Today, my colleague reaches the big 5-0; earlier this week I suggested to him that it is about time he had if not his own website then his own webpage. Consequently I have decided to kick off with a couple of letters to the national press from last year and the year before. Regarding this page, and this page alone on this site, any and all errors of interpretation or of fact, including citations, are his! The scans will be in JPG format and will be reproduced in strict chronological order (as far as possible) and without comment.

Alexander Baron

February 13, 2009

One further note: in the bad old days – before the Internet and before I badgered him into taking IT lessons – all or most of his letters were handwritten; his script has been described as having the appearance of being written by a spider on speed, and doubtless worse, so at times both his name and his address have been misprinted by bemused editors. For that reason, a fair number of his missives will be missed by a straight search in NewsBank and other on-line databases. Regarding these latter, correspondence so published is generally either in text format (ie HTML) or PDF, both in many cases. As and when time and resources permit, I will troll through NewsBank, download and convert the files to JPGs so Taha’s correspondence can be read as one continuous stream. (Though it remains to be seen why anyone on Earth should want to do that). The letters as they appear herein have been scanned to the best of my ability, hence they will vary widely in size and quality. Heck, this is history, not art.

Updated March 14, 2009

This page has now become a section; contrary to what I said on its inception, I will here and there add a tiny bit of comment – starting with his letter in The Flag, October 1986.

Updated June 8, 2009

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