At the time of writing - July 2009 - Mark Taha informs me that he has had more than a thousand letters in print. Over the years he has published a fair number of reviews, but obviously nowhere near as many as that. This section will therefore be considerably smaller than his correspondence section, but in common with those pages, any and all errors of interpretation or of fact, including citations, are his.

Tne New Mercenaries & KNOW YOUR ENEMY No. 13 London Labour Briefing, from Dreadnought, Spring 1986
The front page of the above publication - to which Taha did not contribute - is included, as is other material and a letter from the Great One.
Charlie Girl, from City Of London News, June 1986
I cannot be sure of the exact date of the above publication, but the year and month appear to be correct.
Wonderful Town, from City Of London News, August 27, 1986
Collectors’ Digest, September 1987
Collectors’ Digest, August 1988
Collectors’ Digest, October 1988
Collectors’ Digest, December 1988
Collectors’ Digest, May 1990
Collectors’ Digest, August 1990
Collectors’ Digest, January 1991
JACK DOYLE: Fighting For Love, from Topical Books, Spring 1991
Collectors’ Digest, February 1992
Collectors’ Digest, March 1992
The Guns Of The South, from Free Life, issue 20, August 1994
Treason In The Ashes, from Free Life, issue 21, November 1994
Sherlock Holmes And The Greyfriars School Mystery, from Story Paper Collectors’ Digest, January 1995
Wake Up, Britain, from Resistance, early 1995
Autobiography of Rhodes Boyson, from Free Life, August 1995
A review of The Hampstead Poisonings from Collectors’ Digest, November 1995
The Music Man, from Hookie Street, issue 5, 1995
The above is from the fanzine of the Only Fools And Horses Appreciation Society
Randy, from The Southern Ex-Boxer, 1996
Freddie My Friend, from Jabs & Jolts, issue 3, circa April 1996
About The House, from Free Life, issue 25, May 1996
Treasure Island: The Spin-Offs, from COLLECTORS DIGEST ANNUAL, CHRISTMAS 1996
Randy, by Peter McInnes from THE SOUTHERN EX-BOXER, VOL. 3 NO. 5 SPRING 1998, page 13
Collectors’ Digest, October 1998
The Age Of Insecurity, from New Alliance, January 2, 1999
Collectors’ Digest, October 1999
Fighting On, from Right Now!, October-December 1999, page 19
Collectors’ Digest, January 2000
Collectors’ Digest, September 2002
Collectors’ Digest, March 2003

Published Correspondence By Mark Taha (Original Introduction)
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