The World Zionist Conspiracy:
Exposed By A Rabbi


Internet Edition

The following was first published as a 24 page A4 pamphlet in January 1995, by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London: ISBN 1 898318 22 0.

Its full title was:

Exposed By A Rabbi
Rabbi Yosef Goldstein Of Neturei Karta
Lifts The Lid Off Political Zionism
annotated and with additional notes
by Alexander Baron

A 2nd Printing, undated but virtually the same, was produced shortly after.

A 2nd Edition was prepared and was even assigned an ISBN: 1 898318 57 3. However, according to my at times incomplete records this was never actually published, and certainly was not lodged with the British Library. This then is the 2nd Edition, although it has not been updated since the original, and is to all intents and purposes the same publication; I have made only very minor and totally unimportant textual alterations, and reformatted it for viewing in HTML format.

The five related scans are linked in the text but are also linked below for convenience in chronological order; I have used high resolution for the sake of clarity.

Alexander Baron


August 25, 2002

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