Leroy Cool Meets Deborah Lipstadt


Excuse me, aren’t you Professor Deborah Lipstadt?


Yes, young man, do I know you?


Not unless you’re from Watts.


Thinks – Oh, what a smart little n...




Thinks – no-all.


I’ve been researching at the Public Record Office.


Says – Oh, very nice.
Thinks – how thoroughly boring.


I thought I recognised you at the check-in, but you look a lot younger than your photographs.


Says – Well, thank you, flattery will get you everywhere.
Thinks – Except into my Kosher knickers, homeboy.


I read your book Denying The Holocaust last year.


Thinks – Hmm, obviously not an affirmative action candidate – he can read.
Says – I hope you learned something from it.


Thinks – I sure did: if you disagree with Deborah Lipstadt and her cabal, you’re an anti-Semite.
Says – I sure did: man, those Revisionist dudes are crazy. How can anyone deny the Belsen gas chambers?


Er, there were no gas chambers at Belsen.


Eh? !!! Oh, you got me, I thought you were serious.


No, the gas chambers were at Auschwitz, and in the Aktion Rheinhard camps.


Hey, but I saw the bodies in the burial pits at Belsen. Those people were gassed, weren’t they?


No, not at Belsen.


Heck, you’ll be telling me next they died from typhus.




Anyway, there was a gas chamber at Dachau, right?


Er, yes, but it was never used.


Never used? Man, I got a photograph of it right here – see?



This is from a book published by the Daily Mail newspaper in 1945. Are you saying that was never used to gas people?


No, it wasn’t.


Hmm, but this picture is from the same book, it’s says “some of the gassed”, see. Guess they made a mistake, huh?



Yes, I guess they did.


Like with the shrunken heads at Buchenwald?


The er, what?


You know, the shrunken heads that were supposed to have been found in the camp, but were really planted by anti-Nazi propagandists?


Er, oh, those.


I know you can’t believe everything you read about the Holocaust, but man, those Revisionists go way over the top, don’t they?


Yes, they do.


I mean, they even claim there was a swimming pool in Auschwitz. Can you imagine that?





Hmm, suddenly she doesn’t look so attractive anymore.


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