The following collection of miscellaneous cartoons was compiled by Yours Truly over a number of years. I will continue to add to it as time permits and fancy dictates. When you have viewed an image, click the back button to return to this page.

A Brief History Of Thought Crime

‘A Predator And His Prey’

Abraham Foxhate

Acton All At Sea – don’t ask me, I haven’t a clue!
Acton – Dopey And Sneaky Go Fishing
Acton’s Half Hour – the worst printer in Sussex?
Acton’s Quarry – loyalty is not our forte.

Al Qaeda cartoon – 1
Al Qaeda cartoon – 2

Al’s caricature from Songfacts

Amnesty for slavery
The above was produced by Libertarian economist Walter Williams, who along with Thomas Sowell is one of the few truly great black intellects of this or any generation.

Anti-statist joke – apparently from India


Anti-Trans Movement Cartoon


Anti-Zionist Cartoons

Below are a few miscellaneous cartoons relating to the Palestine conflict that I have collected over the years.

Censored by the anti-Semitism charge
Middle East visit by Condoleezza Rice
Football cartoon
Freedom of speech
HOLOCAUST – from the famous Iranian cartoon competition
Israel’s Worst Enemy – I believe these three (which were apparently collated from different sources); see also “Palestinian Terrorist” below. date from shortly after Sabra & Shatila. I believe too that at least one of them was drawn by a Jew who worked in the mainstream media, and that the usual suspects screamed about it as they always do.
Once Upon A Time In Rafah
Palestinian Terrorist
Rocket v catapult
The only thing wrong with the above cartoon is its depiction of an Orthodox Jew as the enemy. The crazies always make this mistake, and scum like Abraham Foxman are never slow to exploit it.
Skunk of the world
The above is not really a cartoon but a montage I made; some might argue it belongs in the Image Gallery; it contrasts the well-known iconic image of a lone anonymous student facing down a tank in Tiananmen Square with equally heroic Palestinian boys stoning a tank. The latter were more likely to be shot.
US foreign policy cartoon


Bake The Cake
Not quite the title as you will see, but a sad comment on the tyranny currently being inflicted on normal people and institutions by the agents of state repression on behalf of sexual degenerates. Having said that, I will repeat what I have long said about lesbianism, like Queen Victoria I have never been able to take it seriously. That though is not the issue, is it?

Be Polite!

Bend over

Bikini v niqab

Blair and Brown

Bob Wallace on women

Bomb cartoon

Bull Market, from the Yorkshire Post, June 19, 1980, page 4.

Call Me Dave – the world leader

Card cartoon (1) – card inserted

Card cartoon (2) – card declined

Caveman cartoon

Chicken cartoon

Chinese bookstore – arguably not a cartoon, but...

Comparative Religion

Communism cartoon

Cry Rape

David Spence
The above is not really a cartoon, rather it is a cutting from a newspaper with a caption appended by Yours Truly. I kept it on my bedroom wall for many years. It is an in-joke from my chess playing days concerning a player named David Spence, a devotee of the French.

Dieting bird

Don’t Ever Give Up

Dream Rape

Dubya – a classic Bush-ism

FBI cartoon

Facebook Joke

Feminist Drink

Fight Racism!


Four Cartoons From My Bedroom Wall


Cartoons, especially political cartoons, are often both parochial and at times extremely ephemeral. This means that an outsider who happens across one years later may not have a clue what it is about. Thus very often the genius of the cartoonist is lost. The cartoons below (the titles are mine) were all at one point sellotaped to my bedroom wall. Three of them can be described as political. The first – which is not – was sent to me by a supporter (dare I say an admirer?) many years ago. It is slightly incomplete; there was some text at the bottom, but when it was torn out of the newspaper (I know not which) only the tops of a couple of words were visible, so I have edited it to give it a smooth look. I have searched for it on-line, but to no avail. Whatever the original joke, this is of course an in-joke, and I have also put it at the top of my HomePage.

The second was published after the conviction of the former high flying politician Jonathan Aitken for perverting the course of justice. In prison he claimed to have found religion, a claim that was met with more than a little skepticism, but this conversion appears to have been genuine, and he has certainly redeemed himself since, especially as it was suing a newspaper for libel that led to his downfall, and the press in Britain is held in such low esteem that his sins are now surely forgiven.

The third cartoon needs no explanation; it was published shortly after the election of the Blair Government.

The fourth is quite brilliant, but extremely ephemeral. It appeared in the Times, March 12, 1997. At that time, the recently discovered Hale-Bopp Comet was approaching the Earth. The terrified astronomer is then Prime Minister John Major; the cow at the tail of the comet represents the BSE scandal. Quite brilliant.


Aitkenus inchokeyus




Miscellaneous Cartoons


Founding Fathers

Gagged Indian Women – Pity they didn’t gag the white ones instead.

Gaza Flotilla cartoon (June 2010)
Gaza War Crimes

George Bush
George Bush Al Qaeda recruiter of the year
George Bush Pencil Holder

Gerry Gable Recants

Gerry Gable: the true face of Jewish evil


God Bless Hitler

Hamsteraurus – This is fairly self-explanatory; it is also an in-joke between Yours Truly, a close friend, his young daughter, and her missing hamster (a story with a happy ending).

Hand me the hairdryer

Homosexual safe sex advice
I’ve classified the above as a cartoon, but this is actually advice offered in all seriousness to these human dung beetles by their own kind.

How to get Putin on side – advice to Obama

How to get what you want

I hate my job

Inside the feminist mind

IDF cartoon
Israel, Iran war cartoon
Israel Lobby car cartoon
Israel’s Bitch

Jesus the subversive – humorous postcard

John Kerry

Kill Me, I’m A Muslim

Let’s bomb Iran – a cartoon that depicts the covert machinations of the lobby we all know doesn’t really exist


Let’s Call Her Monica

Liberal Definition Of Racism, a sadly accurate depiction
Liberated Zimbabwe

Man The Hunter!
The caption is mine; the above cartoon was published in The New Yorker, August 13, 2007, page 48.

Martin “Tosspot” Cray cartoon (deranged crooked lawyer)

Michael Barrymore cartoon

Michael Jackson Daycare Center
Michael Jackson gets religion
Michael Jackson official police mugshot
Michael Jackson Home Alone cartoon
Michael Jackson (suspect escapes using victim’s vehicle)
Michael Jackson: Will He Wonk Him?

My Doctor Molested Me

Never Give Up!

News International

Nicola Sturgeon cartoon

No Nukes

No Pass

Oh, Mr Printer! an in-joke from Robert Edwards

PC joke

Pelosi cartoon
Nancy Pelosi, a truly evil woman.

Perfect eyesight

PIGLIN: The barrister with a snout in every trough.
Click here for a super-high quality large format bitmap

Plod joke

Polar bear and penguin

Poor Kid

Race cartoon

Refugee rape joke – a brilliant commentary on the collision of victim narratives.

‘Repressive Tolerance’

Retirement party

Revenge of the Mouse!

Rioters Credit Card

Safe spaces? – a cartoon by Stella Perrett

Santa (1) – outsourced
Santa (2) – outsourced
Santa (3)

Sexual Harassment

Slavery joke

“Some people wouldn’t know tyranny...”

Sonia Gable Meets Basil Brush

Statue of Liberty

Stop pushing your beliefs on me

SUCCESS...not always what you see


Taha’s ugly mug

Talking Frog


The Adventures Of Leroy Cool

(1) Leroy Cool Meets Abe Foxman
(2) Leroy Cool Meets Gerry Gable And His Lovely Wife, Sonia
(3) Leroy Cool Meets Gerry Gable
(4) Leroy Cool Nearly Gives Gerry Gable A Heart Attack
(5) Leroy Cool Meets Deborah Lipstadt
(6) Leroy Cool Humiliates Abraham Foxman
(7) Leroy Cool Interrogates The Chairman Of The Fed
(8) Leroy Cool Meets Chancellor George Osborne
(9) Leroy Cool Meets The SWP At The London Riots
(10) Leroy Cool Meets Darcus Howe
(11) Leroy Cool Meets Abraham Foxman At The Lawrence Trial
(12) Leroy Cool Meets Sonia Gable
(13) Leroy Cool Meets The Police Commissioner
(14) Leroy Cool Meets Loony Larry O’Hara
(15) Leroy Cool Meets John Terry (Almost)
(16) Leroy Cool Meets The 9/11 Truth Movement
(17) Leroy Cool Meets Andrew Mitchell
(18) Leroy Cool Meets Justin Forsyth
(19) Leroy Cool Meets Pamela Geller
(20) Leroy Cool Meets Barack Obama
(21) Leroy Cool Meets Oscar Pistorius
(22) Leroy Cool Meets Gerry Adams
(23) Leroy Cool Meets Cerri Burnell
(24) Leroy Cool Meets Amanda Knox
(25) Leroy Cool Meets Kat Banyard
(26) Leroy Cool Meets Nick Griffin
(27) Leroy Cool Meets A Genuine Holocaust Survivor
(28) Leroy Cool Checks His Privilege
(29) Leroy Cool Meets Tonya Lee
(30) Leroy Cool Meets Ed Miliband
(31) Leroy Cool Meets Liz Dux
(32) Leroy Cool Meets The Mind-Benders
(33) Leroy Cool Disses Kamilah Willingham
(34) Leroy Cool Meets Peter Saunders
(35) Leroy Cool Meets Harold Covington
(36) Leroy Cool Meets David Duke
(37) Leroy Cool Is Bemused By James Comey
(38) Leroy Cool Meets Kirsten Gillibrand
(39) Leroy Cool Meets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
(40) Leroy Cool Meets Patrisse Cullors


The All Men Are Bastards Knife Block

The Floater That Won’t Go Down

The Guv’norPrivate Eye’s view of the greatest statesman of our age.

The mentality of the ADL

Click here for the outrage
Click here for the response


The new “special” relationship


This is what a feminist looks like (1)
This is what a feminist looks like (2)

The truth about liberated “Zimbabwe

Tonya Lee tweet


TV gag

Venn diagram of tyranny

We believe in Holohoax

Wheel Of Blame

White Mice

When George Met Oscar

Whip Me, Harvey (See also the related Sonnet)


Wireless birds

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Worse than the Ku Klux Klan

You can blame men


Zionism is not healthy...
Zionist dictionary cartoon

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