Leroy Cool Meets Harold Covington

Hi everybody, Iím taking a bit of time out to holiday here in the Pacific Northwest. Say, donít I know that face?


Excuse me, arenít you Harold Covington?


The worldís leading National Socialist theorist and avowed enemy of the controllers of the Jewnited States?


Yes, I am.

Iím a great fan of yours.

You are?

I sure am; I never miss your program. Your condemnation of the surveillance state, the Feds and our disastrous foreign policy is inspirational.

You are one strange little n...


Nice person of color.

I have one question Iíd like to ask you about the Jewish Question though.

Fire away, kid!


If the Jews are so intent on destroying America and are working in unison towards that end, why does the Jew Bernie Sanders oppose open borders, and why did the Jewess Debbie Wasserman Schultz stab him in the back at the behest of Hillary Clinton who is promoting open borders?






Watch out kid, that guy over there is a Fed; if youíre seen talking to me youíll be in big trouble. Bye.


I admire Harold Covingtonís commitment to The Fourteen Words, but I really think he should start aiming at the real target.


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