Sodomy Or Sharia? (An Ode To The AEDL)

Aloha, hello, Guten Tag and shalom,
But no assalam we beseach with aplomb,

Bend over for Tatchell
But don’t bow to Allah,
Pack up your Qur’an and go back to Ramallah.

Hi there, we’re the movement of English Defence,
You know hating Moslems is just common sense,
We welcome all Zionist Jews and gay people,

To fight the real menace like good little sheeple.

Preserving our freedoms from Allah’s contortion,
Gay lessons in schools, and a right to abortion,
And wars for war’s sake and to maintain our status,
And who cares if half the rest of the world hate’s us?

Aloha, hello, Guten Tag and shalom,
We cannot allow Iran to have the bomb,

We must protect Israel from this vile pariah,

Sign up with us now, and say no to Sharia.

Just think what it would mean for us if Islam
Took over our country, the terrible harm

The mullahs would do to the bankers and grifters,

Ten lashes for thieves and for drunks and shirtlifters.

Aloha, hello, Guten Tag, adios,
I’ve never heard anyone talking such dross!

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