveat emptor.



Sexual Freedom Coalition Response To Consultation Paper On Prostitution


This section contains a lengthy photocopied document which I am led to believe is complete in spite of its having an Annex A but no Annex B. Its full title is SEXUAL FREEDOM COALITION RESPONSE TO THE HOME OFFICE Consultation Paper on Prostitution PAYING THE PRICE, and it is dated November 25, 2004. The main document runs to 49 pages. Appendix 2 is a contribution by a disabled man, who was almost certainly recruited by Tuppy Owens to write this. The full title of Appendix 3 is Sex “Slave” Trade The Other Side of the Sex Slave Debate by Yolanda Corduff. It makes far from edifying reading but sheds some light on what is really going on.

NCROPA was affiliated to the SFC, and in his capacity as its Legal Consultant, E.A.C. Goodman had an input into SFC papers including this one, except Appendices 2 & 3. NCROPA itself was not directly involved because its remit in this field did not extend beyond campaigning for the legalisation of advertising by prostitutes (which was and remains illegal in England).

This is the Main document
Annex A The Legal Framework
Appendix 1 Proposal for reform of the prostitution laws
Appendix 2 Nigel’s Story
Appendix 3 The Other Side Of The Sex Slave Debate



Pursey Documents


Amongst the (final) tranche of NCROPA documents I received from Goodman, on November 14, 2013, was some correspondence with Brian A. Pursey who had fallen foul of the law over The Ultimate Social Club. One of his handwritten letters ran to over 20 pages on account of his wordprocessor having been “stolen (confiscated)”, as he put it.

He ordered a copy of the NCROPA submission to the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice (above), which was in the file, and it is from this that I made a better copy of the first page, which was already on this site.

Brian Pursey membership application
The Ultimate Social Club – introductory letter
The Ultimate Social Club – membership list
The Ultimate Social Club – inquiry letter
The above document is scanned here pages 4, 1, 2, 3. It is similar in nature to the second document above.
The Ultimate Social Club – membership application form
Post it note, apparently by David Webb to himself – don’t ask me why I included this.



Spanner Documents


For brief details of the Spanner case, see this page.

Draft letter re Brown, Laskey, Jaggard and Others, circa September 1992
The above was probably written by David Webb.

SPANNERpeople, September 1992 – the first issue
The above is a folded A4 leaflet that has been scanned back & front then inside, ie pages 4 & 1 then 2 & 3.
SPANNERpeople, October 1992
Although I can’t be absolutely certain, I’m fairly sure the above is the complete issue.
COUNTDOWN ON SPANNER, a newsletter, September 1992
COUNTDOWN ON SPANNER, a newsletter, March 1993
COUNTDOWN ON SPANNER, a newsletter, apparently May 1993
SM Pride March, September 24-5, 1994
The above is a 4 page promotional pamphlet produced in support of Spanner, a so-called WEEKEND OF PERVERY. It is scanned here pages 4 & 1, pages 2 & 3 (the inside).


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