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Boxing News, October 15, 1976, page 8

Mark informs me that apart from a couple of scribblings in a long lost school magazine when he was about twelve, this was the first time he ever saw his name in print. And that Boxing News got his score card wrong; he had it 9-5-1 to Norton.

Socialist Worker, August 26, 1978, page 7
From CONCERNED of Ealing.

Vulture, Volume 2, Issue No 4, 1979
The above is from an Essex University newspaper from Taha’s student days. Thanks to Nigel Cochrane of the Albert Sloan Library on Colchester Campus for supplying this.

Essex County Standard, May 9, 1980, page 7
The above was credited originally as May 5, 1980. In January 2017, I obtained a much better copy.

New Statesman, March 13, 1981, page 17
The above includes a letter from another correspondent also.

DREADNOUGHT: The Magazine of the Uxbridge Divisional Young Conservatives, SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 1981, page 11

LAM, May 1983 (London freesheet)
The above was entered originally as April 1983, but a letter in the same issue alludes to an article of May 3, so this was probably published May 10, 1983 on.

LAM, May 24-30, 1983, page 4
These – above and immediately below – are large format scans because of their poor quality.

LAM, May 24-30, 1983, page 4
The above is a separate letter in the same publication; a reply to the Taha missive in the issue above.

LAM, July 12-8, 1983, page 4

Look Right, Summer 1983, Vol 2 No 1

LAM, 1 November 83, No 273, page 4.
LAM is an acronym for London’s Alternative Magazine, an Australian freesheet that was published in the capital from 1977-84.

LAM, circa December 1983
The above is a response to Taha’s letter of November 1983. It includes a second letter due to the layout.

LAM, September 4-10, 1984, page 3
I am 99% certain the year is correct; the rest of the data is for certain. The scan is the best quality possible.

Dreadnought, Autumn 1984. Re the above, I have included the front page and the two whole pages on which his missive appears.


Tribune, October 26, 1984
(A screengrab from the Tribune Archive – Bob Dennis indeed!)


SHEPHERDS BUSH-HAMMERSMITH Gazette, November 2, 1984, page 8.


SHEPHERDS BUSH-HAMMERSMITH Gazette, November 9, 1984, page 10.
(The above is a response to the Taha missive immediately above).

The above is a response to a Taha missive. The front page of this newspaper is misdated November 30; this caused me some confusion.

Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette, March 1, 1985, page 12

Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette, March 8, 1985, page 11
A response to the great man by Peter Charlton – see letter March 1, immediately above. The same letter with exactly the same wording, apparently unedited, appeared on the same page of the EALING GAZETTE (Royal visit Special edition), published the same date.

Labour Weekly, May 31, 1985, page 12
The above is the best scan possible. Kay Baxter indeed!

Labour Weekly, July 5, 1985, page 16
The above is a response to the letter from Kay Baxter, see above.

Evening Standard, January 23, 1986, page 19
I found the above in one of the NCROPA files.

Volya, circa March 1986, No 16, page 7

The above magazine was published by a friend of Mark’s, Terry Liddle; at least he was a friend until his ex-wife Daphne (The Teletubby) Liddle told Terry a tissue of lies about him.

Essex Graduate, Spring 1986, front cover and a listing page

Hackney Gazette, May 16, 1986, page 6.
As ever, Mark – (Mark Tala in this case) – was responsible for the poor quality of the scan rather than his humble webmaster. In February 2017, I took a copy from the microfiche; it was even worse!

The same letter is included in the PDF file that can be found on the Reviews Page.

City Limits, 17-24 July 1986, page 98

Boxing News, July 25, 1986, page 4

Today, September 4, 1986, page 20


SOUTHALL Gazette, September 19, 1986, page 11

The Flag, October 1986, page 5

Incredible though it may seem, the above letter was used by Gerry Gable in legal proceedings as evidence of Taha’s Fascist sympathies; the other evidence so pleaded was that Mark had attended a far right meeting at Kensington Town Hall. A meeting Gable himself had attended! If I live to be a hundred I will never understand how his sick Jewish mind works, but if you share my fascination with the bizarre you can find the full story in my short tribute to the Kosher Krazy, the appropriately named Jews From The Sewers, which is located on my SearchlightArchive website, and which I dare say is also floating around elsewhere in cyberspace along with many of my and our other groundbreaking exposÚs of this most demented enemy of Western Man.

Islington Gazette, October 17, 1986

Ealing Gazette, January 23, 1987
Below is a very slightly different edit of the same letter from another local newspaper.


Evening Standard, February 18, 1987

Islington Gazette, September 4, 1987

Islington Gazette, May 20, 1988

The Sun, June 6, 1988, page 16

Islington Times, June 28, 1988

Times Educational Supplement, August 12, 1988

Ealing Gazette, August 18, 1988
The exact same letter appears below with exactly the same sentiments about Hiroshima (with which I profoundly disagree).

SHEPHERDS BUSH-HAMMERSMITH Gazette, August 19, 1988, page 11

Islington Gazette, September 15, 1988, page 8

Islington Gazette, June 1, 1989, page 10

Islington Gazette, June 8, 1989, page 10
The above is a response to the letter by Taha immediately above.

Hackney Gazette, September 22, 1989, page 6

Islington Gazette, October 26, 1989, page 12

Islington Gazette, December 28, 1989

Islington Gazette, March 8, 1990

Time Out, April 25-May 2, 1990, page 154

Today, July 3, 1990, page 23
A contribution from Mark Tate!

Camden New Journal, August 23, 1990

Evening Standard, August 30, 1990

East London Advertiser, September 21, 1990

Boxing News, October 12, 1990, page 10

Today, October 30, 1990
The above date is unconfirmed.

Newham Recorder, November 8, 1990
The above is a response to a Taha missive.

Evening Standard, November 14, 1990, page 49

Newham Recorder, November 29, 1990

Evening Standard, December 3, 1990

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