Sonia Gable Meets Basil Brush

Tum tee tum, tee tum, tee tum, tee tum.


Oy, what are you doing in my back garden?


Oy? Donít you mean oy gevalt?


Never mind your anti-Semitic remarks, this is private property; we donít want you mangy brown vermin here. Clear off!


You accusing me of racism? Thatís rich. Iím just an honest brown fox trying to make a living. (Or kill a chicken - ha, ha, ha).


I said this is private property.


Theyíll be no private property come the revolution. Got anything to eat, missus?


I told you, this is private property.


Your neighbours feed me. Theyíre always putting out scraps, but theyíre on holiday at the moment.


I told you, this is private property.


Is that all you can do, parrot: ďThis is private propertyĒ, blah, blah, blah?


I donít have to explain myself to a fox. Sling your hook.


Thatís no way to talk to a foreigner. Youíre a xenophobe.


I said...


Iím claiming asylum, and I deplore this foxnic persecution.


If you donít leave at once, Iíll call my husband, and youíll get the same treatment as those rats we had three years ago.


Oh I see, now Iím being threatened with foxtermination.


Got it in one.


So itís the gas chamber for me, is it?


No, there are far more effective ways to exterminate the likes of you.


Of course there are, and gas chambers donít work. Ask Arthur Butz. Boom, boom!


You wicked Nazi!


Youíre the Nazi, Missus, mistreating a poor immigrant with ethnic slurs. Iíve got a right to be here, so have my wife and cubs, and my cousins, and the rest of my kin. Weíre going to invade your garden and take it over, and if you object, Iíll take you to the Fox Relations Board for foxism. Now be a good girl and fetch me a chicken. I donít see why I should find my own food when I can eat yours.


Gerry, thereís a fox in the garden, a horrible big brown one, and I canít get rid of it. It says itís claiming asylum.


Those filthy brown scum, they think they can do whatever they want. Iíll fix it. This is my garden, and none of those unwanted vermin are going to take it over.


Quite right, Britain for the humans, thatís what I say.


Of course, Iíve got nothing against immigrants, but I donít want them here, and I certainly donít want them sniffing round my dog.


Quite right, Gerry.


Sauce for the goose, but not for the goyim, eh boys and girls?


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