A timeline of recent false rape cases

The non-rape of North Carolina student Landen Gambill has led to an outpouring of hysteria by the usual suspects about the alleged under-reporting of rape. There is another side to the coin though.

The chronology below consists of unambiguously proven false rape allegations from the turn of the Millennium, not cases which resulted in a not guilty verdict, nor those in which for whatever reason the wrong man was convicted of a crime or crimes that actually happened. Although these are overwhelmingly from the UK and the United States, it doesn’t take a great deal of research to find false rape allegations worldwide, from for example places as far apart as Germany and Singapore. Like the real thing, false rape is a worldwide phenomenon, and one that blights the lives of men from all backgrounds including and at times especially the famous, the rich, and even the powerful. In the United States, black men seem to get more than their fair share.

Although there are a number of websites that track such cases, it is surely time for an international database, preferably one maintained by an academic or even a government website – the United Nations perhaps?

A striking feature of every widely reported false rape case is the bleating of vested interests, usually so-called women’s groups, to the effect that this is an extremely rare phenomenon, that for every false allegation of rape there are five, ten, a dozen or a hundred genuine rapes that are not reported, and that our greatest concern should be not for the innocent victim who may have had his name dragged through the mud, sat in a police cell for hours or even in a prison cell for weeks, months or years, but for the effect this extremely rare event may have in discouraging genuine victims from coming forward.

The far from subtle subtext is that rape is such a heinous crime that not only should we lock up all perpetrators forever and a day, but that we should tear up the rule book in order to do so. Rules of evidence and procedure that are applied to other crimes should not be applied to rape. Any woman, any female, who makes an allegation of rape or lesser sexual offence against any man at any time is to be believed uncritically, even if the allegation is made weeks, months or years later by an individual who was not under any sort of duress or restraint. Questioning alleged victims about their accusations is seen as tantamount not only to disbelief but to a repetition of the act. (The aforementioned case of Landen Gambill is a classic example of this). In the UK especially there has been for many years talk about how to “improve” the rate for convictions in rape cases, as though the apparent low conviction rate can be symptomatic of only one thing, men getting away with it.

There are, it is true, men who play the system, most notable here serial rapist Nicholas Edwards, but if he had been given a 5 year sentence for his first conviction, there might not have been a second; and if he had received a life sentence for his second conviction, there would most definitely not have been a third.


February 2000: In the UK, babysitter Wendy McClung is given a non-custodial sentence for making a false allegation against Stewart Nicoll. They had consensual sex, and she cried rape to avoid a row with her parents.

September 2000: Nicholas Buoy is cleared of raping and indecently assaulting a teacher at “a drunken party”.

September 2000: Natalie Knighting is given a six month sentence at Newcastle Crown Court for obtaining money by deception and wasting police time.

October 2000: Singer-songwriter Paul Weller is accused of rape. And cleared promptly. The allegation dated to 1996.

November 2000: Singer-songwriter Mick Hucknall is accused of rape. He is bailed until the following January then cleared.

2001: In Longview, Washington, 11 year old Cassandra Kennedy accuses her own father of raping her. He is convicted. A decade later, she admits she lied.

April 2001: In Scotland, teenager Tracie Coyle is given an 18 month non-custodial sentence after admitting to a false rape allegation. There had been no rape and indeed no sex.

August 28, 2001: In Iowa, student Katie Robb claims to have been kidnapped by four black men and raped. Two days later she admitted she had made the whole thing up.

January 18, 2002: At Truro Crown Court, mother of two Julie Renouf is given a six month sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Her false rape allegation did not point the finger at a named individual. [Correction: see note at bottom of page].

July 8, 2002: 16 year old Brian Banks is accused of raping Wanette Gibson at Long Beach, California. He spends five years behind bars. It takes ten years to clear his name.

October 2002: In the UK, former weathergirl Ulrika Jonsson publishes her autobiography in which she claimed to have been raped by an unnamed individual many years earlier. The name John Leslie was then blurted out by Matthew Wright during a TV broadcast. This led to a nightmare roller coaster ride for Leslie, one that instead of up and down went down, down, down. A flood of allegations was made against him by women; he was arrested twice and charged with indecently assaulting a woman. Finally, all charges against him were dropped, but this sort of mud always sticks.

November 21, 2002: This is the date that a female civil servant in Thailand accused a government minister of raping her. Three years later she was convicted of falsely accusing him of rape and of defamation.

June 2003: Nadine Milroy-Sloan is given a 3 year sentence for making false allegations, including of rape. Her most high profile victims were the former government minister Neil Hamilton and his wife!

August 1, 2003: A woman who accused her own lawyer of raping her is given a nine month sentence in Edinburgh. Jacqueline Barkley is found guilty of wasting police time and breach of the peace.

October 2003: An American tourist in Dunedin, New Zealand claims to have been abducted and raped. Later she admits she made it up. This was the 7th false rape this year, in a city with a population of well under 150,000.

February 5, 2004: Another report from New Zealand says: “A young woman who made a false allegation of rape appeared to be living a life of fantasy”. Natasha Statesman-West was sentenced to 100 hours community work at Christchurch after admitting making a false allegation. No crime had been committed.

May 2004: Three Leicester City football players accused of raping three African women in Spain see all charges dropped. The women are said to have denied being prostitutes, even though one offered sexual services to a reporter from the News Of The World.

October 2, 2005: This was the date soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo did not rape a woman in his hotel suite. She was a prostitute who spent the night with him.

December 2005: A Massachusetts woman claims to have been raped and falsely imprisoned by three men. Later it transpires that these sexual encounters were entirely consensual.

2006: Cariann Backus makes accuses John Freed, her former fiancé, of raping her. He escapes with two nights in gaol and hefty lawyer’s fees. When the truth comes out, she is given a $5,500 fine and 90 days in gaol at Enfield Superior Court, Connecticut.

March 2006: Student, stripper and dancer Crystal Mangum accuses 3 students of the Duke University lacrosse team of raping her at a party. Her allegations turn out to be a tissue of lies. Because the non-victim was black and the non-perpetrators were white, the usual suspects tried to make a race issue out of this very high profile case.

Duke lacrosse rape liar and now convicted murderess Crystal Mangum.

April 27, 2006: Louise Brazil and her teenage daughter are gaoled at Lewes Crown Court for conspiring to falsely accuse a man for rape.

November 2006: Sally Henderson is given a 12 month sentence at Gloucester Crown Court. She had made a series of false allegations against her ex-husband, and had previously made similar allegations against a former lover.

January 2007: Abigail Gibson is given a two year jail sentence at Chester Crown Court after making her fourth false allegation of rape. Her first was in 2003.

January 2007: Maria Marchese is given a 9 year sentence at Southwark Crown Court after a four year hate campaign against a psychiatrist. Among other things she framed him for rape.

February 12, 2007: Tracey Taylor of Birkenhead pleads guilty to wasting police time. She had sex while drunk at a party then claimed to have been dragged into an alleyway and raped as she made her way home.

March 2007: Sarah Mealing is given a suspended sentence at Hove Crown Court. She made three allegations of assault, sexual assault and rape against the same man. He had cast iron alibis for every false allegation, but what might have been his fate if he hadn’t?

November 17, 2007: The London Times reports on the case of Plymouth woman Gemma Gregory, who made eight false allegations against different men over a 9 year period.

2007 & 2012: In the UK, Emma Saxon receives first a non-custodial sentence then a gaol sentence for two false rape allegations against two men in unrelated cases. Her victims include her own father.

May 2008: A report from Stockholm. A woman accuses a taxi driver of raping her after trying to evade the fare for herself and her male companion. When she realises she has been videoed, she comes clean. But if the camera hadn’t been there...

August 2008: Kerry Saunders pleads guilty at Basildon Crown Court to perverting the course of justice, and is sentenced to a year in prison. She claimed to have been raped by a black man driving a blue car. This led to the arrest of a totally innocent man. Only then did she admit she’d made the whole thing up.

August 29, 2008: Erin Casson is given a 12 month sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court. She had framed Petty Officer Brian Eaton for rape after seducing him. Fortunately for him, “CCTV footage taken from Tesco showed Casson and Mr Eaton laughing and joking, while neighbours remembered seeing the pair enjoying some ‘light-hearted banter’ before entering the house”. (Thank Heaven for Total Surveillance).

September 2008: In the North of England, Shirlie Prince is given a 3 month sentence for making a false rape allegation in May 2007. Her victim spent three days in custody and had the allegation hanging over him for 5 months. She claimed he had raped her at a party. Among other things, he lost his home.

October 1, 2008: In the Orkney Islands, a teenage child minder is sentence to community service for making a false rape allegation. According to the Glasgow Daily Record: “Extra officers were drafted in from the mainland and the investigation had a huge impact on the island.” The attack didn’t happen on December 16, 2007.

December 2008: Tyna Marie Robertson is warned she faces civil contempt charges if she does not cooperate with lawyers who are seeking documentation of her assets. She had falsely accused the dancer Michael Flatley of raping her in Las Vegas, eight years previously. The truth was they’d had a one night stand.

January 25, 2009: A story in the London Daily Mail reveals that a BBC TV personality had made a former lover’s life Hell by making numerous false allegations against him. Neither of their names are revealed.

July 2009: Jennifer Day is given a two year sentence at Basildon Crown Court for making a false rape allegation against Andrew Saxby, a man she met through a dating website. In dismissing her appeal against sentence, the Court of Appeal rules that a gaol sentence is inevitable for women who cry rape.

November 2009: Chloe Dolton is convicted at Exeter Crown Court of attempting to pervert the course of justice. She had consensual sex with two strangers in a car park, then claimed they’d attacked her. But for CCTV evidence, they might have been convicted.

February 2010: Gail Sherwood is convicted of perverting the course of justice in connection with contrived rape and harassment allegations. The loony feminists supported this fantasist. Check out some of the reports of her conviction and ask yourself what planet they are living on.

March 2010: Two black men in New York are accused of heinous crimes by a young woman. After they are charged with rape, the woman recants - it turns out she had been a prostitute for the past five years and had made the whole thing up. The DA hides her recantation and indicts the men anyway. The are eventually cleared.

May 2010: Nigerian medical student Olumide Fadayomi is cleared of rape. The trial judge at Sheffield Crown Court attacks the CPS for bringing the case.

July 2010: A Nigerian student studying in the UK is given an 18 month sentence after falsely accusing a cleaner of raping her. The bloke Temitope Adenugba pointed her mendacious finger at was apparently a fellow Nigerian, old enough to be her father, and had even loaned/given her money. No good deed goes unpunished.

July 2010: Leyla Ibrahim is given a 3 year sentence at Carlisle Crown Court after a concerted fit up that saw four men arrested and a massive waste of police time and resources. She was described as irresponsible and wicked, dishonest from first to last.

September 2010: Emma Watson is given a 2 year sentence after accusing a man 12 years her junior of rape. She had consensual sex with him. She also had a husband!

September 19, 2010: Serial rape liar Jayne Stuart walks free from Teeside Crown Court after her 8th false rape allegation. Four of her victims went to trial. She is said to suffer from “mental health difficulties”.

November 1, 2010: Kate Woodhead is given a 3 year sentence at Guildford Crown Court for making a false rape allegation against a former lover and for a number of other offences related to financial gain.

December 2010: Reading woman Emma Blunden is convicted on two counts of perverting the course of justice on two separate occasions.

January 2011: An extraordinary case. In New York, a woman claims to have been attacked, choked and raped by a 6 foot 4 black man. Initially, the police believed Mary Turcotte, after all, she was a nun. Guess who was lying? You can’t trust anyone nowadays.

April 1, 2011: Portland, Oregon: Angela Gilbert claims to have been raped by a stranger. It turns out the most significant thing about this claim the date.

May 2011: On trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony accuses her father of sexually abusing her from the age of 8, and subjecting her to oral sex from the age of 13. This allegation is made through her attorney, Jose Baez. Casey Anthony does not take the stand.

May 2011: In Germany, celebrity weatherman Jörg Kachelmann is acquitted of the knifepoint rape of a former girlfriend. Yet another case of Hell hath no fury.

July 2001: In Singapore, an Indonesian maid is sentenced to three months in gaol for lying about being raped by a Turkish man on no less than three occasions.

October 2011: Former weathergirl Heidi Jones is given a community sentence after claiming to have been raped in Central Park, New York.

February 2012: North Carolina student Landen Gambill accuses a former boyfriend of a plethora of crimes. Her claims are found unworthy of belief, but gullible or mendacious journalists parade her as a victim after she is warned by her university about making false public allegations.

March 2012: Samantha Sherriff of Nuneaton accuses her own father of raping her.

April 2012: University of Cumbria student Chloe Fox, is given a suspended sentence after wasting 650 hours of police time by crying rape.

May 2012: Two young Orthodox Jews are accused of attacking a woman on a cruise ship. The doctor decides no assault of any kind occurred.

September 2012: Rosie Dodd of Nottingham is given a two year sentence for accusing three men of rape.

September 2012: At Rennes, France, farm worker Loic Secher is awarded nearly 8 hundred thousand Euros compensation for a shattered life. In 2003, he was sentenced to sixteen years in prison on his conviction for the rape of a fourteen year old girl. Five years later, the non-victim retracted her claim. In 2010, he was finally cleared.

October 2012: A woman is fined for wasting police time after making a false allegation of rape at Swindon.

November 2012: Tina Greenland is given a two year sentence for making a false rape allegation.

November 29, 2012: Serial liar Jodie Simpson is given a 21 month sentence at Bradford Crown Court for making false allegations against a man she hadn’t seen for years.

January 2013: Gaynor Cooke is given a two year sentence at Nottingham Crown Court relating to a false allegation made in 2003.

February 2013: An appeal court in Dubai upholds a sentence of two months on a nun who picked up a casual lover on a desert safari then accused him of raping her.

February 2013: Compulsive liar Elizabeth Jones is given a 16 month gaol sentence at Southampton Crown Court after making her eleventh false rape allegation.

March 2013: Sherilea Warburton is given a 15 month gaol sentence at Kingston Crown Court after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice. Among other things, she claimed to have been both raped and burgled at knifepoint.

March 2013: In a case dating back 13 years, a court in New Dehli clears Surendar Kumar of raping his sister-in-law with the words “In the present case, the story projected by the prosecutrix is so improbable that it cannot be believed.”

[The above article was published originally March 15, 2013. The original included a number of links – an archived version can be found here. I have not initially included links in this as I am currently working on a far more extensive timeline of documented false rape cases. I have no idea when this will be finished or indeed if it ever will as it is only one of many projects I am currently working on. If and when this is published, it will include all the above cases including additional details and with archived links. In the original, the Shirlie Prince case was listed out of order, so I have corrected this here. Also, the lies of Julie Renouf did lead to the arrest of an innocent victim. Click here for details from the national press. On July 6, 2015, a false entry was corrected; the Stockholm report dated originally May 2005 has been corrected to May 2008. Here is the source.]

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