Leroy Cool Meets Peter Saunders

Hi there, back at the airport again. Hey, I recognise that guy.

Excuse me, arenít you Peter Saunders, the founder of NAPAC?

Yes, can I help you.

I was reading one of your interviews recently.

Oh yes, which one?

One in which you said became a teacher.

Oh yes?

And it wasnít until you were thirty-eight that you confronted the man you claimed abused you.

The man who abused me. Yes.

I have just one question for you.

Iíll try to answer it if I can.

What will you say if one of your former pupils accuses you of sexually abusing him when he is thirty-eight?



Goodness, is that the time? Iíll miss my flight.

Itís a pity the mass media canít shut up nutters like him as quickly as that.


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