Part 1: From Racial Hatred
To Racial Treason


It has often been said that leopards don’t change their spots. Human beings are not leopards; human nature is as capricious as Mother Nature is immutable, and changes with the seasons. Many of us start out as youthful and idealistic, and grow old and cynical. If we are born into poverty and become extremely wealthy, it may be that this pattern is reversed. Some of us also experience conversions like Saul on the road to Damascus; it’s rare but it happens. Ray Hill is one leopard who would have us believe that he has changed his spots, that he has been converted from a fascist bigot to a dedicated “anti-fascist”. Who is Ray Hill? Ray Hill was a leading “Nazi”. For many years he was a prominent member of Britain’s mistakenly named “Nazi” parties, first in the late sixties with the British Movement, then in the early eighties with the British Movement, National Front and British National Party. Ray Hill earned a reputation as a hard man in that time; now he would have us believe that this was all a pretence. In 1979 (he claims), while living in South Africa, he defected from the “fascist” movement to the “anti-fascist” movement. Where before he rubbed shoulders with men who openly attacked Jews, blacks and other non-whites, now he rubs shoulders with men who openly preach and instigate violence against his former comrades. Whatever his true personal beliefs, Ray Hill has undoubtedly made the right decision. The “anti-fascists” are far stronger, far better organised, and, in spite of their professed socialism, far better funded than the “fascists” of the BNP ad nauseam. And, in spite of strenuous efforts by “anti-fascists” to convince us that another Holocaust is imminent and that we must continue to support the suppression of “fascists”, their civil liberties and democratic rights, and, of course, continue pouring vast sums of money into the coffers of “anti-fascist” organisations, in spite of all the screaming and hysteria about racism and anti-Semitism, there is not, never has been, and (hopefully) never will be, any significant support in this country for totalitarianism from the common people. That doesn’t mean dictatorship will never come, in fact, it is here already in good measure: the suppression of free speech under the notorious Race Relations Act; the end of the presumption of innocence in drugs cases; increasing government regulation of the economy, even under a Conservative government that has sold off virtually all the family silver; oppressive and often subtle taxation without representation; the unremitting attempts to destroy our national sovereignty....Currently, attempts are being made to introduce I.D. cards, and, incredibly, to tighten up the Race Relations Act yet again. (1) Dictatorship, if and when it comes, will be imposed, as always, from the top down. Ludwig von Mises, arguably the greatest economist of the Twentieth Century, wrote, “The great ideological conflict of our age must not be confused with the mutual rivalries among the various totalitarian movements.” (2) Likewise, nor must the “conversion” of Ray Hill from “fascism” to “anti-fascism” be interpreted as a conversion from statist to democratic values. In reality, Mr Hill has changed neither his spots nor his ideology, but has, pragmatically, shifted to what he perceives will be the winning team. (3)

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