Compressed Files In This Archive

In May 2019, I began a major overhaul of all my websites. This included compressing most of the JPG and PDF files in this archive.

See the June 29, 2019 HomePage entry for full details.

On March 25 this year, this archive contained 2,767 files which took up 7.7Gb; today its 2,789 files take up 2.88Gb. Although this enables especially large PDF files to load more quickly, it comes with a certain trade-off.

Compressing files reduces their quality. Most of this loss of quality is insignificant or unnoticeable (to me). However, all the files herein have - to the best of my knowledge - been archived prior to compression. So, if you come across a particular file, and would like to view a better quality image of it, feel free to run it through the WayBack Machine.

October 22, 2019.

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