Leroy Cool Meets Gerry Adams


Excuse me but aren’t you Gerry Adams, the Irish freedom fighter?

Yes, young man.

I read about you at school back home in Los Angeles.

You did?

Sure I did. Man, you a legend in Watts.

Oh, that’s nice to know.

I remember as if it were yesterday my teacher telling me how you stood by the Tricolour through thick and thin.


How you refused to give ground though the odds were stacked against you.

Takes me back. (Sigh).

And how by a combination of the Armalite and the ballot box you whipped the asses of the Imperialist British.

We did, yes we did.

Man, you didn’t just whip them, you licked them.

Yes, we did.

There’s one thing has always confused me though.

Really, what’s that?

Why did you murder so many of your kin...

And then hand over your country to foreigners without a shot being fired?

People you welcomed with open arms...

Who now call Ireland home...

Who are displacing and outbreeding you.



Goodness, is that my flight? Have to rush. Bye!

He may have blood on his hands, but at least no one can call him a racist.


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